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chapter nine

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"I missed you..."

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Hi, so sorry for the wait, I`ve been super busy and stuff. I put up a new story a few days ago called "I never told you what I do for a living." I`m not too sure about it and if you wanted to maybe you could check it out and let us know what you think? yesterday I updated the 2nd last chapter of danger days:Bob`s story and to let you know there WILL be a sequal after it. Hope you like this chapter, thanks for reading

Gerard`s pov.
“Hello, did none of you hear me?!” My annoying, loud, yet somehow still lovable younger brother half yells at us, after a minute or so of silence.
“There is someone at the fu-“Alicia glared at him, stopping him from swearing in front of Bandit. I did as well, but to be honest I found it rather funny, I mean, she was my daughter, s hived with us. The poor kid was bound to hear some things she probably shouldn’t. “Someone is at the stupid door, remember?”
“We have to get Bandit changed into her normal clothes and I have to cook dinner.” Mikey rolls his eyes at Alicia.
“Gee, will you get the door?” Frankie asks, using the puppy dog face he had perfected over the years of knowing me. Either that or I was just a walkover.
“Err, yeah. I’ll, erm, go get it.” I mumble, not sure why I was so recent to answer the damn door. It was Mikey and Alicia`s house anyway, so it would most likely be someone for them.
I exit the room we were in and walk quickly down the hallway that led to the front door. Catching a glance of myself in the mirror I froze. We hadn’t been planning on going out today, so I hadn’t bothered washing my hair, or putting anything but an old pair of jeans and top on. My hair was unbrushed and dull, faded red colour, as it hadn’t been dyed for a while, what with all the planning and preparations for the wedding, and fell forward untidily into my face. I had slight dark circles under my eyes, and hadn’t even bothered to shave either. To put it simply, I looked a right state.
“Hello? Anyone there?” a woman’s voice calls from the other side of the door. “Coming!” I try my best to quickly tidy up my hair, but fail. Giving up I sigh and walk away from the full length mirror. Taking a long, deep and hopefully calming breath I open the door.
Standing arms crossed on the porch in front of me was a woman who I would say looked to be in her late twenties, probably early thirties. She had blonde and black hair that cascaded down the middle of her mostly bare due to the style of her shirt, back. She wore a pair of extremely short, distressed jeans which were studded by the two small, unpractical pockets, a no sleeve shirt bearing the emblem of some band that I couldn’t quite recognise and a pair of designer flip flops that were a light pink in colour. Perched on the top of her head were a pair of black sunglasses (designer of course) that were so darkly tinted they were no use to anyone. Her long nails were painted a pale pink with bits of jewels added on them, and a silver heart necklace with a diamond on it rested just above her collarbone.
“You are?” she smiles, her perfectly painted lips curving upwards to form a rather fake looking grin.
“I`m Elizabeth, call me,” she pauses for a split second, lips pursed, considering. “Liza, Eliza, Lizzie. Anything but Elizabeth.” She shrugs, the action looking grown up on her, sophisticated whilst it normally looked lazy.
“Uh huh.” I nod, not a clue who this woman was, not knowing what to say.
“I don`t mean to be rude but-“
“You don`t know who the fuck I am, do you?” I shake my head, hair falling into my face as it always did.
“Awww. Sweetie.” I narrow my eyes, I didn’t know who this woman was, I had been speaking to her only a few minutes and I already didn’t like her all that much. Or at all really.
“Aww, sweetie, I`m Frank`s ex girlfriend from when we were at school. Well, I say at school, we broke up a few years after, when we both realised that it just wouldn’t work out, getting married and all that.” I can feel my jaw drop, but I can`t figure out how to put it back. It was like all my muscles had frozen over, stopped working.
She laughs a girly, rather irritating, flirty laugh. “Just as well we didn’t me suppose.” she laughs again. “What with him liking you.” She says the last word “you” in such a way, in such a horrid, irritating tone of voice that it made it clear that she thought as little of me as I did of her.
“Listen here, bitch-“
“I`m a bitch, funny, Frankie always treated me like a little princess, he simply adored me.”
“Why are you even here?” I was angry now, more than angry. I was fucking furious!
“I`m here to get my own back, I’m here to make him pay, to make you both suffer.” She smiles sweetly, but to me it is more of a sickening smile. “I am here to destroy you both.”
“Hey, Gee who was at the-“
“Frankie!” the woman-Elizabeth beams at him and he stops in his tracks, clearly stunned.
“Liza?” to my horror he didn’t sound angry, he sounded happy to see her. I look over at him and my worst fears are proven true, he was smiling widely at the bitch. Wait till I told him why she was here, what she wanted to do.
“Liza, you and it’s just been so long, i…how are you?” I feel hurt, really hurt. Frankie never had trouble speaking, unless it was to me, and yet here he was almost stuttering out words.
“I`m fine, I heard about the good news from a friend and I just had to find you again and,” Frankie doesn’t notice her slight pause, but I do. “And wish the two of you good luck and all that.” She smiles and kisses him on the check briefly. It feels as though someone has stabbed me through my heart when he doesn’t push her back or tell her off for doing so. He actually blushes slightly, the faint pink rising to his cheeks made me so angry that right now I could have killed the two of them.
“I`ll go tell Alicia to put some food on for you, Liza, why don’t you and Gerard.” Another blow to my fragile heart. “Gerard.” Nine times out of ten he called me Gee, even when we had only been friends, even in front of company. Not now. I wonder if he even noticed how this was hurting me.
“Sure.” Liza beams at him. It was fake, just like the rest of her. I mean, come on, no one had breasts that big or a waist that size at thirty. No one.
“Gerard.” She sneers my name, following me inside. “I meant what I said, I will destroy the two of you, frank doesn’t love you, or at least he won’t for much longer.”
“He will always love me!”
She laughs cruelly. “Right, why, what is so great about you?” I don’t answer and the bitch laughs again.
“And if you tell frank about this he won’t believe you, why would he? You have a history of lying, it would sound crazy or as though you were jealous of me being here.” I had to admit that she was right.
“Hey, Liza, Alicia says dinners ready, c`mon.” Frank speaks directly to her, ignoring me completely.

“I`m a vegan.” Liza says pushing her plate away from her, standing up from the table a look on her ace that would turn sour milk radioactive.
“Oh, I`M sorry, Alicia will get you something else.”
“Alicia will do what?”
“Its fine, seriously, I am not that hungry. It’s good to fast once a week you know.” She says this whilst looking directly at me, a disgusted look on her face as she watches me helping Bandit with cutting her food up.
Suddenly I feel my phone vibrate and it begins to play a song that I hadn’t heard for years, I had actually completely forgotten about it to be honest. It had never been a favourite of mine, but the person whose ringtone it was had always loved it.
“Hello?” I answer it and stand up, walking out of the dining room and into the hall, walking straight past Liza, ignoring her completely.
“Erm, hi, Gerard? It`s me, Aubree.” I smile; it had been so long since i had spoken to my old girlfriend, even longer since I had seen her in person. I had thought hat by now she must have forgotten about me.
“Yeah, you aright?” I still cared for the girl, we had gone to art college together and had been friends even after the break up.
“Yeah I just saw the news in a magazine and I just wanted to congratulate you two.” I grin, it was just so Aubree.
“Well thanks, you can err, come if you want, to the wedding.” I offer, not really expecting her to say yes, hoping she did. It would be nice to catch up after so long.
“Are you sure!? I`d love to, when is it?”
“Four days time.”
“Wow, thanks for giving me time to prepare and stuff.”
I laugh, it was just so good to hear her voice again, Aubree had always been able to cheer me up after a shit day.
“So erm, you wanna come round tomorrow or something to catch up and stuff.”
“I`d love to but I need to find something to wear and-“
“Alicia, Mikey`s wife will get you a dress.”
“No buts, Alicia will not let you into the wedding unless wearing something she deems perfect. Please just come round and let her, it would make life so much easier.” She laughs.
“Okay, say twelveish.”
“Sure, “
“Erm, Gee, can I bring a friend with me?”
“No, no friends allowed. Of course idiot.” I tell her, smiling to myself, even though she couldn’t se it.
“Bye, see ya tomorrow. Tell everyone I said hi.”
“I will. Wait, Aubree.”
“Thanks for calling…I …missed you.”
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