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the big day

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Valeries quinceanera

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The big day wa here and I was freaking out. I could not believe that
it was my time to shine. I woke up at seven to get a good breakfest.
The hair person was coming at 8:00 along with the make up artist.
My whole morning went by in a blink. I suddenly found myself at the
church where my mass was going to be. I walked in and put a smile on
my face. The mass went by fast and before I knew it I was standing
outside of the church being congradated. Gerard pulled me away from
the crowd and pulled me into a hug.
" Congrats babe. " He said.
" Thanks. " I gave a peck on the cheek.
" I thought I should give you my present personaly. " He took out a
red box.
" Gerard please tell me your not proposing. " He chuckled at my comment.
" No. " He handed me the red box. I opened it up and there before my
eyes was a neckales that said I love you. It had Gerard and my name on
the back. I squealed and hugged him.
" This is so cute! I love it thankyou so much. " I gave him a quick
kiss and then asked him if he could put it on. I then returned to my
car that drove me to my party.
I arrived at the hotel and found my room on the sixth floor. I fixed
my hair and make up and then prepared myself for my entry. Every one
should be in their seats and my event coordinator told me it was time
to go in.
My entry was great I walked and everyone turned towards me and
clapped. I had all the attention on me and it felt great.
The party went well the dance was great I only messed up once and it
felt so good to have finished since I was nervous as fuck. When it was
my turn to dance with Gerard he told me sweet things in Italian since
he is half Italian and spoke the lanuage fluently.
I was dancing with my friends when Gerard came to me.
" Hey what's up?" I asked over the loud music.
" I have to go. " I frowned.
" Why?" I asked.
" umm... I have an emergancy. " He said a bit nervous. I let it slide
and nodded. He walked away and I kept dancing. I really was bumed
that he had to go.
A few minutes later I saw Mikey. That's weird. Wouldn't he have to be
with Gerard? I walked over to him and Alicia.
" Hey Mikey aren't you suppose to be with Gerard he said that he had
an emergancy. " Mikey looked confused.
" What?" This only made me more curious.
" Yeah. That's why he left. " I replied. This was werid. I forgot
about it and went back to enjoying the party. The rest of te party
went great. It ended at two in the morning and I was super tired at
the end of the day. When I got home it took me a while to go to bed. I
thought about what had happened with Gee today. How weird.
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