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chapter eight

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Mikey groans. “Someone`s at the effing door!”

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NOTE Hi, sorry it has been ages since I`ve updated this, I`ve been away and busy with family shit. Anyway, sorry it is shorter than usual and I hope that you like it, please let me know if you do

Normal pov. Time skip to four days before the wedding. (I’m dragging it out, eh?)
“ALICIA!” Bandit yells, stomping her left, silvery blue, sandal clad foot. She had had it up to here with having to try on her wedding outfit, she didn’t see how there could be any more alterations left to be made. Alicia, however, kept seeming to find something that wasn’t quite right.
“Bee, stay still.” Alicia told the struggling six year old; though everyone in the room could tell she wasn’t annoyed. It was impossible to get mad at Bandit-she was too likable, just like her father.
Bandit let out a long, drawn out sigh, before giving in and placing other foot down on Alicia’s lap so that she could put her other shoe on.
“There, perfect.” Alicia praised while bandit stood there glaring at her. Sure, she liked the dress and the shoes, but she was getting sick of the fuss everyone was making. She was happy for her daddy and Frankie, but it was starting to get a little annoying having to do a ton of stuff in preparation for the wedding and keep her bedroom tidy, something she hated with a passion.
“Aww, she is so sweet, isn’t she Gee?” Frank ignores the death glare he receives and Gerard agrees with him.
“Lighten up Bee, I know your getting fed up with everything being so hectic, but I` afraid you’ll have to get used to it.” Frank nods at Gee, he was right.
“If you come on tour with us it’ll be hard, shows all the time, loud noise, junk food-“
“That sounds like heaven!” Everyone in the room-Gerard, Alicia and Frank laugh at the little girl kindly. Bandit joins in as well.
“Hey guys-“Mikey enters the room, something important to say but he never gets the chance.
“Don’t be mean Michel.” Everyone watches as Gerard scolds his younger brother, amusement clear on their faces.
“Bandit, my DAUGHTER.” He emphasises the word. “And Alicia are not guys, they are girls.” Mikey rolls his eyes, was his brother being serious?
“As I`m sure you have noticed.” He lazily waves a hand in Alicia`s direction. She narrows her eyes at him but says nothing.
“Oh, whatever. Anyway I was going to say-“
“Spit it out!” Frank interrupts, clearly not understanding that by interrupting Mikey it meant it would take longer for him to “spit it out.”
“I’m trying to, if you idiots-“
“Daddy and Frankie are not idiots. Alicia says it’s mean to say that about people.” Bandit speaks in a matter of fact voice, climbs off of the leather sofa and walks out of the room to get a drink, wobbling slightly in her new shoes.
By now, with all of the interruptions, Mikey was more than a little annoyed.
“Can I speak now?”
“sweetie.” Alicia squeezes his hand, biting back grin. “No one is stopping you.”
“AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he screams in annoyance the noise attracting Ray.
“Erm, guys-“
“Can`t say that Ray, Alicia and bandit, wherever the hell she is-“
“I`m in here!”
“Are not guys, they are girls.” Mikey glares at his older brother, speaking sarcastically, everyone apart from Ray, who looks confused, and Mikey laugh.
“Did I miss something?” Ray asks his crazy at times friends, bemused.
“Yes, Gerard says we can’t say “hey guys” when we enter a room as Alicia and Bandit are girls.”
“But it’s just a figure of-“
“I know that, but-“
“SHUT UP!” Bandit yells, re-entering the living room, clutching an ice cold glass of cherry coke. “Thank you.” She smiles sweetly and takes her place back on the couch, sipping her juice happily.
“Ray, what are you doing in here anyway, I thought you were watching Cherry and Lilly who were watching some Disney thing?”
He looks confused for a moment then remember. “Oh, yeah, well I was and then Mikey came to tell you something but it took so long and-“
Mikey groans. “Someone`s at the effing door!”
“Oh.” Pause “Who?”
“Frank!” Mikey half yells, about to give up.
“What?” he asks, fiddling with a lock of his dark hair that would not lie flat.
“We haven’t answered it yet.”

Aubree`s pov

“I can’t believe it! Why did you never tell me?!” Amy asks me for the millionth time this hour. I didn’t really know why I had never told her about my short relationship at art school with Gerard. Perhaps because it didn’t got the way I had hoped, or maybe because I wanted to keep the past in the past.
“Like, how long was it for? Are you still in touch or-“
“I shake my head, sighing. “We broke up after a few months, we had been friends for about a year and it was just so awkward. Plus, he wanted to be in a band so we drifted apart. I have his number, but he may have changed it by now.”
“Call and see!” Amy jumped up and down like a hyper five year old, honestly there were times I thought she was still a five year old.
“Fine fine.” I mutter, grabbing my cell phone out of my pocket. I hoped he hadn’t changed his number, it had been ages since we had talked and in all honesty I missed him. We had been great friends, but we just weren’t right for each other as a couple. I really, really hoped I could get in touch with him again, not because I was some obsessive fan girl stalker ex, I just wanted to let him know that I was happy for him and Frank.
I search my contacts and find his name, biting my red lips I pause, unsure as to whether or not I should really do this. It had been over two, maybe three years since we had talked, he had probably changed his number long ago. He probably didn’t even remember who I was.
“Aubree, just do it. From what you`ve said he`s a nice guy and I`m sure he`d love to hear from you.” Smiling my thanks at Amy, I select his name and wait, the annoying ring, ring sound bugging me more than usual…
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