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Ch. 17

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Her eyes softened when she saw Kobra Kid curled up on Party Poison. She knew they were brothers and a smile forced its way to her face at the sight. She felt her stomach lift and she wasn't sure wh...

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Is he alive?" "Yes" "What are his chances of survival?" "He won't die. Korse needs him to much." "He is a killjoy" "He Fun Ghoul" Fun Ghoul heard the voices talking about him but he didn't have the strength to open his eyes. He started to think about what he could figure out about his situation. He knew he was in a room with other people. He knew he was on a table. He knew he couldn't move. He knew he was away from his team mates. He knew he was nervous. He knew this was bad. He forced his eyes to slit open but shut them immediately when they were blinded by a light. "Shhhh He is awake!" He tried to move his fingers but they would only twitch. He opened his eyes again, this time prepared for the light. He saw several Dracs surrounding him. He also saw Korse standing in the door way. "Ahhh Fun Ghoul, I see you are awake. Doing well I hope?" Fun Ghoul couldn't speak so he just growled. Korse laughed "Ill take that as a yes" He walked over to Fun Ghoul and placed his hand on his chest. Fun Ghoul followed his hand and realized he had no shirt.....and he had no wound. Korse answered the question Ghoul was thinking. "You see, we need you. If we kill you. We have no bait for your friends" Fun Ghoul growled and launched his head up trying to bite Korse's hand. "Now now Ghoul, please play nice." Korse leaned in to whisper in his ear. "I wouldn't want to hurt such a loving father now would I?" He stood back up and walked around the table "Your daughters. Lilly and Cherry correct? Although I do believe that now its just Lilly. Cherry got to close. She found out about you, you know?" He walked over to a table and picked up a photo. It was of two children about the same age playing in a pin together. One had an red X on her face. "She was asking about you. And we couldn't have that now could we?" Korse threw the photo at Fun Ghoul and watched as he thrashed trying to get free of his restraints. Tears fell from his eyes and for the first time, he screamed. "You always were a fighter. Even before all of this. Guitarist right?" Korse raised his hand "Of My Chemical Romance. The band that wanted to save the world." He placed his hand over another photo, throwing it at Fun Ghoul. This photo of of his band. They were on stage during the Revenge tour in 05. He remembered that was about the time they had recruited Bob. They wanted time off to practice but their manager Brian had told them to suck it up and that weather they wanted to or not, they were going to Japan. He remembered being so mad at first but later loving Brian for it. "Having memories?" Fun Ghoul glared at Korse in defiance. Korse walked over to Fun Ghoul once more "I wish you would just see things my way. You would climb to the top. Just like Jamia did. You have so much heart. You are determined, a hell of a shot and you have anger. If only we could make that heart bulletproof." Korse took his hand off Fun Ghoul and walked out of the door. He turned to the Dracs "Make him scream....but keep him conscious. He needs to learn to play nice with others" The he disappeared into the hallway. The Dracs then walked over to Fun Ghoul and placed small sticky things on his exposed skin. They had wires on him that led back to a machine with several buttons on it. Once all of the patches were in place, they pulled a switch sending sever shocks of electricity through him. His hips and chest shot up and he screamed, eyes wide with pain. The shocks stopped and he fell back on the table breathing hard. The shocks came back and he shot up, screaming again. This went on and on until he passed out several hours later.


Kobra Kid had cried himself to sleep and he woke up in the sand curled in a ball. He pushed himself up to look around praying that everything was a dream. His eyes shot over to the diner and saw a pile of ash was all that was left. He then looked over at Jet Star who was asleep on his back with bloody legs. Kobra Kid stood up checking his pulse. He sighed when he felt Jet shift in the sand from his touch. He was alive. Kobra then walked over to the Trans Am, and checked on Party Poison. He lifted him out of the back seat and laid him next to Jet Star. Kobra almost did the same for Lilly but stopped when he saw she had curled up in the back seat. She was holding her legs, her face buried in the seat. She was fast asleep and he didn't have the heart to wake her. He knew she had a crush on him from the beginning and he was ok with that. It was nice to know that someone other than his team loved him and right now, he needed that. He sighed and sat next to his brother. He begun to take of his jacket and shirt to clean the wound. When he pealed the shirt away from the gooey, half dried blood, he cringed at what he saw. The laser had gone all the way through and it was worse than what Fun Ghoul had. This was so close to his heart, Kobra was surprised that he made it through the night. Kobra did his best to clean and wrap the wound but he knew the chances of surviving a shot like this. When he was finished, he turned his attention to Jet Star. Jet's wound was better than he thought and knew he would heal in several days. The bone was never broken from what he could tell and the skin would scab over soon. His thick pants saved him from any major injuries. When he was done, he stood up and walked over to the lady sitting in the front seat. Part of him wanted to shoot her, but there was another part that told him not to. There was a reason Party had taken her and injured or not, Kobra had no right to interfere. Kobra Kid looked up at the sun assuming it was about noon. He set to work rummaging through the burnt diner trying to save or salvage what he could. He found several blankets that weren't totally scorched along with some food. There wasn't much left but he had to make do with what he could. Once he had overturned as much as he could take, he sat down next to Party Poison and sighed. "When they asked me what I thought I would be doing when I got older.....I never imagined this would be it." He looked down and did something he hadn't done since he was 12. He laid down, curled up next to his big brother and placed his head on his stomach like child would do to his mother when he had a bad dream. Kobra closed his eyes, placed Party Poison's arm on his side and fell asleep in his big brothers arms.


Korse stood behind the glass window and watched as the Dracs tortured Fun Ghoul. He heard him scream in pain and that gave him so much pleasure. Korse was vindictive and cruel, enjoying Ghoul's pain. He smiled as he saw Fun Ghoul jerk upwards trying to escape but frowned when he passed out. Korse sighed and walked away to watch the security cameras for any signs of the Killjoys. He knew it wouldn't take long for them to show up attempting to rescue their team mate. No sign of them yet. He sat back, closed his eyes and begun the wait.


Jamia woke up with the sun shining in her eyes. She realized she was no longer with BLI but in the desert and reached for her gun. It was gone. Her eyes got wide and she searched for a reason as to why she was where she was. Jamia climbed out of the car and tensed when she saw the Killjoys asleep in the sand. Her eyes softened when she saw Kobra Kid curled up on Party Poison. She knew they were brothers and a smile forced its way to her face at the sight. She felt her stomach lift and she wasn't sure what she was feeling. Was this her human side awaking from the long, drugged slumber? "Maybe...." She whispered to herself and looked up at the sky. There wasn't a cloud to be seen and the sun was at its highest point in the day. Her eyes moved back to the Killjoys and she knew that if she wanted to escape, now was the time to do it. Part of her told her to run like hell. It told her that they would kill her but the other side told her that if they wanted her dead, she would be dead by now. She did something she knew was her human side doing. She sat back down in the Trans Am and went back to sleep waiting for Kobra to wake back up and decide her fate. Before closing her eyes, she turned back to look at Lilly and frowned "Im so sorry...."
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