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Help Me?!

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Read this if you like this story, please. I`m not quitting or anything, but I need some help.

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So, erm hi. I hope you all still like this story, I need some people`s opinions on a few things concerning it. I`d really apreciate/love you forever if you`d tell me your honest opinions.
So, I`m sure you`ll all know by now if you have read I don`t love you like I did yesterday (if you haven`t why are you here? This IS a sequel) or any of my other stories, that as much as I love writing/being creative, I also want people to actually like what I write. So I like to ask what you think of certian ideas ect.
I have a few plots at the moment, not quite decided yet on which one to follow, help?
1. An ex Girlfriend of Frank/Gerard/both comes into it. (Bi in this story, case ya dunno. they were married to Lindsey/Jamia) I have a few ideas for this.
a. she could be a horrible bitch and be in cahoots (SP?) wiht LIndsey/Jamia. Leak stuff into press/tell lies/ect. Basically work with them to make everyone`s lives hell.
B. she coud be nice, but Frank/Gerard could be...jelous/feel threatend. I mean, be honest, if you were about to get married and your finance`s ex was around, you WOULD be a bit...not untrusting but,I dunno...feel a little threatened.
Erm, next idea.
Lindsey and Jamia come back into it, telling more lies/faulse accusaions. Come forward with "evidence" that Gerard raped Lindsey. Try and cause trouble, organise protest type thing outside wedding, ya know people against gay rights and stuff?

3rd. Something happens to Bandit?
4th. This would be pretty sad for a bit, but I love hapy endings so no worriess. They call off wedding/get into fight-Ex comes into it/worried about bandit?
or 5th it could be a happy story-no bad stuff, they get married and finally tour and live happily ever after.
so, this are the main ideas i have at the moment. ( there are a few more things mixed in with `em, but i wont say much more) If you had an idea you think would be good, please say so and I`ll give you credit/huge thanks for it.
lastly. If anyone wanted to be a wedding guest let us know. Not sure how big a part yet, but you know me I like to inclue peoplpe as it makes it easier not having to come up wiht a ton of characters. Maybe even if you wanted to be an ex? Or maybe a close firned or soemthing?
If you do, fill this in?
what you are to them(ex, close friend, fan-met them at concert or something and stayed in touch, someone with Jamia and Lindsey-you`d be mean though, anything else)
looks like
anything else.
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