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American Girl Chapter 25

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Blood... everywhere.

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This pretty bad, theres a lot of description of the blood ect:/ I got into a fight today and I'm still fucking angry so yinno... Anyway um... enjoy?:/

Zaria had hit her head off one of the pews and was bleeding badly. Jay was panicking, the plan wasn't to kill her! Simply to marry her and here she was bleeding to death on the floor of the church! It had all gone wrong.


"Where should we look first?" Alicia asked whilst they were on the plane and waiting for take off.

"Basilica of San Clemente." Sarah answered. "It's in the book." Frank laughed a little.

"It's like a detective novel!" He grinned.

"Yeah I guess it is." Mikey laughed.

"I think we should all get some sleep; it's a long flight to Italy. When we get there the local time will be 2:00pm." Gerard instructed. Everyone nodded, grabbed a pillow and lay there heads down. All of them hoping the kids were okay.

Basilia of San Clemente.

"What do we do? What the fuck do we do?!" Kylan yelled.

"Calm down!" Jay yelled. Bandit was shaking Zaria.

"Zar? ZarZar? Wake up Zar, there's red stuff coming from your hair? Is the hair dye coming out? Wake up?" Bandit mumbled. "Please ZarZar, they might hurt me again. Wake up!"

"Will someone shut her up?" Thomas roared. Cherry started to cry and snuggled up close to Zaria's body. The blood was oosing thick and fast from Zaria's head; matting her hair to her head. Alex was trying not to show how scared he was. Both the toddlers had stopped crying and Bandit was stroking Zaria's cheek.

"What will we do?" Kylan asked again. "What if she gets memory loss and forgets what we need her to tell us? What if she dies?"

"She won't die. She won't." Jay replied.

"How do you know?! You a doctor now too? We should never of helped you!" Thomas roared.

"Shut up so I can think would you!" Jay yelled, watching the blood roll underneath the pews. It was pretty in a sickening way, the way the blood shone in the light and it dripped along the floor, pooling more and more.


Everyone slept the entire flight and when they got off the plane; the body guards had already collected the bags and all they had to do was get in the car. Once in the limo Gerard told them to go to the Basilica praying they wouldn't be to late; praying he would find his little girls and his goddaughter. In an hour they were outside the Basilica. As they got out the car Gerard told them to take the bags to the hotel and that they would be there in a few hours. He turned to tell the others to come on but they had already walked into the Basilica.

"Oh my God! Zaria!" Alicia yelled, rushing forward with Lyn-Z and Jamia. Sarah, Frank and Mikey were busy kicking the shit outta Jay, Kylan and Thomas as Alex helped sort Zaria out. Gerard grabbed his phone and rang the police. Why he had the Italian police number is anyones guess; but he had it and they were there within minutes. Kylan and Jay were arrested and escorted to the police van but Thomas had managed to escape some how.

"We need to get her to hospital." Sarah said. "And I need this damn hand fixed up." She'd managed to break it whilst smashing Jay's jaw.

"Nice punch by the way," Frank smiled, nursing his bust nose.

"Thanks." Sarah smiled back. "Why didn't Ray and Christa come by the way?"

"They had a holiday slash honeymoon thing booked so I just left them out." Gerard shrugged, helping Mikey stand up.

"Oh... okay."

"Um, guys?! Zaria is bleeding to death here!" Alicia roared.

"Shit!" Gerard screamed.

"The hospital is down the street." One of the police officers explained in broken English.

"Grazie," Gerard and Mikey smiled as they walked out of the Basilica, trying to support Zaria.
When they got to the hospital, they were recognised by staff who may of been fans or may have had children who were fans. They didn't know, and frankly they didn't care. Zaria was rushed into surgury, whilst the others were taken into seperate cublicles and treated for their various wounds. Once they were all fixed up, they were put into a private waiting room where they were sat for countless hours. Finally an English doctor by the name of Rebecca walked in.

"Hello, my name is Rebecca; I'm the surgeon that just operated on Zaria. You will be pleased to learn that she has survived the operation." Rebecca informed them. They all sighed in relief. "Now I see that all your wounds have been seen to, and that is great. But Zaria is going to be in intensive care for the next 24 hours. And this is the 24 hours in which we find out weather she will live or not."

"It's that bad?" Sarah whispered.

"Unfortunately Miss Whey." Rebecca sighed. "She definately has severe brain damage. And there is a possiblity she may never speak again, she may have lost her memory and she may never walk again. It all depends on the parts of her brain that are damaged."

"Holy crap..." Gerard whispered.

"Could we see her?" Lyn-Z asked.

"I don't think thats a good idea." Rebecca replied.


"She doesn't look so good, she's hooked up to a lot of wires and after all it is possible she's gonna die. We don't want to risk any germs or infection getting into the room and making her condition worse." Rebecca explained.

"Wow... This really is bad isn't it?" Mikey sighed. There were tears rolling down everyones faces.

"Bad doesn't even begin to cover it." Rebecca replied.


"You idiots! How could you let this happen?!" Yelled a voice.

"I'm sorry." Thomas mumbled.

"Damn fucking right you are!" The voice screamed.

"I didn't mean to." Thomas replied.

"It's too late now." The voice laughed, there was a bloodcurdling scream and then... silence.
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