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The name is not making sense... YET

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Ellen's P.O.V

So I was having a girlie day with my 4 bestest friends in the whole entire world... Felicity, Audrina, Mike and Sinead... yes Sinead and Mike are new to this... but anyway... Felicity found out about me and Bill's date.. I actually wasn't feeling to good either.. So Felicity started asking me questions about it... I didn't feel right about talking about it actually ... But she got it out of me... so this is what happened........

Felicity: So Ellen, tell us!!
Ellen: I don't know what you're talking about
Mike: Come on!! I wanna know about your date...
Ellen: How do you know??
(Mike pointed to Felicity)
Mike: she told me, Audrina and Sinead that you went on a date with Bill...
Audrina: Ellen please, tell us.. it will be between all of us...
Sinead: Exactly.. what stays in this room stays in this room, right guys?
Audrina/Felicity: Exactly
Ellen: well... he fucked me! END OF DISCUSSION!
Felicity: But Ellen, you shouldn't of let him do it!! that just slutty!! OMG!!

Felicity's P.O.V

I could not believe my ears when Ellen said ''He fucked me'' I was in fucking shock!
I mean.. my two best friends.. fucking eachother? and they only knew eachother for 3 days... WOW TALK ABOUT BEING TWO SLUTS. I refused to talk to Bill because he fucked Ellen, I knew it wasn't Ellen's fault cos shes a quite little girl... she never says no... But this is what happened the following day ...

Bill: Felicity, I'm sorry she's just so..
Felicity: I believe you said enough...
Bill: I actually feel like a proper dick..
Felicity: We made a dead Bill... you fucked my best friend
(He hugged me tightly)
Bill: I'm so sorry....
Felicity: To be honest I don't really care anymore to be honest.. cos you're gonna keep doing it to her and shes the quite type.. she won't tell you to stop shes to small and kind and a sweetheart..
Bill: No Felicity, I'm so sorry.. I just love her.. you don't see me complaining that you love my brother do you ??
Felicity: Still Bill... He's not your best friend.. is he??
Bill: He's like one me and him are so close
Felicity: Well now I feel like saying... Who's Bill...? Bill WHO? I HATE YOU I WANT TO SHIT IN YOUR FACE!!!
(I ran outside I could not bare to talk to him for much longer) .....

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