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Ch. 18

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He told himself he would never fall apart for BLI but right now, he couldn't stop. He whimpered and moaned thinking about his life before this. He was so happy, he had a loving wife and two beautif...

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Jet Star woke up to the sun setting. The sky was a mix of reds, oranges and pinks. He blinked a few times before sitting up and looking around. His eyes grew wide when he saw the diner and began to panic. He tossed his head left and right looking for Kobra Kid but relaxed when he saw that he was curled up on Party Poison. Jet Star sighed and stood up, falling slightly but catching himself. He looked down at his leg and found that it was wrapped up and cleaned. The sand shifted under his feet as he walked over to wake Kobra Kid up. When he got to his side, his eyes softened. Kobra's eyes were closed and he was breathing steady. His lips her in a tight line like he was having a dream. Every once and a while his hand would twitch and his body would tence. As much as Jet Star tried, he couldn't bring himself to wake the sleeping Kobra Kid. He knew that Kobra was worried about Party and that after everything that has happened in the last month, he could use the sleep. Jet Star stood back up and walked over to the runner suddenly remembering Jamia. His hand reached his side to rest on his gun and he walked over to find her sleeping as well. Her he could wake. "Get up" He opened the door and shoved her shoulder to wake her up. Her eyes shot open and she looked around confused before coming to realize where she was. She looked up at him in slight fear but never said a word. "What's your deal?" He asked, his hand now moving from his gun to his side. She tilted her head in confusion. "My what?" He sighed remembering BLI had ban slang. "What do you want? Why are you here and not running back to BLI?" She understood that question and looked at the dashboard before replying. "I want my daughter back." Jet Star looked at her with serious eyes "You'll never have her back. She's Fun Ghoul's not yours" She nodded "I know. She so much like her father." Her voice was sad and Jet Star noticed this. Jamia continued, looking up at Jet. "The drugs have worn off I think. I can feel again" He sighed and knew she was telling the truth by the tears falling from her eyes. He walked over to the over side of the runner and sat in the drivers seat. He put his hands on the wheel and looked at her. "Its nice isn't it? Being human I mean." Jamia nodded "I forgot what it felt like." "Now you know.......why we fight so hard. We can't loose the only thing worth fighting for. When BLI took over, most of us lost everything. We wake up every day not knowing if we will be alive to eat diner or if we will even have dinner. We live on the edge, and the only thing that keeps up going is our memories, the people and the good times we have in them." Jet Star tilted his head so he was looking Jamia in the eyes. "Ghoul is still fighting because he still holds that hope that one day, you will be you again. You are what he is fighting for and wether you realize it or not Jamia, Ghoul still loves you." Jamia shifted her gaze to the sky trying to stop the tears from falling. "Don't try to stop the tears, its what makes you human." She closed her eyes and cried. "Oh god what have I done" She rested her head on Jet Stars shoulder and let the tears fall. Jet Star tensed up but soon relaxed and tried to comfort her. "its ok...." "Oh god....After everything Ive done....He still won't quit." She laughed dryly through her tears "Thats so Frank. He never quits does he?" Jet Star shook his head " he doesn't"
After a while Jamia had cried herself to sleep and Jet Star just sat there, looking up at the now night sky thinking about what Kobra's reaction would be when he woke up. Around what Jet assumed would be midnight, he heard Kobra shift in the sand and looked over to see him sitting up, rubbing is eyes. "Hey" he whispered making Kobra look up in confusion as to who was talking to him "Oh, hey....Felling better?" Kobra asked in a whisper. Jet Star nodded "Yeah...thanks. How are you holding up?" he motioned to Party Poison still out cold on the sand. Kobra's eyes dropped "I don't know....I can't loose him. I just can't" Jet Star's heart sank for Kobra knowing there was nothing he could do. "Hey, It will be ok. He will pull through.....Its party we are talking about remember?" Kobra half smiled "yeah I know" "Hey, this is the same person that dressed up in a panda suit and tried to crowd surf. When they didn't catch him he didn't get mad, didn't get he says 'Who wouldn't catch a guy in a panda suit?' remember" Kobra Kid started laughing "Oh my god....How do you remember that?" Jet Star smiled and shook his head. "I have no idea....remember during the Helena shoot when Ghoul tried to climb in the coffin?" "Yes! and Gee was all like 'Don't knock it off!' You were trying to pull him out and and kept going back!" Jet Star laughed and was smiling "Yeah I thought he was trying to show his butt or something!" by this time Jet Star and Kobra Kid were laughing so had that they woke Jamia up. She sat up and rubbed her eyes "Whats so funny?" Jet Star stopped laughing and looked at Kobra. He was now on his feet and walking towards her. "Kobra....." Jet stood up out of the car and looked at Kobra. "Should we trust her Jet?" Jet looked back at Jamia and nodded "I think so. She has cried twice so the drug has worn off. I say give her a chance" Kobra sighed "I think that's Party's stance too...." He said and looked back at his brother. "Well...what now?" "I don't know...we need to figure out how we are going to get Ghoul back" when Jet Star said that he looked at Jamia "I think we just found out why Party kept her....." Kobra Kid nodded "Lets do this then"


It had been 4 days since Fun Ghoul had been taken by BLI and every day they tortured him. His body was beginning to go numb and his mind was slipping. He was going crazy. He laid in his bed tossing his head and moaning about Jamia and Lilly. His hands gripped the sheets and he would scream in the middle of the night like he was watching the die. The nightmares were even worse. He could see them die. He felt their touch as BLI ripped them from his grasp. He was on his knees begging and pleading but no matter what he did, it ended the same. He shot up covered in sweat, breathing hard before there was a bang on his door and a voice telling him to shut up and go back to sleep. This happened every night.
Fun Ghoul closed his eyes and laid on his bed. He wrapped his arms around and knees, pulling them to his chest, letting the tears fall. He told himself he would never fall apart for BLI but right now, he couldn't stop. He whimpered and moaned thinking about his life before this. He was so happy, he had a loving wife and two beautiful children. Now his wife was trying to kill him, his daughter was dead and the other was growing up in a desert being raised by outlaws. Lilly deserved so much better than what he had to offer. He loved her so much and hated to see her grow up in this place, but he hated even more to see her grow up with BLI. He wished for his band to be touring the world right now, he wished for his wife to be standing in the crowd singing to every word, he wished he could be sitting in his living room teaching his children how to play the guitar. He wished for things that he knew would never happen and that killed him. There was a voice at his door "Hey! Killjoy! I said shut up!" Fun Ghoul fell silent, ceasing his whimpers. He fell back asleep, praying he didn't have anymore nightmares.


The sun was just starting to rise and Jet Star and Kobra Kid were gathering what they could, preparing to go back into Battery City. They had talked and planed all night about how they were going to get in. They knew Korse would be expecting them but they also knew Fun Ghoul may not have much time left. They decided to use Jamia to their advantage since she knew they layout better than them. Jet Star stood up and placed his hands on his hips "I think we've got all we can carry." Kobra Kid nodded "Yeah, I think its safe to say that BLI won't expect us to stay here so Lilly and Party should be fine for now" Jamia walked over and mimicked Jet Star with her hands. "Im going" Kobra Kid shook his head "Duh. You have all the access codes and you know where they would keep Ghoul" "Frank" Jamia corrected. Kobra Kid looked at her "We don't call each other that anymore....Ghoul" Jamia began to argue "But a Ghoul is a dead person.....and Frank isn't dead" Kobra Kid sighed "Fine...whatever." He waived his hand in the air and walked over to Jet Star 'She driving me insane already...." Jet Star laughed "Awww poor Kobra Kid. Is a girl getting on his nerves?" Kobra glared at him before laughing "NO!" They both laughed and started to do an idiot check. "I think we've got everything. Are you ready to do this?" Kobra Kid asked now very serious. Jet Star nodded and walked over to the runner. He picked up the still sleeping Lilly and laid her next to Party Poison. "Be safe kid....." He kissed her forehead and jumped in the driver's seat. "Lets roll" Jamia and Kobra Kid climbed in the runner and they drove off in the final attempt to save Fun Ghoul.
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