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Life, Love Loss Part two (The Ending)

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You see how Fatal wins, or does she?

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I woke up back in my room at the station. I groaned and turned around to get some more sleep. Karma was right next to me. She looked like she didn't know whether to be mad or relieved.
“What did you think you were doing!?!” She cried.
I looked at her confused. “Wha..”
“You! Running off like that, leaving my fore fiance to stand there even though he was trying to help you, kidnapping Ghoul, running off into the city by yourself, almost getting killed, coming back knocked out and in a bloody mess. I didn't think you would wake up for loss of blood.” She was yelling at me, but there were tears in her eyes. I tried to sit up, and there was a pain in both my arms and my legs. I winced but sat up anyway.
“Oh, Karma. You are amazing.”
Now it was her turn to look confused. “What?”
“You cared enough to be here, and look after me after everything I did. I'm not a good innocent anymore, and yet, you did this all for me.” I smiled feeling the tears come to my eyes.”
She waved the air with her hand. “What? Psh. That's what family does for each other. We all are family here, Fatal. We would all yell at each other like this as much as we could, if it was recognized as love every time.” she chuckled. “But Fatal, we all love you. In that you are a part of the family now, and we would all come to protect you, even though you insist on trying to be a martyr. Seriously, how idiotic is it to go into the city like that, almost committing suicide, and think that you would get out alive. Do you have any idea how worried I was when...”
I interrupted her. “What happened to me feeling the love?”
She laughed. “I'm sorry, but you can't ever do that again. EVER!!!”
“I promise! I promise!” I laughed, but I didn't know if I could forever keep it.
The door opened and Kobra walked in, with a steaming cup of coffee. He smiled at me awake.
“Hey, I had a lot of close calls, but I usually felt better after a nice cup of hot coffee. So, I thought this might be good for you, since you love coffee so much.”
I grinned. “Kobra, you are speaking my language.” I took the coffee and spluttered a bit, since it was so hot, but took a nice big drink, and put my thumbs up. Kobra and Karma laughed.
“Well, I better go check on Ghoul. He's been complaining for the past hour about how his arm hurts and I didn't see anything wrong with it, but I could check again.”
“The worst he got was winded.” I said, with a rueful smile.
She laughed. “I thought as much, but I better let the baby know he's going to be fine, Kobra, will you catch Fatal up here on what's been going on?” She gave him a meaningful look. It was a look I didn't understand. Kobra looked a little pale, but he nodded. When Karma left, he sat next to me, so we were both sitting against the wall. I sipped my coffee and waited for the news.
“I think you've been through a lot now to understand, I mean, I have been through worse, but...”
“Is there any point to this other then you have been trough this more then I have, show-off?” I asked teasingly.
He smiled at me, with an expression of gratefulness for the joke. “If you let me finish.”
I made a motion of locking my lips together and instead of throwing away the key, I put it in his hand. He looked at it for a second, then smiled a me. I smiled back
“So, anyway, You probably already got the all-famous 'family' lecture from Karma, so I'm not going to go over that again with you, but I want you to understand something.”
I looked at him, with curious eyes.
“I....have a lot of things that have kept me from being a part of the happy family, losing loved ones in the war, for example.” He looked down. I kept quiet. I had never seen him so lost for words before. “It wasn't until, well you came along, when I saw the light. Or so you could say.” He gave me a half-smile. I tried to smile back, but I was so confused about where this was going.
“You see, Fatal, you came, and you reminded me of my passed wife, and it hurt for a while, to see you, and want to be with her at the same time, but the thing was, the more and more I watched you, the more and more I realized I was wrong. You weren't as exactly like her as I thought. You have vulnerabilities that she never had, and also strengths that she could never muster. It was a bit roller-coaster ride with me, watching you, and realizing how amazing you really were, but missing my wife at the same time.” I felt tears coming to my eyes.
“I...I...” I started, but Kobra put a finger to my lips and pretended to hold up the imaginary key I had given him. I sat back, quiet and ready to listen again.
“The fact is, though, the more I watched you, the more I...I really thought...I thought you were a great girl, you know? And when you were captured, and taken away, well, let's just say it wasn't just A.J who ran to get ready to save you.”
I blushed, and tears came again.
“Fatal,” He turned toward me, with a lot of love and carefulness in his eyes. “I think the more I have gotten to know you, the more I think I...I have....fallen in love, with you.”
My eyes grew wide as I understood this statement, the whole time, the whole talk about people he loved, that meant me. He loved me. Even when I was with...A.J.....he loved me. It suddenly all made sense. I leaned in and grabbed the imaginary key from his fingers, and unlocked my lips.
“And I think I love you too.” I said with a smile. And with that, we kissed.
After a few days I was on my feet again, and though I insisted I was ready for Zone Running again, they wouldn't have it. Moxie and Riot volunteered to stay with me, but it was usually just me and Kobra who were left behind. Ever since we kissed, he wouldn't leave my side. The one time I got time to myself I asked Karma about it.
“He's just being protective. This is the first time he's ever felt love in a long while, he'll mellow down a bit after a while.” Everyone seemed to know that Kobra loved me before I did. They all did not looked surprised at all when Kobra and I were together. I guess the four guys really had no secrets, and I could understand how they wouldn't want to see anything happen to me after all. I mean, to hurt me was to hurt Kobra, and that wouldn't be good. After a week, I was back to Zone Running. Life went on.
One night, after Zone Running, Kobra, Ghoul, Moxie and I came back from a very slow day to the station. Riot and Jet were there, eating and chatting.
“Hey what's up?” Riot asked, smiling. Things had been great between us. We were like sisters. She didn't have a grudge at all. I guessed we were even.
“Oh, slow day, and you?” I asked.
“Same here.” She and Jet smiled at each other.
“So, where's Poison and Karma?” I asked.
Suddenly Riot and Jet looked worried. “You haven't seen them?” Riot asked.
“Nope. Just got here, remember?” I smiled, but it faded as I saw worried looks on both Riot's and Jet's faces.
“They said they would be back early, so we could have dinner together.” She answered solemnly.
“Well, maybe they're late.” I suggested. They looked doubtful, but we waited. When it got to midnight, we started worrying again. Especially Kobra.
“My brother would never be this late.” He muttered.
I rubbed his arm , trying to help him feel better. “What part of which zone were they supposed to be in?” I asked Riot.
“When we called they were in Zone 3.” I whistled.
“That's close....too close...” I answered, and looked up at Kobra. He had a hollow look on his face. I knew what he was thinking.
“If you go, I'm going with you.” I said. Looking at him firmly.
“I'm going alone.” He growled softly. “You can't come, you just got back from being tortured. You can't just go in.”
I scoffed. “I can and I will. I'm strong enough, and I'm better then you on your best day.”
“I agree with Kobra, Fatal.” Ghoul smiled.
“What?” I turned to him. “You honestly can't think that he should go alone.”
“Oh, no, no, no! I'm going whether he likes it or not.” Kobra growled under his breath. “But the fact is, you and Moxie should definitely.”
Now it was Moxie and me who yelled, “What?!?”
Ghoul looked seriously into Moxie's eyes. “You honestly can't think I would let the love of my life go into something dangerous.”
Moxie blushed but recovered quickly. “Well, you better, Killjoys don't leave other Killjoys behind”
Ghoul and Kobra groaned, and I knew we won. I grabbed Moxie and Riot before they could follow the boys.
“Let's end the main BLInd tower once and for all.”
They both smiled and nodded. We went over to the weapons and packed every explosive we could carry. As we went outside, I told the boys we would be taking my car. They all nodded and hopped into the trans-am. We drove back out to the city.
Once we got there, We all ran in, the girls and I in our explosive gear. The guys looked at us curiously.
“You guys have twenty minutes to find them and get out.” I warned them, and they nodded and left. Moxie, Riot and I set the explosives out and set them for twenty minutes. We ran out, and there were Karma, Poison, Ghoul, Jet, and Kobra waiting for us in the trans-am, grinning. Riot voulenteered to take my car back with Jet and Moxie and Ghoul. I sat next to Kobra and the trans-am screeched out of the city. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion, as the main BLInd tower exploded. Everyone in the car cheered. Poison looked at me, grinning.
“I guess you saved the world after all.”
“Not the world.” I smiled as I snuggled close to Kobra. “But close enough.”

[The End]
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