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Sick is just another term for Crazy

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What do you expect me to do? Kill her? Throw her out into the desert?

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Fun Ghoul held the girl close, wrapping her arms around his neck to make sure she didn't fall as he opened the door to the diner. It opened with a creak and he just let it slam as he walked through with Jet Star and Kobra Kid following close behind. He walked through a dusty hallway that was once a kitchen line and was now filled with dirt, grime, and cobwebs. The Killjoys did their best to keep the place clean but when you lived in a desert, and when water is as scarce as kindness, it could prove to be difficult at times. Fun Ghoul opened a second door that lead to a makeshift bedroom and set the girl on a pile of dirty blankets in the corner that had been turned into a bed. She made a whimper when her sliced up legs made contact with the material and she instantly recoiled into Fun Ghouls arms. He sighed and sat down next to her, cradling her in his lap like a mother would do to a child who had just woken up from a nightmare.

"They hurt" she buried her face into his neck and coughed a little at the sand on his collar.

He wrapped his arms gently around her back and rocked her back ad forth "Shhhh I know.....I know"

Kobra Kid and Jet Star stared at him in amazement and slight shock. They knew he was kind but they had never seen him act so...motherly. He glanced up at the Killjoys staring at him and gave them a 'I'll explain later' look. After several minutes went bye, the girls whimpers fell silent and her breathing became steady. Fun Ghoul shifted so he could look at her face to make sure she was asleep. When he was sure, he laid down slowly on his side and placed the girl in the covers. He gently sat back up, covering her up and tucking her in before he stood to face Jet Star and Kobra Kid.

"Kitchen" he whispered and walked past them as quietly as possible with them following very close behind.

When they got to the kitchen they sat down at the booth/dinner table and looked out the window. after a short silence, Kobra spoke

"Did you have to put her in Party's bed?"

Fun Ghoul answered with out even looking at him "Well, its not technically a bed"

Jet Star laughed "And he's back....What the hell was that back there?"

Fun Ghoul closed his eyes in sadness. "before all of this....I had a wife. Her name was Jamia. She was beautiful....god i loved her. We had two baby girls. They were twins."

He paused, taking his eyes off the window and looking at Jet Star with a sad smile

"When everything went down, they took them. I fought so hard to save them. They took Jamia first. Forced her to her knees execution style. The drug took over so fast.....she didn't even know my name. They told her I was a criminal....after 7 years of marriage, she believed them. I went to grab her, to hold her and try to bring her back to me and she shot me."

He raised his hand to grip his shoulder and he lowered his head. "When I woke up, She took my girls, and was gone."

Jet Star's heart sank at what Fun Ghoul had been through. He had never had kids. He had a girlfriend but when the war started, he was too busy fighting to remember her. She took off into Battery City and he never saw her again.

He looked at him with sad eyes "Im sorry.......What were their names?"

Fun Ghoul looked at him with slight confusion "hu?"

"The twins...what were their names?"

"oh...Lilly and Cherry. they were 2. I remember they used to love looking at my tattoos. the chainsaw was their favorite. I don't really know why. I think its the worst one I have. Or at least I used to. Now I love it. haha"

His laugh was very dry and non humorous. Kobra Kid placed his hand on Ghoul's shoulder

"You can't dewll on the have us now"

Ghoul nodded "Oh yeah...yall.....yay"

he smiled a joke smile and came back to his happy self.

"So what are we going to tell Party? Hey you can't go in your room, there is a 12 year old girl sleeping there....she gets dibbs on your bed"

Kobra laughed "there was a time when girls would kill to be in my brothers bed....I bet she dosent even know who he is....or was"

The all laughed and shook their heads at the thought of the girls reaction if she was a Gerard Way obsessed fan. Fun Ghoul stood up and waived his hands in the air

"Oh My God! Im like, In Gerard Way's bed! omg omg omg omg omg omg ahhhhhhhh"

he was jumping up and down flailing his hands in the air like a 14 year old girl

"He is like....soooo hot! omg omg omg!"

he slapped is hands over his cheeks in a fake teenie bopper squeel "ahhhhhhhhhh"

Kobra Kid was on the floor laughing and Jet Star was about to do the same. They had been too busy laughing to realize that Party Poison was back from the scout and was walking in the door.

"What are you freaks doing now?"

Kobra Kid looked up at his brother from on the floor and smiled "Oh hey! whats up!"

Party Poison couldn't help but smile at his brothers immaturity "ok...what are you hidding?"

the smiles on their face fell as they looked at each other in question.

Jet Star spoke "so...who wants to tell him?"

Party Poison looked from Jet Star to Fun Ghoul to Kobra Kid "Tell me what....."

he looked skeptically at the group when they got serious. Fun Ghoul stood up and put his hand on the back of his neck nervously

"um...When you were out, Kobra found that the security lines had been cut. We went to go check it out and found a 12 year old girl wrapped in the wires"

He paused to look at Party's reaction. When screaming didn't occur, he continued "so, we brought her inside and she is asleep in your bed...."

Party Poison sighed, trying not to yell. He placed his index and middle finger on the bridge of his nose before speaking.


Fun Ghoul stood straight "She was hurt, and scared....what were we going to do? leave her there? shoot her?"

Party Poison shoot a warning glace at Ghoul "How do you know she wasn't a plant?"

"She is just a child!"

"That never stopped BLI before! If they will kill them....why not use them as plants!?"

Fun Ghould whispered "She's not a plant"

"How do you know? 2 days ago a camp of Killjoys were invaded.......right after they took in a group of injured kids."

Party Poison was gripping his hands in fists trying not to shout "Ghoul....did you think about that before you brought her in here?"

He shifted and looked at Kobra Kid before Fun Ghoul could answer "Are the cameras back up yet?"

Kobra Kid shoot his head. "No. I don't have the propor wired to fix them...."

"Well get the proper wires. If Korse finds us, we are where is she?"

Kobra Kid sighed and looked at Party Posion "don't hurt her.....Plant or not, she is still just a child. Remember what we fight for P. If you hurt her, you are no better than them"

with that, he lead Party Poison into the bedroom to question the sleeping child.
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