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This was unexpected!!!

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Bill's P.O.V

So yeah I didn't stop seeing Ellen.. I couldn't help myself.. you know when you're in love and all you do is think of the certain someone you're in love with... yeah thats what I'm going through right now, I love her too much, Felicity has to understand that ... I am in love!

Ellen's P.O.V

OMG I found out I'm pregnant!!! PREGNANT!! I'm only 20.. whats my mom gonna think ?
So now the hard part is how I'm going to tell my family and friends, I only met Bill a couple of days ago and now I'm pregnant, I feel like a proper slut. So this is how I told Bill...

Ellen: Hey Bill...
Bill: Ellen, how are you babe?
Ellen: I'm shocked, you?
Bill: Why are you shocked babe?
Ellen: Well Bill I'm pregnant and you and me are going to be parents
Bill: OH MY GOD..
Ellen: Well... yeah.. it is shocking...
Bill: We need to run away from this country.. we need to start a new life and pretend we knew eachother forever... Ellen we can't tell anybody, you with me?
Ellen: Well fine... only cos you say so... and yes we do ...

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