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Ch. 12

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She would give the Killjoys away, and smile as they were slaughtered. She would pull the trigger ending her fathers life and feel nothing because of this drug. And she had no idea it was going to h...

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Lilly sat next to her mother in silence as she rode home. She had forgotten what it felt like to be driven around by a Drac. The inside of the car was clean and smelt of a dull bleach. It was nothing like ridding in the Trans Am. This ride was so uptight and quiet. She smiled as she remembered the first time she rode with the Killjoys.

Lilly laughed as Fun Ghoul glared at Kobra Kid. Kobra was on his lap and Jet Star was half under the both of them. The car was only meant for 2 people so trying to fit 3 was a task. They were squished in the back of the runner because Lilly refused to share a seat with anyone. Her reasoning was that they smelt bad. "Man! I wouldn't be giving Ghoul a lap dance had you not been so spoiled!" Kobra yelled at Lilly jokingly "Hey! Im not spoiled! I just have higher standards and believe in personal hygiene!" Lilly yelled back. The windows and top were down so yelling was the only way to communicate. Fun Ghoul shot a look at Lilly "Personal Hygiene? Out here thats a Joke!" Party Poison laughed from the drivers seat "Yeah Ghoul....Kinda like your shooting!" The whole car erupted in laughter. "Shut Up! I could take you any time anywhere!" Jet Star looked at Lilly and just rolled his eyes. Then Fun Ghoul grinned resting his arms around Kobra Kids waist. He leaned in like he was going to kiss him. Kobra's eyes got huge and he tried to scramble away but because of the lack of room didn't get very far. "I'll just settle for taking your brother in the back seat instead" Party Poison laughed "You can have him. He's never guna get laid any other way!" Kobra punched the front seat "Hey!" Lilly smiled as the wind whipped her hair around her face. "Ghoul, you couldn't bang Kobra in the back seat anyway! There's no room!" Jet Star looked at Fun Ghoul who was now jokingly attempting to lift up Kobra's shirt to no avail. "Oh god! Don't tell him he can't do something......that just makes him try harder." By this point Kobra was on the verge of slapping Ghoul because his hand was playing with his belt. " can stop now" Fun Ghoul laughed and sat back "You know you liked it..." Kobra Kid rolled his eyes "Trust me when I say your not my type"
End Flashback

Lilly was brought out of her thoughts by her mother talking to her "Lilly we're home" Lilly's eyes found their way over to a large white house. The BLI logo was on the front door with KEEP SMILING in bold text. Two Drac's stood at each side of the door and two more at the front gate. The car pulled up the the front and a Drac opened the door. Jamia climbed out first then took Lilly by the waist helping her out. Her left leg was in a cast and so was her right arm. She could walk but not very well. Her mother took hold of her left arm and helped her get inside. When she opened the door a wave of clean, drugged air smacked her in the face. It took all her might no to cringe. The living room was just as she remembered. It was all white with a black couch in the left corner. In front of the couch was a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall and a grey rug in the center of the room. Aside from a few pictures of the BLI smiley, the room was empty after that. Lilly was led up to her room where a Drac stood in front of the door. He stepped aside to let her in then stepping back once she closed the door. Her bed was white with a black frame and a small black dresser on the right back wall. She had a window that was closed, covered by black curtains. Her mother smiled "if you need anything, I'll be at work. Call me ok?" Lilly sat on her bed and looked at her mother "Yes mam" Her mother nodded a goodbye nod and left the room with Lilly laying on her bed looking at the ceiling. When she heard the door shut she sat up and looked around to find the cameras. There was one on her door, and another on her bed. That left half of the window in a blind spot because of the dresser. That would be her contact point. She could hack Dr. D's signal and broadcast from there. She hated blocking his signal because she knew what he meant to all of the Killjoys but she had no choice. She also knew she had one shot because BLI would think the first interference was just a storm, a second would set off alarms. She sighed, thinking about what she was going to do and how she was going to do it with her broken leg and arm. "This was not part of the plan" she said lifting her arm and looking at it. She sighed and dropped it back on the bed. "I might as well get some sleep." She said to herself and rolled over, closing her eyes. Soon she was passed out asleep unaware of what her mother was planing.

Jamia's heals clicked as she walked down the halls of the BLI Tower. She had a hard face on with no emotion at all. When she got to S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W's main broadcasting room she placed her hand on the finger scanner waiting for the door to open. When it did, she waisted no time walking over to Korse, who was standing back watching the TV screens. "Is she asleep yet?" She looked at the screen that was focused on her daughter. Korse spoke "It appears so....gas it" Jamia watched as the Drac's pushed a small red button and the room began to fill with a grey gas. She watched as her daughter began to toss and turn in her sleep. Her body was reacting to the drugs just like she expected. "My can't lie to us" Jamia knew from the beginning that Lilly was protecting the Killjoys. She saw it in her eyes. The human part of Jamia was screaming at her to stop, but the BLI part, the part that held reason and control, was telling her that this was necessary for her survival. She watched as her daughter was filled with a drug that would drain all emotion from her body. Everything that made her human would be removed, never to return. She would give the Killjoys away, and smile as they were slaughtered. She would pull the trigger ending her fathers life and feel nothing because of this drug. And she had no idea it was going to happen.
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