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Chapter five

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Alicia has her doubts and Jamia and Lindsey return, along with a stranger...

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NOTE. Hi, so I really, really hope you still like this, and I really would apreaciate your help. I posted a note on this asking for some opinions and I only got one.(thanks, so much to that person x) But I was hoping more people would give their opinions just so I can make sure that they actually lke it, ya know. Erm, no worries anyway. I have a question should Bob come into this at some point? (I have an idea, would love your opinions) Anyway, hope you still like this, please let us know what you think,
Bandit`s pov.
That night everything was…weird. In my short life I had been taught that weird didn’t always mean something was bad or wrong, but this was most definitely not a good kind of weird. The house was silent, save for the low muttering of the television in the living room that no one seemed to be paying any attention to, and Alicia occasionally mumbling something about cooking dinner. This may to most seem like a normal house, but not in our family. Normally you couldn`t hear yourself think, be it because of Mikey endangering us all by doing something stupid or dangerous (NEVER let him near a toaster or a heater, ever.) or Frankie being his usual hyper, loud (and at times irritating, but still very lovable) self. I had to wonder sometimes who the kid was and who the adult was. But tonight was different, none spoke, Frank was behaving almost like a normal, responsible adult, almost, Alicia was sitting in the corner reading a cook book-she HATED cooking, despite being the sole cook in the house. Ray had left hours ago, right after I had been picked up from school, and daddy and Frankie hadn’t spoken to each other since. I could only come to one possible conclusion as to why this was-they were mad at me. Of course in the car daddy had told me he wasn’t, I knew otherwise, I mean, what else could it be?
“Bee,” Daddy stands up, getting up from the chair on the opposite side of the room to Frank. This was odd; they always sat together on the sofa, always.
“Yes Daddy.” I knew what he was going to say. It was half past eight-my bedtime on a school night. On the weekends he didn’t mind what time I went to bed at, but when I had to get up early for school, he was adamant I was to get a good night’s rest.
“I`m going shops, wanna come with?” I certainly hadn’t been expecting that. Worried, I glance over at the clock hanging up on the wall, thinking I had read it wrong. I hadn’t-half eight. None else seemed to bothered either, even weirder.
“I thought I told you, Bee.” He smiles at me and picks me up, spinning me around.
“You ain`t going back there, not a hope in hell.” I was now even more confused.
“Erm, Gerard, a word? In the kitchen, now.” Daddy follows Alicia into the kitchen, and I stand there confusion clear in my wide eyes.
“I`ll go see if they need some help.” Mikey gets up and follows the two into the kitchen.
“Come here, Bandit.” Frank pulls me into his arms, so I was sitting on his lap.
“Everything will be fine, but your daddy’s right, you ain’t going back there.”
Gerard`s pov
“Gerard, what are you planning to do with her, huh?”
I know I hadn’t thought this all through but-
“Bandit NEEDS educating. Do you wanna go to prison?”
“Ali-" I cut Mikey off, it’s not like Alicia was listening to him either.
“She can come on the road with us; she can have a mini school on the tour bus. And when we`re home, we can turn a room into a school room.” There, solved. Alicia, however didn’t seem to think so.
“And who is gonna teach her, you?”
“We can get tutor and stuff, we have money and-“
“That may not be a good idea, Gee.”
“Mikey may be right.” Alicia smiles sadly. “Oh god- Mikey is right about something, what the hell’s happening to the world!”
“Ha ha.” I found it hilarious, my brother, not so much.
“He does have a point thought.”She continues. “The media vultures are snooping around here way too much as it is, when they get wind of Bandit getting kicked out of school-“
“She wasn`t kicked out!” I felt bad for yelling at Alicia, she meant well, and she did have a point, but still. “My daughter was not going to some homophobic school to get picked on just because of me.”
“He has a point; it can’t be that hard to educate Bandit ourselves.” Mikey said in his calmest, most reasonable voice. He prayed that the two would see sense and not kill each other in their sleep or something. He had enough to deal with at the moment, thank you very much. Plus, his brother and Alicia would probably only come back to haunt him, so...
“It might even be easier, we wouldn’t have to worry about who looks after when we tour, we wouldn’t have to leave her, hell cherry and lily can come too, everyone can.” Mikey smiled, happy he would no longer have to worry about saying goodbye to his amazing, beautiful Alicia while the band toured. They had all decided that after the wedding (and honeymoon) the world contamination tour they had been forced to postpone, would start.
“Yeah, well-“
“Gee,” Alicia sighed. “I love ya, your Mikey`s brother, and Bandit is just so sweet, I`m just not sure that this is what’s best for her.”
“What isn’t?”
“Everything, I`m happy for you, but,” she sighed again. “Talk to Frank, I don’t think he`s so sure either.”
Normal pov.
Lindsey and Jamia were anxious. More than a little anxious. When would she arrive? She was already an hour and a half late. The past few months had been hellish; things had not worked out the way they had planned. Gerard had been found innocent, something they hadn’t banked on. (They didn’t care about the small fact that he was actually innocent.) They had been refused the right to see their children, not that they cared about this. The only good thing that had happened in the past few months was the divorce papers finally coming through. They were now free women again, and were certainly extremely happy about that, marrying those two idiot rock stars had not gone the way they had expected. They had even got less money out of the divorce settlement than expected. To put it simply, Jamia and Lindsey were NOT happy bunnies.
The two women were at Jamia`s new house. (Both had sold the houses they had previously shared with Frank and Gerard, not wanting to live there anymore.) It was a bright, maybe overly bright, large house, with a fair bit of land. It would have been ideal if she had still had the twins, but of course she didn’t want them, and it wasn’t like Frank was going to let her have his precious daughters. He would die for them, whereas Jamia would most likely sell them for a high enough price.
“Will you get that?” Lindsey rolled her eyes at her best friend. Honestly, she thought, Jamia was like so lazy.
“I`m here.”
“Well it took you long enough.” Was Lindsey`s ever so pleasant, welcoming reply.
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