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chapter seven

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...something happens...

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Hey. Just filler for the next chapter or so, hope it isn`t too terrible. I`ve decided that Bob will make an apearence in this and that the wedding will probably be either next chapter or the one after. Hope you like this, please let me know what you think.
Gerard`s pov.
I don’t know what time it was when I finally dropped off to sleep, but I know that it was late. I know it sounds very creeper like of me, but I stayed awake watching my Frankie sleep, he was just so cute when he was dreaming. Not that he wasn’t always cute, but he was so sweet, I even heard him say my name a few times in his sleep. I wondered what he was dreaming about.
“Mmm….Gee, you up?” My Frankie-I just loved saying that, sat up slowly, groggily wiping the sleep from his warm, beautiful eyes. I pout slightly and gently push him back down and lay my head down on top of his bare chest. He laughs once and ruffles my bright, dishevelled hair affectionately.
“So, just over one week, Frankie.” He smiles and gently traces the outline of the ring on his finger. I see it glint in the sunlight, and smile, remembering the day I had given it to him.
“We should get up, if we`re not ready soon Alicia will kill us, and I don’t know about you, but I`m rather fond of life at the moment.” Frank squeezes my hand, it was so hard to figure out the reason for his happiness. We both lay there for a few more minutes, enjoying the peacefulness of just laying there, content and happy in each other’s company.
“Gerard! Frank!” we both groan-Alicia. “Get down here!” Frank rolls his eyes, but I however was interested in what she wanted us for. I doubted it would be anything to do with the wedding, we all were prepared for the wedding next week. Unless Alicia had changed her mind about her dress and shoes not matching the decorations again that is…
Sighing, we both climb out of bed, I already missed the warmth and comfort of it.
“So do you know yet?” He asks me, searching the wardrobe for a clean shirt to wear.
“Know what?” I chuck him one that was hanging over the door of the ensuite bathroom. He smiles gratefully and tugs the shirt over his head.
“Where she`s planned for us to go, you know after the wedding.”
“Oh, the honeymoon, nope.” I sigh and grab a pair of jeans and pull them on, feeling slightly annoyed. Alicia ad done most of the wedding planning-the decorations, the food, the outfits, she had even booked where we were going for our honeymoon. It wasn’t like we didn’t appreciate it, we did, but she hadn’t even told us where were would be going yet.
“Knowing her, somewhere expensive, that is if Mikey`s paying.” Frank laughs, running a hand through his dark, messy hair, not bothered searching for a brush.
“Let`s go see then.” I take hold of his hand, wondering what it could be that was so important.
“Daddy, Frankie!” Bandit squeals running towards us, almost tripping over her own feet. She was dressed in her knee length blue wedding outfit, grinning like the hyper, exited and very lovable kid she was.
“Spin for `em Bee.” Alicia smiles, handing us both a mug of steaming hot coffee. We both tell Bandit how sweet she looks, and she blushes, and rolls her eyes.
“Gerard, Frank…”Alicia was also dressed in her wedding outfit, and my heart sinks as I see something behind her back.
“NO buts, go try it on.” She hands me and Frank the items she had been hiding, with a gleeful grin, or smirk, I wasn’t quite sure what.
"We already-"
“I know, but go do it anyway; I need to make sure everything is perfect.” She ushers us both back upstairs, grin growing even wider as we do as she said, feet dragging on the carpet.
"Boys, eh Bandit?"
I was chewing on my red painted lips nervously, twirling a strand of my black hair, lost in thought.
“Aubree, earth to Aubree.” Amy Jacobs, my best friend waves a hand in front of my pale face, looking for some kind of reaction.
“Huh, oh, yeah. What?” she sighs, tucking her long brown hair behind her ear, though I can tell she is struggling not to laugh.
“You okay, you`ve barely said a word since the other day when you were reading that magazine.” My face clouds over in confusion, trying to remember what she was talking about.
“I told you not to read it, it’s just a bunch of lies and you said you had to `cause an old friend was in it or something and-“
“Yeah, an old friend is getting married.” I smile, remembering all of the fond memories.
Amy squeals excitedly, pulling me in for a tight hug.
“Who is it?” she asks, happily, I half expect her to start jumping up and down like a little child.
“Is it Haven? Jenna? Julia?”
“No, no and no.”
“WHO?!” Amy wasn’t one for surprises, well, she liked them as long as she was in on them.
I take a deep breath, not quite sure how to begin to tell her.
“Gerard, you remember Gerard, right?”
“You may have mentioned him once or twice, but why is his marriage in a gossip magazi-“ I watch as the light goes on in her head.
“You mean you went out with-and he, and you OH MY FUCKING GOD! Why didn’t you tell me?!” Amy grabs my bag off me and rummages though it searching for the magazine. She triumphantly pulls it out, grinning like the maniac she is.
“Gerard Way is your ex boyfriend from art school?!”
Normal pov.
“goodbye…ladies, it`s been….a pleasure.” The blonde and blacked haired woman grabs her jacket and puts her pink and white converse back on, and leaves the house without a backward glance.
Jamia slams the door shut as soon as she is out of the door.
“Do you really thing that bitch will keep her promise, Linds?” Jamia asks her friend, sitting back down on her seat in the spacious living room, pouring herself another glass of wine. She didn’t like this girl, she dint trust her in any way whatsoever.
“Of course.” Lindsey says in a nonchalant tone of voice, almost like it didn’t matter to her. “And anyway, even if she doesn’t, there is always plan B.” she laughs once, grabbing Jamia`s glass off of her and taking a sip, then places it back on the glass coffee table.
Jamia glares at her, but says or does nothing.
“But how can you be sure though? What if she chickens out or-“
“Jamia, Jamia. If you were Frank`s ex girlfriend from years ago and you had a chance to get back at him whilst making a shitload of money, what would you do?” silence from Jamia.
Lindsey grins. “Exactly.”
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