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This is just the begining

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5 Months later......

Bill's P.O.V

So I went engagment ring shopping today. I feel like the baby needs a daddy and mommy in her life, yes we're having a little baby girl, we have no clue on what to name her yet, but anyway.. I'm gonna take Ellen to dinner and propose there... I feel it needs to be romantic.. really romantic.. and I hope she accepts it... I don't want to look like a dork.... so this is what happened..............

Bill: Wanna go out to dinner tonight?
Ellen: Bill I'm exhausted.. maybe tomorrow..
Bill: Ellen it's important.. please.. It's about our relationship...
(Ellen went pale)
Ellen: O-Okay.. I'll get ready...

So, she got in the car and she bursted into tears.

Ellen: Bill you better not leave me.. We're having a kid in 4 months please don't leave me..
Bill: I\m not going anywhere babe... don't cry..
Ellen: Okay, but please dont tell me anything I don't wanna hear...

Then we got to the restraunt.... and this is what happened....

Bill: (to the waiter) We'll both have a chocolate ice cream thanks
Waiter: are you sure Sir?
Ellen: Bill, I didn't really want ice cream
Bill: Shh Ellen... (to the waiter) yes thats all.
Waiter: Okay Sir, right away.
Ellen: BILL! I can talk myself you know! I CAN talk!!
Bill: Trust me baby... you won't regret this ice cream
Ellen (she rolled her eyes up at the sky) Yeah ok ok

(6 mins later)

Waiter: Here sir theres your ice cream's
Bill: Thanks Boy.
(Ellen Smirked and we ate the ice cream well i think she was throwing the ice cream down someones shirt)

Ellen: Bill I'm bored....
Bill: Ellen I don't care...
Ellen: Psh ...
Bill: I've got a question
Ellen: Make it fast I'm tired..
Bill: Right.. Okay... Will you marry me?
(Ellen teared up)
Ellen: Yes Bill, I will marry you...
(We hugged eachother and kissed)

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