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Everybody scream

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Three guys. All like the same girl. Who will she pick?

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Being late had always been a bad habit of mine. It went hand in hand with my unwanted procrastination that I had inherited from my father. Moving around was my parent's bad habit. In the seventeen years of my life I have moved from Mexico to Italy, to New York, to San Francisco, to Chicago, and now to New Jersey. I guess you could say that being the new kid in school was my specialty, not that I cared anymore. I hadn't cared about many things in a while to be quite honest, which made moving around a lot easier.
I squeezed into a tight parking space in the front parking lot of the school, cautious of not running over any of the preppy girls, or as I like to call them; the bops. I looked over my dashboard, checking the time: 8:03. Great. Late on the first day of school, real smooth Valeria.
I dragged myself out of my car and past the two grand doors to my new hell. Taking a look around, I noticed how clean cut the school was, well for a public school. I had been to many different schools and this definitely had to be one of the nicer ones. Reading the different signs posted along the walls I found my way to main office.
To my luck the secretary at the front desk was anything but sweet. She was no older than fifty but the bags around her eyes hung down like weights. She To my luck the secretary at the front desk was anything but sweet. She was no older than fifty but the bags around her eyes hung down like weights. She was hunched over her computer, typing like there was no tomorrow. She pushed her glasses up with her index finger slowly before glancing up from her screen and letting out an obnoxious sigh.
"What do you need?" Her raspy voice infected the air like a toxic.
"I'm new here and I need my schedule."
"Schedules were given out earlier this morning in the gym. Late on the first day of school? What a great first impression"
"Look can you just give me my schedule? I don't think that judging me and making me even more late is going to help anyone. So could you kindly give me my schedule and I'll be on my way and out of your hair." I growled.
"What's your name?" She grunted.
"Veronica Lopez." She rolled her eyes and looked down at the screen typing something and printing something shortly after. She threw me the piece of paper and returned to her obnoxious typing.
"Thank you for your kindness." I flashed her a sarcastic smile and made my way out of the suffocating office. I looked down at the small font on the paper.
English- Mr. Waters- Room 121
Art- Mrs. Sharron- Room 503
Advance Algebra- Mrs. Krystal-Room 248
Chemistry- Mr. Heart- Room 239
US History- Mr. Williams- Room 105
Spanish- Ms. Stevens- Room 115
Locker# 15673

I let out an irritated sigh and began my search for my locker. I hate being new. It had been ten minutes of me walking around aimlessly when I ran into someone. Not only was I always late, but I was very clumsy. Both his books and mine dropped to the floor and we bent down to get them. I stood up holding my books and readjusting my bag. I examined the boy that stood in front of me. His black hair fell just under his shoulders and his pale ice skin was covered by a leather jacket, misfit shirt, black skinny jeans, and sun glasses.
"You should watch where you're going." His stern voice almost ate me alive.
"oh fuck off." I rolled my eyes and pushed past the stranger.
After another ten minutes of wondering around I finally found my locker. I shoved all the unnecessary books I held and slammed it shut. It was a lot easier to find my classroom. I took a deep breath and opened the door revealing twenty pairs of eyes staring at me. Great. The teacher walked over to me with a stern look on his face.
"And you are?"
"I'm Veronica Lopez. I'm new this year, sorry I couldn't find my locker and the secretary wasn't much help."
"Well Veronica, you may take a seat behind Brendon over in the back. Brendon raise your hand," The so called Brendon raised his hand as asked and I began my way down the isle and towards Brendon, "Now Ms. Lopez, let's not make a habit of this. As I was saying.."
"You new?" Brendon Whispered as I sat down.  
"You guessed it." I replied with a smirk. 
"So where you from." 
"Everywhere to be honest. I was born Mexico but my dad's job location moves a lot and here I am."
"Well you speak English pretty well." 
"Thanks I picked up a couple things along the way."
"Wow. So how many languages do you speak?"
"That's pretty sweet. So as you heard, my name is Brendon Urie."
"Nice too meet you." We talked through out the rest of class, mostly about random things, but it surprised me how easy it was for me to open up to him. Time flew by and before I knew it the bell rang. Brendon offered to walk me to my next class but in between messing around in the hallways and him showing me different things I arrived late to my second class of the day. I opened the door and was once again greeted by eyes all on me. I really need to pull my life together. 
"Why hello there and you must be-" A tall thin man spoke from the front of the class.
"Veronica Lopez" 
"Well veronica you are late and I do not nor will I tolerate tardiness in my classroom. And as your welcoming gift I grant you an hour of detention. " Well fuck.
"It's my fist day of school I don't know where I'm going! Can't you cut me some slack?" I exclaimed.
"Life cuts no one slack."
"Whatever." I sighed.
" What did you just say?" 
" W-h-a-t-e-v-e-r. Do I need to spell it out for you?" I didn't mean to sass him, but he was really getting on my nerve. This whole day had gotten on my very last nerve and it was only second period. I hated moving and starting over and over and over.  
"You march down to the principals office right now!"
"What happens if I don't ?" Shut up Veronica
"You get suspended. "
"Is that a threat or a promise?" You're gonna get it when you get home
"I will not tolerate disobedience, now you walk yourself down to the principal's office right now young lady!" And you're screwed. Well this day just can't get any better. I turned on my heel and made my way down to the office, not looking forward to seeing that obnoxious secretary again. When I got there I noticed the principal had just taken a kid into his office and assumed that he would take me in when he was done. I sat down on one of the three chairs that stood outside of his office not bothering to notice the other kid that was sitting on the chair furthest from the door.
"Oh god are you stalking me now?" A familiar voice spoke up and I looked up to see that the kid that was sitting down was the same kid that I had ran into earlier today.
"You gotta be kidding me." I grunted.
"Look it's flattering and all, but I'd rather not have a stalker."
"Can you shut up? I've had it up to here with this school and it's only fucking second period! No I am not stalking you! I have better thing's to do than to waste my time following around a jerk like you. So just shut the fuck up for Christ sake!" Just as I finished exploding the door opened and the principal gave me the signal to come in, I glared at the kid who I had just yelled at before getting up and following the principal.
"Now Ms.Lopez I understand that you were sent down here for talking back to a teacher. Is that true?"
"Yes, but in my defense he was being rude to me."
"I also I understand that you are new to this school. I'm unsure of how your other schools did things but here at Baltmore High we do not tolerate this kind of behavior." God I hate the word tolerate.
"I know and I apologize for this, but I've had a very hard morning so far and I jst exploded. This is very unlike me and I don't mean for this to be you first impression of me. I am not at all like this on a regular basis."
"I'm going to let this one slide because I know that moving around can be quite a handful. However, I will be talking to your guidance councilor and do expect a meeting with her later this week. You may go now." I let ot a sigh in relief and got up. "I hope I don't see you in here again Ms. Lopez. I will not be so lenient next time." I nodded and continued my way outside.
The rest of the day ran a lot smoother, I managed to find my way throughout the school with the help of Brendon. I met a couple people here and there most were friends with Brendon and were nice enough to sit with me in the few classes I didn't have with Brendon. I entered the lunch area and followed him to an empty table in the corner.
"So how's the first day of school coming along?"
"Do you mean besides the fact that I got a detention within the first hour of being here? Oh it's great." I grumbled.
"Hey, cheer up butter cup! Tomorrow is a new day."
"God I hope so. Then there was this asshole who I ran into, literally, this morning and then in the principal's office. He was being the biggest jerk to me, I almost punched him." 
"Well that's rude. Whats his name?" He asked taking a bite of his sandwich. 
"I don't know, but he was wearing a leather jacket a misfit shirt-"
"Black skinny jeans and long black hair down to his ears?"
"Yup. "
"That's Gerard Way. I would suggest you stay away from him, he's bad news. All the girls have a major crush on him. But he's never dated any of them, mostly because he thinks he's too good for all of them."
"Don't worry I was planing on it. "        
If you're re-reading it, it's so much better, right?! I feel so much more content with this chapter, honestly it was a huge mess before hand. If this is your first time reading it through, this is the first official chapter so far. The rest of the story at this point will not make sense since I've pulled out characters and changed many personalities, therefore changing the plot. Anyways, thanks for reading this! See y'alls soon
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