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Hey guys I know that I said that Valerie and Gee were going out for a month, but I decided to change it to three months to help with the plot.
Weeks went by and Gerard and I started to each other less and less
everyday. He always had something to do. He really did explain why he
had left my party.
It was Monday and I was sitting at the lunch table next to Gerard. We
laughing about how mikey broke the toaster and how he's not allowed to
use the toaster anymore.
" I was like five!" He compiant buy that just made us laugh even
harder. When we were done with our laugh attack I turned towards Gee.
" So your birthday is coming up. What are we doing?" I asked. He
thought about it and then smiled.
" I don't know that depends on what do you want to do. "
" Its your birthday not mine. "
" Fine. We can ummm... Watcha a movie at my house and just cuddles if
you want. "
" Sounds good I'll come over around 9:00. " I said. He nodded.
• Gee's Bday •
I got ready to go over to Gerards house. I got on my motorcycle and
drove over to Gee's. When I got there I saw a car I didn't reconize.
Probably some family member. I knocked on the door and waited for
someone to open the door. I heard someone shuffle around and then the
door flew open. Gerard appeared only wearing his under wear. It took him a moment to realize that I was the one who knocked.
" Hey! Valerie what are you doing here?" He asked.
" We made plans to watch movies remember?" I asked trying to jog his memory.
" Oh yeah. Well the thing is that I don't feel good today." He responded kind of a bit off. He was lying I could tell.
" But it's your birthday babe!" I said realizing that he was hiding something from me.
" I know but I'm tired." He looked behind him as if to check on something. I took this as my opportunity to push past him and see what was going on. I made my way to the living room and then stopped dead in my track. Laying on the couch was the waitress that had attended us on our first date. She was wearing nothing but one of Gee's t-shirts.
" What the fuck is this?!" I yelled at him.
" Babe please I'm sorry."
" HOw long?" I asked.
" Babe-"
" How long?!" I asked again.
" A month and a half." He answered.I calculated in my head and put the pieces together.
" Tell me one thing. Was this your emergency?!" I asked. He stayed quite and that was all I needed.
" What happened with the ' your the only one for me' bullshit?!" I asked.
" Babe I just didn't want to pressure you into doing-" I cut him off.
" So what this was all to not hurt me?!" He looked down at his shoes. The slut woke up and looked shocked.
" What's going on Gee?" She asked getting up and getting closer to him.
" You wanna know what's going on? Fine! My ex boy friend cheated on me with you and now I'm finding out!" I told her as I removed the neckless that he had bought me.
" What are you doing" he asked me.
" What does it look like I'm doing?! I'm leaving you." I stated the obvious. I walked over to the door and turned back around one last time. " By the way. Happy fucking birthday. Hope you and your whore have a great one!" I slammed the door.
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