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a date

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Valerie and Gee go on a date

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I was shocked as fuck to be quite honest. I blinked a couple of times
letting it sink in. Then realization hit me. We were still dancing.
" Umm.. Well the thing is that I think we should get to know each
other. I mean like go on like a date and stuff. " I said honestly.
" Yeah I guess you are right. Well then in that case do you wanna go
on a date with me tomorrow?" he asked smiling that gorgeous smile of
" I'd like that. " I said as the song finished. Before we left the
dance we made sure to pick up our pictures. Once we got them we caught
up with Heidy and Frank and went back to my house.
Gee pulled up inti my drive way and parked that car. We waited for a
minute while Frank helped Heidy out of the car. I guess we wanted to
see if Frank would man up to kiss Heidy but in the end they just
hugged. Gee helped me out of the car and then walked me to the door.
" Well thanks for taking me to the dance I really did have a nice
time. " I said.
" Yeah I had fun too. " He said quitely. Right before I looked away
from him he leaned in closer and kissed me. It was a soft tender kiss.
We pulled away quickly before my dad saw us or else I would never hear
the end of it. I said my good bye to Gee and went back into the house.
" Mom I'm home!!!" I yelled into the house while I put away my jacket.
" Como te fue?" ( How did it go?) she asked barely popping her head
out of kitchen.
" It was really fun but now I'm tired so I think I'm going to go to
bed. " I replied as I climbed up stairs. When I opened my door I found
Heidy sitting on my bed with a smile plastered on her face.
" What?!" I asked.
" Well? What happened?"
" Thats for me to know and you not to. " I reponded as I changed into
my pjs.
" Please I'll tell you about me and Frankie. "
" Frankie?" I said gigling.
" Yup. "
" Fine. We kissed. " I said quitely. Heidy jumped up and screamed.
" No way!"
" Yup. Tomorrow we have a date. "
" Really so do I. "
" So what happened with you and Frank or should I say Frankie. " I
gigled again as I teased her.
" We just hugged at the end but he is so nice and funny and he is
short just like me!!" she said excited. She was short to be honest,
but so was frank.
" Well now that we are done with that can I go to sleep?" I pleaded.
" Esta bien pero me tienes que decir manana lo que pase. " ( Fine but
you have to tell me what everest happens tomorrow. ) I only nodded and
then laid down.
• Next morning •
Buzz. Buzz. I opened my eyes ever so slightly and turned around to
look for my phone. It read NEW MESSAGE. I clicked open and it read the
message to myself.
" Hey Valerie meet me at the park at 11:30 so we can go 2 r date. ;)"
I smiled to myself. I clicked reply.
" K cnt wait. " and then sent it. I ran into the shower and slipped in
under the warm water. After a quick shower I ran our of the room
almost slipping in the water that laid on the floor. I looked at the
clock that read: 10:30. Danm only an hour til I have to go. I went
through my closet and tried on a bunch of outfits until I found the one.
It was black skinny jeans a red shirt with a short black vest and
black convers that wen up to my knee.
By the time I was finished it was already 11:20. Only ten minutes to
get to the park. I could make it the park wasn't so far away. I got
the motorcycle and fled off.
• ten minutes later •
I pulled into a parking spot near starbucks and walked over to the
park across the street. I found Gee sitting on a swing. I clearedy
throught to get his attention. He looked up from his phone and smiled.
" Hey. " He said smoothly.
" Hey. You ready?" I asked. He nodded and pulled my hand leading me to
our destination.
" So where are we going?"
" Well I was thinking lunch and then movies how about that?"
" Sounds great. " We went into a small cafe and ordered lunch. The
waitress came over with a way to short skirt if you ask me. She looked
around fifteen which was how old Gee was. I was still fourteen but I
was going to have my Quincenera very soon. ( for those who don't know
what it is it's like a sweet sixteen but in the Latin culture it's
when a girl turn fifteen. ) She smiled at Gee in a very flirtacious way.
" Yeah um I think we are ready to order." I inturupted her flirting.
She snapped out of it and glared at me. I just smirked back at her and
turn towards Gee.
" Yeah I'll have the Chicken pesto please. " He said and then turne
towards me giving the signal to order.
" I'll have the same. " I said turning towards the stupid waitress who
was again flirting with Gee. I gave her our menus and she walked away
swaying her hips side to side. Pft. Slut.
" Could you quit flirting with her?!" I said to Gee.
" What are you jelouse?" He mocked me.
" Well I thought I was the one you were taking on a date?" I responed.
" You are. "
" Watever. So anyways what kind of music are you into?" I asked
changing the subject.
" You know the regular punk rock and stuff. What about you?"
" Same. " The conversation continued for a while until we finished
which I think that slutty waitress was sad about. When we walked out
Gee reviewed the reciept and chuckled.
" What?" I asked curiously.
" She wrote her number on the back of the reciept. "
" That bitch. " I said.
" Whoa it's okay your the only one for me. "
" Oh god your so cheesy Gee. " I laughed at this. It turns out that we
ended up Cow boys vs Aliens. We didn't really want to go see it but we
wanted to see how retarded it was.
He drove me back to the park and walked me to my car.
" So I had fun tonight. " I said to him.
" Me too. " It stayed quite for a few minutes.
" Oh fuck this. " I leaned in and kissed him. I just couldn't resist
him he was just so cute. He was shocked at first but soon responded
eagerly. We pulled apart, but only because I was running out of air.
" What happened to getting to know each other?" He asked me.
" I don't really know. But if you don't want to I mean we can always-"
He cut me off by kissing me. When he pulled away I frowned.
" Wait does that mean that we are like together?"
" Yup." I smiled at the thought. He pulled me into a hug and I could
tell that he was glad.
Afte I got home Heidy attacked me with a lot of questions.
" Where did you guys go? Are you together? Was he sweet?" I calmed her
down and told her everything.
" Aww you guys are so cute together. " She complimented.
" How did it go with Frank?" I asked.
" We went out to the movies to see some horror movie. I don't even
know what it was called. " I poked her in her and made the oooohhhh
sound. She slapped my hand and told me to stop. But me being me I
didn't stop I kept poking her until she got really issed I stoped.
That night I went to sleep at 2 because I had stayed up texting Gee.
When I did go to sleep I was thinking about Gee and I.
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