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Ch. 11

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Lilly just hoped that she would get out of this alive. Even more so, Fun Ghoul would still be breathing when she returned.

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The sun was setting and Lilly sat in the back of the runner watching the trees pass by. It was quiet in the car. She sat in the front seat with Party Poison driving. They had decided that the entire group was not needed so it was just Lilly and Party Poison. The sand was a dull gray because of the skies and they way the light hit it. Lilly used to think that the desert would be beautiful. She would dream about walking in the sand, laughing and enjoying the sun. Now she thought it was a dull barren wasteland. There was nothing beautiful about it. It consumed you, ate at you. The grains sliced your face, burned your skin if you stayed out to long. Nothing in life was that simple. How could she be so stupid? How could she ever thing that all she had to do was escape. How could she think that she could just run, never look back and nothing bad would happen. How could she be so wrong? Lilly was brought out of her thoughts when she felt a hand on her leg. She looked over to see Party staring at her "You don't have to do this....we could....we would find another way.." She closed her eyes "Like what Party? If there was another would have been taken by now." A small tear rolled down her face. She hated crying. She felt so weak. Party stopped the car and turned off the engine. He turned to her and cupped her face "Fun Ghoul....he is..." Party Poison struggled for the right words. "He was always doing stupid things...." Lilly looked up at Party with her big brown eyes "So that means that once he down....we don't try to pick him back up?" Party Poison closed his eyes "Thats not what Im saying....." "Then what are you saying? Please enlighten me!" Lilly half screamed, not trying to come out so harsh but it did anyway. She pulled her head out of Party's hand and looked away "I won't just let him die.....and you can't talk me out of it. You won't stop me even if i have to walk from here." Party Poison sighed sadly knowing his attempts to change her mind were futile. He started the car and once again began to head towards Zone 2. Lilly sat back and the rest of the ride was silent.
When they finally arrived at the outskirts of Zone 2, it was pitch black. Lilly sat there, with her eyes closed, unsure of what she was even doing. Party Poison spoke in a hushed voice "Lilly, you can still turn back.....please" Lilly half smiled. She found it ironic that not a week ago, he couldn't wait to get rid of her. He had his gun in her mouth ready to blow her brains out on the ceiling. Now he was begging her to stay, pleading because he was worried about her life. She found it funny how just a week with someone could change your entire perspective of life. She spoke slowly and quietly "You know....when I lived in BLI. I used to dream of escaping. I would take momma's computer when she was asleep and read all the files they had on you." She laughed dryly "I even had a crush on Kobra screwed up is that?" Party Poison smiled a sad smile, knowing this may be the last time he talked to her. He knew she thought the same thing and that broke his heart "nah...your not the first to crush on my brother." Lilly smiled remembering what Kobra had said about My Chemical Romance "yeah....i kinda figured that." She paused before continuing "Now that I've met you....that I've lived with you, I know why BLI hates you so much. They don't hate that you fight them. They hate that you aren't scared of anything. Everyday BLI has to wake up and worry about who has hacked their system, who has tried to take them down, who has tried whatever it is that Killjoys do......You guys, you live life to its fullest. You don't worry about what will happen tomorrow. You don't walk all uptight trying to save what order is left in this chaotic world we live in.....You love life even when it seems like its trying its damnedest to take you down. You never give up and BLI envies that." Party Poison sat back and thought about what she had just said. He had never thought about it like that. He always looked at it like they were the enemy for trying to break the order. Simple as that. He smiled and spoke "You know....when I first met your father back in....well...along time ago, he was being arrested at a bar for starting a fight. They said be was being to rowdy and that when they asked him to leave, he refused and took a swing. I met him later at a show and asked him about it. He told me that the bartender slipped something into this girls drink and he was standing up for her. I found out later that he was right." Party Poison paused at the memory then continued. "I asked him if he regretted it. If he hated they system for throwing him away because he spoke up. He told me something I'll never forget......He told me that the future was to bright to dwell on the past. Life moves faster." Lilly nodded. "I like it. I'll have to remember that.....Life runs fast...Run faster." She smiled and started to open the door. "This is goodbye Party Poison.....I'll see you in 2 weeks. I'll signal you when it is clear and I am mobil." Party Poison nodded "What is the signal?" "Dr. D will play a My Chemical Romance song on the air." Party Poison smiled at what she had chosen as the signal. He watched as she climbed out of the car and into the night. When she was out of sight, he started the car, revved the engine and headed back to the diner.


Lilly shivered as she walked, wrapping her arms around her body to protect her from the cold desert winds. She was walking slowly to give her enough time to think up a story as to how she escaped the Killjoys. Every one she came up with seemed to have flaws and she was running out of time. She could see the lights of Battery City as she drew closer to Zone 1. She had to think, she couldn't claim a fight because she had no injuries. She couldn't claim she had snuck out because every BLI member knew that the Killjoys had serious security. So what was her story? She paused, standing still to think. Her eyes scanned the area looking for any ideas. They widened when she saw a pile of rocks below a small cliff. Could she? She walked closer to the small cliff judging the distance, wondering if death would be a side effect. She didn't think so because it was only about 10ft high. "Alright..." She said to no one. Closing her eyes, she stood on the edge of the cliff and leaned forward letting herself fall. Naturally she screamed and winced when her body hid the jagged rocks. She felt her ribs crack and her leg shatter. She curled up in a ball trying to dull the pain. He legs were bleeding from the impact and her arms were gashed up. She felt her face was bleeding some too. The rocks had been sharper than she had thought. "Ahhhh." She cried as she pushed herself up off the ground and began limping towards the city. By the time she got to the gate she was in tears from the pain but hey, it made for a better story right? Just as she had thought, she was greeted by 4 Dracs ready to fire. She cried "Korse" before collapsing on the ground and blacking out.
When Lilly woke, she was in a white room with people moving back and forth talking, carrying things and pushing past each other. She looked around and saw her mother standing up, arms crossed talking to the doctor. When she looked over and saw that her daughter was awake, she rushed over and started the questions. "Lilly, what happened. Are you ok? Did they do this to you? Where are they now? How did you escape? You had me so worried." Lilly faced happiness to see her mother. She knew her mother was doing the same. Her mother was never concerned about her and the only reason she was now was because off the Killjoys. Lilly could give them up. She could ruin them. She knew where they lived and her mother knew that. Lilly smiled like she was happy about her mothers concern "Momma" She reached out to try to hug her but whimpered because of her arms "Shhh Lilly don't move. Your still hurt" He mother told her as she stood up to shut to door to the hospital room. "Lilly its important that you tell me where they those criminals held you. They could come back for you. They are creatures filled with revenge." Lilly inwardly screamed at the lies her mother was telling her. She couldn't even begin to express how wrong she was. "I....I don't know. I was never allowed outside. After the storm dragged me from you, I crawled to this old shed. I was so sliced up from some barbwire I had been pulled into that I passed out. I woke up in this room with dirty clothes. Oh momma is was so horrible!" She cried, letting the tears flow. She was a bad faker so she just thought about Fun Ghoul and that was enough to send her into a fit. Jamia sighed and walked over to her daughter knowing she would have to be gentle if she was to get the information she needed. "Shhh baby its ok. Tell what happened after did you get out?" Lilly leaned against her mother "They came in every hour to question me about BLI...I refused to tell them anything. Just like you taught me. They would hit me and scream that I was no good. That I was a waste. Then they would give me medical attention so I wouldn't die. They said a dead hostage is a useless one." She cried some more before continuing "Then they showed up and told me to get up. I couldn't even stand so they dragged me out to their car. They had blindfolded me so I couldn't see. I knew we were movine but i had no idea where. They stopped for something and I threw myself out of the car. When I pulled off my blindfold, We were as this shack thing. They chased me and shot after me. When I fell, they left me there. I guess they thought I was dead. When night came, I followed the stars back to city." Her mother's face fell when she had told her about the blindfold. She couldn't tell her where it was and her mother hated that. "Do you know where this shack was?" "Somewhere in Zone 5 I think..." Lilly lied knowing there was no shack in Zone 5. and the Killoys diner was in Zone 6. He mother smiled "Very good baby. We will find them....don't you worry. Now get some rest. They said I could take you home tomorrow." Her mother got up and left the room, leaving Lilly alone in her sadness. She had lied to her mother to protect the Killjoys. Evil or not, she was still her mother....and Ghoul still loved her. Lilly just hoped that she would get out of this alive. Even more so, Fun Ghoul would still be breathing when she returned.
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