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Me, Myself and Theresa

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Mabey Neils mind goes farther than we know.

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Another romance from yours truly. But this time I kept it PG. Yea Me!!! For some reason some people failed to pay attention to my warning on fireside games and got a bit of a shock. Oh well. Please rate and review. Constructive Criticism is welcome. Any form of a review is appreciated.



Neil stood in front of the bathroom mirror examining every part of his upper body, glad to find every thing looked perfect. He saw a tall red head walk by through the mirror. His thoughts quickly switched from himself to the beautiful red head.

Everyone thought that Neil only thought of himself, man were they wrong. Theresa was in his thoughts as much as he was. He knew that Jay liked her, and knew that Jay was better at impressing her and showing his feeling towards her than he was. It was not his fault that until he met Theresa the only person he thought about was himself; so thinking about her was a strange new feeling for him.

In his old high school he could have had any girl that he wanted, but the only person he thought about was himself. The girls had begged him to go out with him, but he always said no. Ok there was one time that he had said yes. But he only said yes to complete a dare. The girl had even tried to play games with his tongue, but that had no effect on him.

Before coming to new Olympia high he never had true friends, sure he was always invited to the parties but only because all the girls were in love with his looks. But that all changed when he came to new Olympia high, he suddenly had friends that always had his back. Theresa was always the one to make Jay or Odie give him a part in the plan. It may not seam like he was, but he was incredibly grateful for this. He had never had friends like his fellow titans so he was unsure how to repay them.

His red haired friend's curvaceous body made his knees weak. The thought of he embrace made him tremble. If he thought her kiss he dropped what he was holding and had to sit down. He wanted to touch her skin so bad; to taste her lips would be heaven to him.

Neil knew that even with his amazing luck, Theresa was out of his league. And making any sort of move on her would wreak the group. So for now he was content to have her friendship, and watch her through the mirror. As well as dream about her.


Thanks for reading, please rate and review. Sorry that it is so short but I did not want to post another not for children fan fiction right away.
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