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Chapter 31

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Muffin Balls

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To say that the apartment felt depressing would be the understatement of all possible time. Everyone was gathered in the living room for the second time in two days to wonder about Bob Bryar. We were torn between acting and staying put. The only person who seemed neutral was surprisingly, Alisha. In fact, she took it upon herself to exit the room not two minutes after we all began to discuss the events that had unfolded.

"Look, we know Beckett killed him. If Bob had comitted a regular suicide then Beckett wouldn't have gotten it broadcasted on the news, or even known about it." Pete argued through clenched teeth to an opposing Ray Toro.

"But we all also know that Beckett will do anything to hurt us. Supposing he did somehow find out about it before us, well then we know he'd exploit it. Speaking from an ex-villain point of view, I know that if I had something that big on my hands, I'd take advantage of the moment and hurt you guys all I could. Going hunting for Beckett is walking into a trap. He wants us to go after him." Ray to a step back from Pete and sat down on the sofa next to Lea. Pete's face became red with anger.

"Of course you'd know exactly how that goes. You've been there and done that if I do recall. All of you Romance boys must think my thoughts sound foolish, talking about avenging a friend. You all know exactly how murderers think. What with having been some not more than a little over a month ago." Pete's fangs elongated as he spoke and the anger he was feeling came out so strongly that I began to feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Gerard slipped a comforting hand around my waist and looked directly at Pete.

"We don't think that Pete. You only want to believe that. We know that it hurts and we know that you only want avenge Bob, but it's risky." Pete glared at Gerard. "Look, I'm not saying that Ray is right, so don't give me that look. All I'm saying is that would you like for us to lose two people tonight or just leave the count at one?"

"I'd like to bite your head off." Pete mumbled in a quieter and mostly deflated rage. Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Umm, couldn't we just like confront Beckett and clarify everything?" Kat suddenly offered. Everyone shot her looks that suggested she were a retard.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm just saying, Beckett knows more about the situation than we do and jumping to conclusions is obviously not helping." She glared back at us. An awkward silence filled the room and everyone was left speechless. We all were jumping to conclusions but that was the only thing we could do. Just as the silence might have been broken by words, Alisha re-entered the room.

"I'm going out," she muttered and then exited the apartment. All heads turned to the door that slammed as she left.

"She just-"
"Muffin balls..."

All at once everyone scrambled out the door, rapidly trying to catch up to Alisha. As everyone rushed out, Mikey and Joe got caught in the door briefly but a rushing Frank knocked both of them out of the way and out the door. When we reached the outside, Gerard didn't hesitate to reach down and swing my legs up bridal style before breaking human land speed records by foot.

"Do you think we'll find her in time?" I questioned Gerard. He looked down at me and gave a reassuring nod. We'd already lost one person, we weren't about to lose another.
As we raced around the town we occasionally saw our other friends upon the Chicago rooftops, but thus far nobody had found Alisha. The last place we wanted to check was coming up. The only place that we were worried about going to. Beckett's mansion.


Gerard's feet descended quietly on the soft grass outside the gates. I inhaled a sharp breath, I'd just left this place, I was already going back.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to. I know he did some...terrible things to you. I don't want you to put yourself at risk." Gerard whispered in my ear. I looked up at him and shook my head.

"No, Bob would want us to save Alisha. I'm not going to let myself lose both of my friends to that bastard." I whispered back, then I heard the sounds of other feet landing on the ground around us. Everyone else had made it.

"Okay so here's the plan we sneak in, if she's not there, we sneak out. No going crazy and trying to be some heroic avengers." Gerard said to everyone. I heard a few grunts of yes and a few slightly angry mumbles but another than that, nobody complained.

"Okay then, I, Frank, Pete, Lily, and Lea will go in. Everyone else will wait here as back up, if nobody comes out by 2am then get help. Don't come recklessly barging in after us." Gerard said to the group. Ray glared at Gerard.

"Why does Lea have to go while I stay here?" Ray questioned angrily. Gerard rolled his eyes.
"Because Lea is closer with Alisha than you. I'm not trying to seperate you from your lover Ray, the only reason I'm letting Lily go is because she knows the inside of the mansion better than all of us." I brought my eyes to Ray and shrugged, he scowled in response.
"Sorry, next time I'll be sure to tell Gerard to let you be the one to go walking right into the hands of the dangerous and very much insane vampire," I glared back. Ray sighed and let the argument drop. Gerard turned us back towards the gates.
"Okay, lets go get Alisha."


I gripped the window of what used to be my "room" and Gerard pulled me in by my arms. As he did I felt Frank give a sigh of relief.

"There is a God!" He whispered thankfully. I had been standing on his shoulders while he dug his nails into the side of the mansion wall and hung there.
"Oh shut up, Iero. I weigh less than you!" I whispered back angrily. Gerard grinned and then held out a hand to help Frank in, who repeated this action for Lea. Everyone surveyed the room.

"So you stayed in here." Frank commented with a tone I couldn't quite place. I nodded.
"Yepp, there's the wall that Beckett pinned me against and bit me." I pointed to the place that had not less than a few days ago been where Beckett nearly killed me. I noticed Gerard tense from beside me.

"You didn't tell me that he bit you." Gerard remarked with a bit of anger.
"Vampires bite, humans kick ass, and life goes on." I replied swiftly. To be honest, I had been a little worried about telling Gerard that Beckett had bit me. I figured he might get a little bit....ticked.

"No, if he had taken too much blood, you wouldn't be capable of going on. At least, not alive," Gerard argued back. Frank sniggered and I saw Lea roll her eyes at him.
"Yeah Lily, if you'd gotten turned into vampire by Beckett, you'd be forced to wear out of date clothes and be his personal barbie doll for the rest of eternity." I turned and smacked Frank on the head. He let out a quiet groan in protest.

"Well look at it this way, if Beckett had turned me, you'd be the first person I'd have gone crazy vampire on. So I guess we're both just lucky," I said with a final grin. Lea laughed at Frank's somewhat horrified expression and Gerard kept his face emotionless but I could see a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Then, probably to keep himself from laughing, Gerard grabbed my wrist and walked us all out into the hall.
"Does anybody have any idea where we are even going?" Lea whispered curiously. Gerard stopped walking.

" be completely truthful, I have no idea. Alisha could be anywhere in this whole place. Hell, she could be anywhere outside of this place. She may not even be in Chicago anymore. This just seemed like the most probable place she'd go to." Gerard responded somewhat shamefully. I sighed in frustration. We had no idea what we were doing. We could be searching this place for someone who may not even be here. This night has gone from one tragedy to another.

"Let's just try and find Beckett's room. I'm sure its the one with the most extravagant doors and the most overly decorated hallway." I suggested, hoping to give us some direction. Gerard nodded and we continued through the halls. We navigated away from the doors we'd recognized from our previous visit and soon we found ourselves in a brilliantly decorated hall that ended with two expertly crafted redwood doors. I smiled.
"I think we found it."

"What if she's not in there. It's possible that he's already got her captured or something and locked her in another room or dungeon." Frank suggested doubtfully.

"It's not impossible but lets try not to be that pessimistic this early in the battle. She could be right behind those doors in a confrontation with Beckett. We have to stay positive, if we don't, then we could lose somebody else toinght," Lea whispered back. Gerard led us down the hall to the doors. Part of me wanted to say that they were the most beautifully crafted things I'd ever seen, they even out did the staircase at Pete's mansion, but another part of me had to feel disgusted that they were the only things blocking us from the twisted killer that wanted to destroy this entire world for his own personal gain. Gerard placed his hand on an ivory handle and pulled. We stepped into what appeared to be more of a suite than a room. It was dark and there was no sign of any life.

"Am I the only one who's a little weirded out by the fact that we've managed to go about this entire mansion and even entered Beckett's own room, without seeing a single Dandy?" Frank questioned aloud.

"I was kinda just hoping that they all went out for beer pong," I commented sarcastically. Lea opened her mouth to say something but before she could speak a vicious growl erupted from the dark around us. Shit, this is wayyy too familiar.
"Kay Gerard, this one is all yours." I stepped away from him and watched as Gerard walked closer to the sound of the growling. Suddenly, I noticed a note on a baby grand piano that Gerard had just passed.

"Gerard!" I whisper shouted. He glanced back at me. I pointed to the note. He took a step back and picked it up.

"Thought I'd let you have a look at the newest members of the Dandies," Gerard read aloud. I made a confused face. Then, from behind us, the doors to Beckett's room slammed shut. The room became darker than before. The growling silenced. A tense quiet came over the entire room. All sounds were hushed. Then of course, hell broke lose.

The growling erupted into a furious roar and Frank, who had previously been standing next to me, went flying forward all the way into the baby grand piano as something lunged at him. Frank jumped easily over the piano and struggled to pull something off of Frank, who was screaming bloody murder as whatever it was scratched and bit at his skin. Lea moved a little in front of me, just in case, seeing as she would be stronger than I against that thing.
"Frank! Elbow it in the stomach and I'll pull back!" Gerard shouted above the thing's snarling. Frank did as he was instructed and Gerard went flying backwards with the creature's arms wrapped around his own. The thing struggled to free itself from Gerard and bit at his arms a couple of times but after a few painfully long minutes, Gerard had managed to wait out it's rage. It calmed down and resorted to quiet growls.

"Is it a dog?" I asked from across the room. Gerard glanced down at it in the dark. The figure looked distorted in the blackness.

"No, it actually has a hu-" He was cut off by Lea finding a lamp and turning it on. The thing hissed loudly in protest and tore itself from Gerard, retreating to a dark corner in the room. We all stared at it, even a bruised and bleeding Frank by the baby grand piano. Gerard walked to the corner in a few strides and approached the thing.
"Oh shit," he whispered quietly. Lea and I exchanged glances.
"What is it?" I questioned curiously.

"I think we misunderstood Beckett." Gerard said and I noticed his body tense with anger. I walked towards him.

"What do you mean Gee?" I questioned as I made my way over. Then as I approached, I looked down and saw what he meant. The creature I had believed to be attacking Frank, was no creature at all. We'd entered this room to find Alisha, instead here at our feet laid a traumatized and rather beaten Bob Bryar.


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