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Veronica gets an invitation to a party...

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Days turned into weeks and I found myself getting used to everything. I had made a couple more friends here and there, some through Brendon and others from classes I had alone. I couldn't complain about much; I was alive and well.
I shut the door as I enter the now familiar house, tired from a long day at school. I dropped my bag in the entrance of my living room and then headed over to my favorite part of the house: the kitchen. I hadn't been in there for more than two minutes when I heard someone shout for me from upstairs.
"Veronica we're going to eat soon stay away from the kitchen."
"Mom I am a starving child. I need food."
"I don't care. Your father will be home and I don't want you spoiling your appetite." Damn it.
I wobbled over to the living room to find my brother playing Xbox and my two year old sister playing with her little toy penguin. Not finding anything interesting in the room I groaned to myself and ran upstairs.
Besides the kitchen my room was my favorite part of the house. It was a space i could call my own, a bubble almost. Being in my room always felt like being in a different world. I was free to do whatever I chose. Living in a strict family didn't always grant me with as much freedom as I would have liked, but my room was the one place in which I was in charge. Unlike most people in my family, I'd describe myself as a very liberal, free spirited person. Growing up I was always the child with the most imagination. I found painting as my way to express myself when words were of no use. My white walls would soon been marinated in my imagination. It was one of the few freedoms that I possessed in this house.
I threw myself on my bed, not having a care in the world. I was home at last.
Not long after I had disappeared in my thoughts I felt a soft vibration come the end of my bed. Curious as to who it could be I peered over and looked at the small, bright screen as it flashed repeatedly alerting me that I had a new message.
New Message I clicked view and then my phone popped up a little window that had the message in it.
[hey Veronica its Brendon can u hang out today? I rolled off my bed and yelled from my door.
"Hey mom can I hang out with a friend?"
"Your father is on his way home and you have yet to eat dinner."
"Please mom! How do you expect me to make any friends if you always keep me locked up in this house. I need to breathe! I need to be young and free and enjoy my youth."
"Don't be so dramatic Veronica."
"Is that a yes?"
"Be home before nine or else you know how your father gets."
"Thank you." I sang and slammed the door shut.
I quickly responded to Brendon informing him that I would meet him by the park in five. Not wanting to seem like I was trying to hard I simply threw on a sweater and ran out the door. The park was only a block away from my house much to my convenience. It didn't take more than two minutes to arrive and when I did I was glad to see a familiar figure swaying back and forth on the swings. I smiled to myself and skipped over to hi,
"Hello there." I said getting his attention.
"Hey." I walked over and sat on the swing next to him.
"So what we gonna do?" I asked.
"Let's go get pizza, I'm hungry."
"Only if you're paying." I teased.
The pizzeria wasn't too far from the park was. It was a ten minute walk filled with laughter and random conversations about the week. It was surprising how at ease I felt with Brendon. The pizzeria was squeezed in the between a tattoo parlor and bike shop. It was small and rather empty, but the soft Italian music gave it a lively mood to it. We found a small booth tucked away at the end of the restaurant. After ordering a couple slices of pizza we fell back into our light conversation.
"Wait so you're saying you've never been to a concert?" Brendon gasped at my confession.
"I've just never had the time to. I'm always moving around after a couple months and I can't buy tickets if I don't know where I'm going to be on that day." I tried to explain.
"Oh man, how are you even alive?!"
"I-uh-I don''t really know." I blushed.
"Well we must see one before you move again. Which hopefully you won't but given your history odds are that you'll be moving soon."
"Let's hope not." I sighed taking a bite of my cheese pizza. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until the cheese melted in my mouth and intoxicated my taste buds.
"Well on a different note I have an invitation for you." He said in between bites.
"Oh, where to?"
"You know Ryan Ross right? He sits with us at lunch."
"Yeah he's super sarcastic and sassy right?"
"The one and only. Anyways his parents are going to be away next weekend and he's throwing a party. Since I am his beloved best friend he told me that I could bring a plus one and I guess this is me asking you to be my plus one." He trailed off at the end, obviously shy about asking me out.
"Um. Party means people which means socializing. I just don't know if I really mix well with that."
"It'll be fun I promise." I thought about it for a moment, pondering the idea. I mean it would be my first party here and I don't have anything better to do anyways. I could go for a couple hours and then go home.
"Well I can't miss an opportunity to see you drunk dancing." I smirked.
"Oh trust me babe it's a sight to see."
We continued our conversation; laughing every now and then at the bad jokes Brendon kept saying. After dinner we traced our steps back the park and said our goodbyes
" So I guess this is the end." I said smiling. Brendon smiled and shrugged.
" I guess...let’s just hope it won’t be the last."
" Oh trust me it won’t be as long as you stop cracking those lame jokes." I teased. He laughed lighty and licked his lips. He shoved his hands in his pocket and kicked the floor not knowing what else to say.
“I’ll see you at school I guess.”
“Yeah. Thanks for the pizza.” I beamed.
Thanks for reading! I’m thinking about deleting all the other chapters so that it doesn’t confuse anyone.... This chapter is still dedicated to the only person who actually reviewed and liked my story midnightblackparade
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