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chapter ten

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Liza is trying to tear Frank and Gerard apart, will she succeed?

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Hey, I`m actually quite happy that I managed to get this up so quickly and I hope that you guys like it. I`m not too fond of it, but I really like the part of the next chapter I have written so far. Liza`s a bitch, isn`t she? Anyway, if you like the chapter, please let me know, I hope you do

Aubree`s pov
I hung up the phone, my lovable, hyper best friend Amy was still making a fool of herself (nothing new there then) by jumping up and down, repeating the same words over and over again “What did he say, what did he say?!” But I barely noticed her, and the only words that I could hear were the ones echoing in my head, the ones Gerard had spoken to me before we had hung up. “Thanks for calling…I …missed you.” He had missed me, my ex best friend and ex boyfriend, the one and the only Gerard fucking Way, missed me! No, I was not one of those over obsessed, crazy stalker ex girlfriends that you hear about occasionally on the news, but it was still a rather nice thing to hear all the same. The guy was a fucking rock star for fucks sake. Not to mention he was a super nice guy, who had had his demons, but got through them, he was such a cool person to know, he knew all the greatest places to go when we were dating. And although I wasn’t really a superficial person, I had to admit, the guy sure was something to look at.
“Aubree, earth to Aubree!” Amy looks less than impressed with my silence, her eyes are narrowed and her arms are held crossed over her chest. She is smiling a little, but I can see that she is trying to hide it.
“so, what did Gerard say to you that`s made you zone out for like,” she makes a big show of glancing at the clock on her phone before putting away in her jacket pocket. “Five minutes?”
I shrug, well aware that I have turned slightly red. “He invited us to the wedding in four days time and we are to both go round tomorrow at twelve in the afternoon so that Alicia, Mikey`s wife can help us both pick out outfits.”
“Seriously!?” Amy screams, and hugs me tight, almost crushing my ribs.
I nod, unable to breathe or speak.
Pulling away she narrows her eyes again.
“He said something else, didn’t he?” I look away, her gaze to intense to look directly at.
“He erm, said that he was glad I called and that he had missed me.” I mumble, not meeting her eyes.
“Do you still like him?”
“What? No!” I answer maybe a little too quickly for it to sound like a genuine answer; Amy certainly doesn’t seem impressed, what with her hands not resting on her hips.
“Okay, “I admit in a small voice. “Maybe a little he was the first guy I was serious about, but it just wasn’t meant to be ya know? We were great friends, but we just weren’t good as a couple.”

Frank`s pov
“Oh c`mon Frankie, just one more drink.” Liza slurs out, glass of vintage champagne in her left, perfectly manicured hand.
I grin broadly at her but seeing the look of my best friend`s and fiancé`s face, I turn her down.
“Aw, c`mon don`t be such a killjoy!” I can’t tell whether she made the killjoy reference on purpose or not, but judging by the look on Gerard`s face he was not amused.
“Frank, I`m going to bed.” Gerard informs us all, Mikey and Alicia nod, wishing a good night’s rest. It was late that night, or early in the morning, whichever way you wanted to look at it. Bandit, Cherry and Lilly were asleep hours ago, and Ray and Christa who had joined us for dinner had left shortly after, odd considering they normally stayed longer than that. I was feeling pretty shattered too, but I had not seen my old girlfriend in years and it would be impolite to excuse myself.
“Yeah Gerard?” I shoot him a questioning look from where he was at the entrance of the living room.
“Nothing,” he smiles, but it looks too plastered on, so very un Gerard like. “I was just going to say goodnight and that…and that I love you.” His voice lowers as he says the last part.
“Yeah, night, love ya too.”
“Now have that drink Frankie, the old spoilsports gone now so he can`t stop you.” I reach out to take the sparkling, crystal glass off of her, but Mikey nudges my arm by accident and I spill it down myself and Liza. It was sure that it was an accident, I didn’t understand why Mikey would do such a thing on purpose, the glasses could have broken and then Alicia would not have been happy.
“Frank, kitchen, now.” Alicia orders me, standing up as well. “I`ll help you clean up.”
“What about me?” Liza asks, struggling to get to her feet.
“No offence Elizabeth-“
“I told you call me anything but that, Liza is fine.” Alicia`s eyes narrow.
“Like I was saying, no offence, but it is late, we all have a few extremely busy and tiring days ahead of us, and I feel it would be best if you return to your own home now.” Alicia smiles sweetly at a very shocked and angry Liza, before leading me (more like dragging) into the kitchen to dry me off.
When inside the kitchen, she closes the door to so that we couldn’t be heard.
“You idiot Frank!” She whispers in a voice full of anger whilst beginning dabbing rather forcefully at my champagne soaked shirt.
“did you see Gerard`s face?” I shake my head, confused.
“Idiot! How could you not notice the way he was looking at her, the way he was glaring at her should I say?”
“I didn’t notice anything.” I mumble, feely extremely guilty. In fact, since Liza had shown up at the front door this afternoon, I did not really remember spending much time or even acknowledging Gee`s presence all that much.
“Newsflash, none of us do, Frank! She is sitting there like the fucking queen of Sheba, drinking glass after glass of our really expensive wine, telling us how we really shouldn’t be doing this, or how she couldn’t possibly eat that, and pretty much just being a really irritating bitch!”
I knew from past experiences that Liza could be a little nagging and controlling, but deep down, where it mattered she had a good heart.
“Oh yeah, well it isn’t like you’ve made her feel welcome in any way or-“
“It isn’t about me, Frank, it is about Gerard!” Alicia all but screams in my ear. “Didn’t you see how down he looked all evening, watching the fucking love of his life drink glass after glass of alcohol with his ex girlfriend who just suddenly showed up-“
“Are you trying to tell me that he is jealous or something!?”
“Of what, that cow?!”
“Yeah well, if he is that`s just really fucking stupid, he is a grown man he should know by now that I lo-“
“Oh, so I’m stupid now, is that it?”
“G-Gerard?” he was standing there in the kitchen doorway, tears silently making their way down his beautiful, pale face. I felt so terrible, so guilty. I wanted to rush over and hug him but something; I don’t know what, possibly the look in his eyes, held me back.
“What’s all the fuss abo-oh.” Liza walks in, an innocent expression on her face, one of complete cluelessness.
“You…” Gerard glares at her, his hair falling forward covering his slightly puffy eyes, I hadn’t seen him this mad since that day at Bandit`s school.
“Out!” he screams at her, fists clenching, desperately wanting to punch her, just barely controlling himself.
“Frank," she turns to face me, “It`s late and dark, are you really gonna let him kick me out?”
I was torn. I loved Gerard, but I didn’t think that it would be the right thing to do, kicking Liza out on the streets at this time of night. Maybe it was the alcohol I had consumed, but I still had some feelings for her, not strong ones, but they were there, deeply buried. Seeing her today had resurfaced the long forgotten memories. It hadn’t ended well for either of us, she didn’t want me to join the band, she felt it was “A complete waste” and that “I needed a proper job” and I had ignored her. that was when she had dumped me, leaving my life entirely until today.
I shrug, coming back to the present. “It isn’t my house, it`s Mikey and Alicia`s.” Gerard looks at me for one, long moment, before storming out of the kitchen and upstairs to our shared room. I heard the door slam. Somehow I felt that I would be sleeping on the sofa tonight.
“Well?” Liza asks Mikey, hands on her hips.
He sighs, the good person in him wanting to let her stay so that she didn’t get hurt, but the other part of him, the part that severely disliked her, wanted to kick her out. “Fine, you can stay tonight, but tomorrow you are out of here, you hear me?”
Liza nods, smiling widely and heads back into the living room.
I sigh and grudgingly follow her, suddenly feeling very sick.
“Frank, talk to him.”
“Tomorrow, Mikey.” I sigh once more and follow Liza into the living room, a huge weight on my shoulders pressing down on me.
“Night Gee,” I whisper to myself, lying down on the sofa. (Eliza had been given the guest room, after pulling a huger ass fit about having to sleep on the sofa) “I really do love you. And…I`m sorry, so, so sorry.”

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