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In Love

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This is where it gets serious.

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Bill's P.O.V

OH MY GOD! MY BROTHER GOT WITH MY BEST FRIEND!!! and I have to admit I liked her friend Ellen, but I don't know if I like her as a friend or more than a friend. She's sweet, but I don't know if we would get along as a couple should, maybe we should be friends, but NOW I'm starting to like her more than a friend, I don't really know. But anyway here is what happened after that ....

Bill: Hey so how do you feel about our friend Feli and my brother Tom together?
Ellen: I think it's cute, what do you think?
Bill: I have to get used to it first.
Ellen: (she laughed) yeah :D
Bill: So, How long have you been friends with um, Felicity ?
Ellen: A long time actually, since we were 5 years old or so... you?
Bill: um just a year now. Well, I was wondering, are you uh.. free Saturday night?
( I kind of blushed and got butterflies and got worried just in case she would turn me down )
Ellen: Yes I am, I am free, why ?
Bill: I was wondering did you wanna see a movie and get coffee?
Ellen: Awh that sounds wonderful, so what time?
Bill: around.....uh.... 8?
(I gave her a wink and she giggled)
Ellen: Sounds great see you then.
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