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I remember when it used to be easy

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he held the gun close, ready to fire but a scream made him freeze.

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Kobra Kid led Party Poison down the dusty hall to where the young girl was sleeping. Kobra Kid stopped when he got to the door, turned to Party Poison and spoke

"Please P.....remember she is just a child."

He lowered his head and stepped aside, letting Party Poison enter the room. He grabbed the door nob, twisting it with a tight grip, forcing the door open until its contents were open for all the Killjoys to see. He took 3 steps forward towards the sleeping child but stopped when she twitched and whimpered. She twisted and her legs were exposed to Party Poison for the first time. The wounds had been cleaned but they weren't even close to being healed. They had a light pink around them and the skin was pulled back where the flesh had been slashed.

"My god..."

He stared at her legs before Kobra Kid touched his shoulder snapping him out of it.

"Do you still want to do this now? We can wait...."

He forced his voice back into its hard tone "No."

Kobra Kid sighed and stepped back to let his brother wake the injured girl. He crouched down and touched her shoulder "Hey, Get Up"


"Hush Kobra...."

Kobra Kid nodded and left the room in sadness. He couldn't watch this. Party Poison shook the girl and she shot up in fear until her eyes locked on Party Poison. Her breath became ragged and she searched for Fun Ghoul. When she found him she tried to crawl to him and away from the red haired man hovering over her in a animalistic manner.

"Ghoul! Help Me!"

Party Poison grabbed her, lifting her over his shoulder and into the front room so he could question her. Fun Ghoul grabbed her hand as she passed him and he whispered

"Im sorry.....It will be ok"

the girl sat in the booth with the Fabulous KillJoys looking at her with sorrow. Well, all but Party Poison that is. He walked closer to her and the questions began

"Who are you?"

She looked over at Fun Ghoul and he nodded in support.

"My name is Lilly.....why are you so mad at me?"

Party Poison shot her a warning look and she winced

"why are you here?"

Lilly shook her head "Im not here for a reason.....I don't remember what happened. I was in a car, and when the storm hit I tried to find shelter. This is where I ended up."

Party walked closer and leaned in to scare her "BLI...what do you know of them?"

The girl froze. She was scared to answer and she looked at Fun Ghoul once again in an attempt to beg for help.

"Answer Me!" Party Poison slammed his hands on the table and she screamed slightly.

"Please....don't hurt me. If I tell you...I can'"

Fun Ghoul stepped in-between Party Poison and Lilly with his arms on Party's chest.

"Stop....your scaring her"

Party Poison glared at Fun Ghoul with distain in his eyes "Back down Fun Ghoul"

He stood his ground "No. Not until you calm down."


"No Party. Im not moving until you calm down. She is just a girl"

Party Poison shifted his gaze from Fun Ghoul to Lilly "Is she?"

Lilly shivered under Party Poison's gaze and reached for the back of Fun Ghoul's jacket.

"There has to be a reason she is not talking about BLI and I will find out...."

Fun Ghoul looked at Party Poison and his voice begged "Then let me ask her. Children arn't like adults....they don't speak under fear....they just cower away. You won't get anywhere"

He then turned his back on Party Poison and knelt down to be eye level with Lilly.

"What are you so afraid of?"

She looked up at Party Poison with out saying a word. Fun Ghoul laughed "Besides him.....he's really harmless. Trust me. If he was a bad as he thinks he is......i wouldn't be breathing."

He smiled at Lilly and waited for her to answer his question. She looked back at Fun Ghoul and sighed "My mother.....she is high up. They will be looking for me. She hates me but she won't let me go. Korse says that Im worth something. I can be useful...."

There was a shift of movement and within seconds Party Posion had his gun drawn and his hand was around Lilly's neck. His gun was in her mouth and she was trying to scream. Fun Ghoul shouted and was grabbing at Party Poison, begging for him not to shoot her.

"Party! Please! Don't Shoot her! Please!!!!!"

"Why?!?!?!? Why should I let her live? You heard her! BLI will come looking for her!"

"Party Poison just listen to me!"

"Stage the death! We never saw her and she was never here!"

his finger twitched on the trigger ready to fire when Fun Ghoul said something that made him freeze

"She is my daughter! She is all I have....."

Fun Ghoul was on his knees in tears. His pleas faded into pure sobbing convulsions. Party Poison looked at him in shock. He let his gun slip and holstered in, letting go of Lilly's throat.

"She's what...."

"I thought they killed her....."

He had shot over to hold her tight when Party Poison had let go of her. He was holding her close to his chest with his face in her hair.

"Lilly....where is Cherry?"

Lilly stared at him in shock as well. "Momma said you died...."

He closed his eyes "To her....i did"

She grabbed at his shirt and cried. "What did they do with Cherry?"

She shook her head. "Momma took her to work but never came home with her.....that was 2 years ago."

Kobra Kid and Jet Star stood back in shock along with Party Poison. Kobra Kid walked over to Party, and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I'll explain later ok?"

Party Poison nodded never taking his eyes off the father and daughter in front of him. Jet Star spoke breaking the silence

"How bout we just all call it a day. We can talk about this tomorrow when everyone is back together"

The Killjoys silently agreed, disappearing into their rooms leaving Fun Ghoul and Lilly alone in the kitchen.
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