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chapter four

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Bandit`s in trouble...

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NOTE: Hi, sorry it`s been so long, I meant to get this up sooner but my dad stole my laptop and Gcse`s SUCK! Seriously, the bastard that invented `em needs to burn in hell, soon. Oh well, I like History, but still...Erm, hope you like this chapter, things will get better soon, but I need to I dunno, lead up to the main events and stuff. The wedding chapter will happen soon, maybe 2/3 chapters if all goes to plan.Sorry this is a bit long, hope it doesn`t bore you or anything.
let me know what ya think
Frank`s pov.
“Gee, relax.” My fiancé was pacing tirelessly in Alicia and Mikey`s living room. He had moved from the kitchen, ignoring my offer of a Coffee and Mikey`s of a drive into town. There was a new Cd out today that he had been desperate to buy, but he declined saying he was too worried about Bandit.
“I don`t like this, I don`t like this one fucking bit.” He stopped pacing for a moment, picking up his phone and checking it, anxiously biting his lip.
“She`ll be fine, Gee. You know Bandit, she have ten friends already.” Alicia smiles, though I notice it doesn’t quite meet her eyes. Gerard wasn`t the only one concerned about bandit being in that school, the looks, well glares, we had gotten had unnerved me as well. And the teacher seemed like a class A bitch, if we hadn’t of been in a class full of six year olds, I would have told her a few things.
“”Erm, bro?” Mikey enters the room, looking around at us all nervously. I was sitting on the edge of the sofa, the same one where months ago me and Gerard had slept, the night we had been kicked out of our own homes and had left our loving wives. Alicia was sitting like me, perched right on the very edge of the sofa opposite, cell phone in one hand, the remote from the switched off televisions by her side. Gerard had began pacing again, muttering, I picked out the odd word like “bandit”, “school” and “fuckin` homophobes”. Ray was the most relaxed looking of us all, but if you looked closely you could see the beginnings of a frown and creases on his forehead.
“Mikey?” Alicia stands up and rushes over to him, Gerard miraculously stops pacing and look over at his younger, stressed looking brother.
“Erm, the school called.”
“And?” Gerard looks at him with pleading eyes, probably hoping and praying it wouldn’t be bad news.
“Bandit, erm…got into a fight.”
“A FIGHT!?” that was very out of character. Bandit had to be one of the kindest, happiest six year olds ever, even though recently her life had been rather…difficult. We had always told her that violence never got you anywhere, so why she was fighting on the first day of school? The answer was there in my head, but I didn’t want to voice it.
“She`s in the principal’s office, we have to go in and talk to him.”
Gerard`s pov.
The drive to the school was a very long, slow, frightening one. The drive only took ten minutes, but it may as well have been ten hours. With every second that ticked by the dread grew stronger as I worried about my only child, remembering my own school days. I wasn’t mad at her of course for fighting, I already knew that she would have had to have been provoked, and if the shithead teachers were gonna try and convince me otherwise, there would be hell to pay.
“Mr. Way?” a chirpy, blonde, thirty something woman spoke, not looking up from her desk.
We all get to our feet; we had been sitting outside the principal’s office for over fifteen minutes, ridiculous since we had been told to be here immediately.
“Mr. Grayson will see you now.” All of us make our way over to the brown, oak door, only to be stopped by the receptionist, secretary person. I didn’t care to know what her name was, nor the proper title of her job.
“He will see Mr. Way only, as it was his child who started the fight.”
“Like hell it was.” I glare at her, hazel eyes meeting bright blue. “We are all Bandit`s family, we may not all be related by blood, but we ARE family.” I was holding Franks hand loosely, we often went round holding hands, I had become so used to it that it felt so natural, so normal. It would seem odd if we didn’t one day. The woman is staring at out interlocked fingers, disgust evident on her orange face. I couldn’t bring myself to give a shit- I had sadly been forced to grow used to it. Sadly, not everyone was as accepting, supporting, loving, ect, as my brother and friends, whom I thought of as my family.
“So we will All be going in to talk to Mr. did you say Grayson?”Alicia asks, struggling not to laugh. We all give her confused, questioning looks.
“Drew Grayson?” the blonde woman nodded. “He went to my school when I was a teenager. He was a right bastard and fucking creepy too.” The woman scolds her for her language, and she laughs, as we all push open the door and enter the principal’s office.
Bandit`s pov.
I felt so sick, so worried it was unreal. I had never been called to the principals’ office before, unless you counted the one time at my old school when me and Ember had got our certificates for raising money for that animal charity. Now I was here, a strange smelling, dark coloured room, in a brand new, scary building, and I was in trouble. BIG trouble. I had made that horrible girl`s nose bleed. I only hoped that daddy, Frankie and everyone else would understand why I had done it, I wasn’t usually a bad girl.
“Ah, Mr. Way and erm…?” the principal a man about the same age as Alicia, who was going grey and was balding for some reason glanced up as my daddy entered the room. Everyone else followed him, expressions on their faces mostly the same. Daddy was positively fuming-his pretty eyes were narrowed, glaring at the man, fists clenched by his sides. He looked scary with his bright red hair falling forwards into his eyes. Frankie looked angry too, not as angry as daddy, but I don’t think any in this world could ever be as angry as he was at this moment in time. Mikey was glaring at the teacher too; Alicia was resting her hands on his shoulders, something I knew she often did to calm him down. Ray was standing next to them, behind Daddy and Frankie. He looked the calmest of them all, but there was something around him, I could almost see the suppressed anger radiating out of him.
“This is my brother and his wife, Mikey and Alicia. My close friend, band mate, and second brother Ray and my Fiancé Frank.” Daddy emphasised the word “Fiancé” and frank`s glare lessoned slightly as he looked up at him and squeezed his hand lightly.
Mr. Grayson suddenly looked quite flustered, and his facial expression changed form a frown to one of disgust.
“Mr. Way, you daughter Bandit.” he said my name in a horrible tone, and daddy clenched his fists tighter. Why did no one here like my name? I loved it, my family did too. (not my mother, but I didn’t class her as family; she was horrible to daddy and Frankie)
“She broke another student nose, we do not accept violence here at-“
Everyone tensed, waiting for daddy`s reaction. Frank placed his hands on his shoulder, trying to calm him, I guess.
“what did the brat do to her?” Ray asks, and Mr. Grayson shrugs.
“Nothing, Bandit is unharmed.” He pauses. “Physically at least.”
“What the fuck does that mean!? “ I wince. Daddy sounded so angry, plus he NEVER used words like that around me.
“Well, I`m sure you love your child very much, but-“
“Of fucking course I do! Bandit is everything to me!”
“Gerard is an amazing dad.”
“Bandit is lucky to have him, just like cherry and Lilly are to have Frank as their dad.”
“Well, I`m sure they are well loved and looked after.” The principal’s voice is full of scrutiny.” but the situation at home with you children cannot be good for them. Do they have access to their mothers?”
“No, they don`t. their mothers are evil bitches.” Mikey yells, standing up for his brother and friend who was like another brother to him.
“Just `cause you can’t fucking accept LOVE when you see it-“Alicia cuts him off, not wanting Mikey to lose it.
“Bandit is very well looked after, as is cherry and Lilly.” Everyone nodded and voiced their agreement. “As for the situation regarding their parents it is none of your business.”
“Well, let’s just get back to the topic at hand.” He was even more flustered than earlier, the man who looked much older than his years was bright red in the face.
“Your daughter has broken another student’s nose, without any reason. She-“
“They said stuff, mean stuff.” I speak up, determined not to let this horrible man say anything else bad about or too my family. He had told enough lies.
“A group of `em was talking about me and my family being freaks. They said horrible stuff about my daddy and Frankie.” Tears fill my eyes just thinking about.
“I highly doubt that-“
“My daughter is no liar!” Daddy screams. “And ya know something? She isn’t coming back here, not tomorrow, not next week, not ever.”
“MR. Way I-“
“Shove your school place up your ass along with your stupid homophobic ideas about what is and isn’t right.”
He comes over and takes hold of my hand, the one I had used to hit the girl with and gasps. I hadn’t realised before, but it was slightly swollen and a little sore.
“C`mon, Bee, We`ll go home and get some ice on that.” He lifts me up, carrying me out of the school and into the car, on his back, everyone else following closely behind.
“What are we gonna do know, Gee?” I hear Frankie whisper, as he stands outside of the car with daddy. I was sitting in the car, along with everyone else apart from them. They were both standing having a cigarette. They probably think I couldn’t hear, but I could. Intrigued I listen.
“She needs a school, but she can’t go there.” Frankie stomps on the end of the cigarette, crushing it into the ground.
“We`ll get this everywhere, from now on, it`ll only get worse when we get married.” Franks eyes widen in shock.
“You’re not suggesting we call it off, are you?”
“No, no. But maybe he`s right, maybe I am a bad parent, maybe Bandit would be better off if I wasn’t… a freak.”
“Never say that, you’re not a bad parent, you a fucking brilliant one, and you’re not a freak.” Frank kisses him on the cheek, something he often did when daddy was upset. It didn’t bother me, so I dint see why it bothered anyone else.
“Everything will be better soon, I promise.” They both smile.
“Love you Frankie.”
“Love you too Gee, so much.”
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