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chapter six

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Frank and Gerard talk and Lindsey and Jamia invite the stranger into the house...

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NOTE Hi. READ THIS PLEASE! Right so, a few things before the story. I have the plot for this roughly figured out now, but if anyone wanted to give any opinions still, please feel free. After all, I want people to actually like this story. On that note, do you still like this story? I`m pesonally not too sure anyomore and if noone wants me to carry on with it, I can continue wiht something else. Anyway, if you read the note I posted last week or something, you will know that I am going to France (Lourdes) a week today and will not be able to update while I am there. So hope you like the chapter, please let me know what you think of it,
Frank`s pov
“Night Gee.” My fiancé and best friend since forever mumbled a tired response. It takes a lot of energy and restraint for me to not say something to him about his lack of interest over the past few days. Ever since that god awful day at Bandit`s school, Gerard had barely said anything to me apart from a few mumbled responses and awkward “heys” I just didn’t understand what I had done wrong, if anything. I understood that he was still very worried about Bandit, I would soon go through it with my own two daughters, but I just didn’t understand why he was blaming himself for what had happened. It was the horrible, ignorant little shits at that schools fault, not his.
“Gee, I-“
“Not now.” His words sting more than him ignoring me. I loved him so much it hurt, but if he was just going to be like this then maybe it would be better if we called the wedding off, as much as I hated the idea. I loved him, I know he loved me. We both knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, we know not everyone is so accepting and open minded. I sigh. But if Gerard wasn’t able to cope with it all, maybe we should just forget it. A single tear slides down my cheek, coming to sit on my dry lips. I couldn’t find the energy to wipe it away.
“I`m sorry.” Another slides down my face, staining it, and he sighs.
“It`s not you Frankie.” Gerard does something he hasn’t down for days. He leans in and gently kisses the tears away, softly stroking my dark hair away from my eyes.
“I`m the one who should be sorry. I`ve been horrible to be around or the last couple of days, I’m just…worried about Bandit, I can’t help but think that this isn’t what’s best for her, that I…” he trails off, he stops stroking my hair as well, but doesn’t move his hand away. His pale, beautiful face was illuminated by the silvery moonlight of the almost full moon outside the window; I could see tears glistening in his perfect eyes.
“I…I worry that…That I`m not….not good enough for her.” I wipe away his tears like he did for me, gently caressing his face, wiling him to smile. “Or for you.” I can tell how hard it is for him to admit this, Gerard was not one to admit his fears to anyone, it didn’t mean he didn’t have them though and he always tried to deal with them by himself. This made it hard to remember that he too had fears, that he was feeling the same things I was. Gerard was one of the most, if not the bravest and strongest person I knew.
How could he think that though? That he wasn’t good enough for me, when he knew how much I loved him? Or for his daughter, Bandit adored her daddy; to her he was the best thing in her world. Oh the other hand, I knew where he was coming from, So many nights I had lay awake, wondering what Gerard saw in me, he was just so perfect and I was just me. I also understood about the way he felt about Bandit, I worry sometimes that by doing this, by getting married to him, I may be harming Cherry and Lilly. Sure, they`re fine at the moment, but look at what happened to Bandit, I couldn’t have ignorant people saying bad things to and about her because of me. I couldn’t.
“Frankie?” Gee`s voice shakes and I carefully wrap an arm around him, cradling him to my chest. I wished we could just stay here forever like this, where no one could find us and hurt us with their spiteful words.
We couldn’t of course. We were both grown men, we had responsibilities.
“Yeah?” my voice shakes as well.
“You know how much I love you, right?” I smile and nod, then kiss his forehead briefly.
“And I love you.” He smiles.
“But….but are we doing the right thing?” I don’t know what to say to this. I wanted to hug him tight and scream in his ear that we were, but I wasn’t sure. It was what I wanted, it was what we both wanted, but did that make it right? I remember Mama saying years ago to me that the right thing was what made you happy. Of course that was when I was young and she didn’t know I was in love with another man. Would she still say those same words to me today? I doubted it. I hadn’t heard from her since before Gerard got proven innocent and we announced the engagement. She, like so many other out there, probably though I was some kind of freak, that I was something terrible, and that I would burn in hell for all my sins.
“We are.” I breathe in his ear. Fuck what the world thinks, fuck them all. We were in love, and it was our choice. “We are doing the right thing.” Gerard smiles, beautiful hazel eyes wide with shock.
“I know we are.”
Mega bitchland. (also known as Jamia`s new house.)
“Well, come in then.” Lindsey tells the black and blonde haired woman standing at the door. She looked around thirty, her hair fell to just past her shoulders, into the middle of her back. She was dressed in a pair of extremely tight, designer baby blue jeans, pink and white converse and a white and pink tee shirt with the logo of some super expensive, overly preppy store. Her makeup was perfect, and caked onto her face, which was sun kissed but not overly orange looking.
“So polite, aren’t you?” the woman hissed at Lindsey, pushing past her into the house, kicking off her shoes in the hallway.
“Well?” The woman asks the two of them, taking a seat on the white leather sofa in the spacious living room, pulling a foot stool out and placing her feet on top of it. “What do you want me for?”
“Well, Lindsey and I-“
“Don’t beat around the bush, I have not got all day. Some of us have to actually work to make a living.” She surveyed the room, which was full of expensive and designer items and new gadgets that had only recently been released. “Not that you would know anything about that, of course.”
“We know about your past with Frank Iero-“
The woman`s icy blue eyes narrowed, becoming thin slits. “That idiot!” She practically yells, clearly taking the mentioning of her past with him as one of the highest insults known to man. (AN NOTE HOW THE FUCK IS THAT AN INSULT?!)
Jamia smirked, pouring a glass of wine into a very posh looking, very costly wine goblet. she took a sip from it, ignoring Lindsey`s venomous glare as she did so. If she wanted a drink she could get one herself, she had legs didn’t she?
“I know how you feel; I hate thinking about the dreadful time I spent married to him.” Jamia sympathises with the woman, though not sounding very sympathetic, more disgusted.
“Well, seeing as you were…close to him at one point-“
“When I was a fucking teenager! I didn’t know any better, plus I only did it for a dare!” The woman tries to defend herself, and the other two laugh once, a laugh that lacks any kind of humour.
“We were wondering if you would be so kind.” Jamia sneers at her as Lindsey tries to speak. “As to do us a tiny little favour.”
“You will be well paid for your services of course.” Jamia adds in, seeing the look on the black and blonde woman`s face. Silence envelopes the room as she thinks, considering everything. She didn’t want to see Frank again, but she could do with the money-times were hard, especially in her line of work. Plus she remembered the day reading the paper, finding out about his recent engagement to that freak Gerard. She had been so disgusted reading it, that she was almost ill all over her new clothes.
She purses her perfectly painted, pale pink lips for a moment, wanting to draw out her response for as long as she could.
“Aright, I`ll do it.”
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