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Life, Love Loss Part one

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Trinity again. Will she be able to take the pressure that BLInd is putting on her?

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After the argument with Poison I was fuming. I couldn't believe I couldn't go! I was with the one man I thought I really loved, and yet, I couldn't help him out in his time of need? He wasn't as willing as I was. I just wanted to be there, so he knew that I got through it, and so could he. I left on my bike, to go admire the car we finished together. I got there and listened to the radio for news.
“Hello all you killjoys.” Doctor D greeted us on the radio, “Welcome to your news source of this big bright day. The radiation levels have lowered, but the sun has stayed as hot as ever. Two Killjoys were caught by Korse and his junkies over in Zone 3, and heading into Zone 4. Watch out, moterbabies, he's going rough and tough today.” I hopped up and gasped. We were in Zone 4! On the edge, though, so we had time to hide. I raced over to the hideout, and ran in, panting.
“What's up, Fatal?” Karma looked worried.
“Dracs....Korse....Run....HIDE!” I gasped out. But it was too late. I could see them coming up. I jumped on my bike. Karma was running over to the other bikes with Pixie, but I stopped them. They had to hide while I held them back.
“What are you doing?”
“Helping you out, duh!” Karma yelled.
“No you don't you have to hide. Do you know what Poison would do if he lost you?”
He face contorted in pain as she thought of it.
Then I remembered the code that every Killjoy had to follow. “Save yourself. I'll hold them back.” Karma glared at me, but obeyed. It was a secret code. If someone said it, the others HAD to obey. Karma had told me about it before. I jumped on the bike with my gun and started off after them. Luckily, they could not yet see the other two, so I started driving them off away to Zone 5. They followed me, and left the station alone. They were really fast, and halfway through Zone 5 they had caught me. I jumped off the bike and readied for battle. I knew I wouldn't last long, but I hoped to take Korse along with me. Korse jumped out of the car and twenty other dracs followed. I stood there ready. Korse shot his gun and mine flew out of my hand. I stood there, stunned by the quick movement. Korse walked up to me and grinned. He stood right in my face and pulled my hair behind my ear. Being so close, I knew he could see into my eyes.
“Why, hello, Trinity.” He grinned.
“Not my name.” I growled.
“Of course it is.” He smiled and held up his gun to my head. I gulped and tried to remember to die bravely. “And it will be until you die. Which in fact, won't be today. You are lucky today I was told to capture, not kill.”
“Why is that?” I asked, confused.
Korse grinned at my perplexed eyes. “Mr. Brandon's orders. Maybe he knew I would find you.” He roughly grabbed my arm and started shoving me toward the car. He wasn't gentle with a lady, like Mr. Brandon would be, and I knew exactly why. I got in the car, where two other Killjoy girls were. They both were a bit shorter then I was, but not by much. One had a cute blond bob and a pink and black outfit. One had rusty red hair and a neon green outfit. I was shoved next to them and Korse jumped into one of the other cars. The cars were just like a police's. You couldn't unlock them from the inside. We sat there, silent, and a little frightened. The one with the blond hair stared at me. The other one looked at me every now and then, but she mostly looked out the window like she was planning something. She kept biting her lip and glancing at the drac driver. After a long time of driving, we got to the city. The place I hated most and never wanted to go back to. We were shoved with guns behind our back into Mr. Brandon's tower. Mr. Brandon waited for us personally, and we all walked to the cells. Korse shoved us all in and Brandon walked in behind him. The two stood in the cell with us. It was barely light, and you couldn't see much in the cell, but what we could see wasn't impressive. It was just a plain, sealed metal room. We looked at Brandon and Korse.
“Well, Trinity, I never thought I would see you again.”
“Yes you did, liar.” I said, and spat in his face. He wiped it off, not even angered a little bit.
“You never cared for anyone, and you never cared if we came back, you bastard.” I heard the blond growl.
“Now, now, both of you, be nice. We're all family here.”
We all looked at the two men, perplexed. “Well, Trinity, Marilyn is my daughter, and you know you are my cousin's, well, ex-girlfriend, but that's close enough.”
Korse smiled evilly, “And Rosie here is my daughter, aren't you, my sweet?” He looked at the red head.
“Shut up.” She mumbled.
“Now, listen, girls. I would hate to kill such a talented trio, like yourselves. You all have a chance to come back. Right now. If you want to. You could be living the life again. You could even all work together. I know you girls like to gather in packs to work together.”
“Why would we work for you again, you slum?” I asked.
“Well, it's either that or die.”
“I would rather die then work for you. And you know that.”
“I am sorrowfully disappointed, but I guess that just leaves you two.” He turned to the other girls.
Marilyn laughed scornfully. “Well father, you'll just have to kill me too. What a day in age we live in!” She spat at Brandon's feet.
“I'm sorry to hear that, also, I had great things planned for you.” He finally turned to Rosie. “And you?”
Rosie stepped up, and punched Korse as hard as she could. “That explain it for you?” She asked, smiling scornfully at him.
“I see. Well, tomorrow, we will have an execution. It will be a sad day. I'm not looking forward to it. Goodbye, girls.”
“Bye.” We all chimed together. When he left we all laughed.
“Well, Riot, you did it again. Your mood-swings can sometimes give me whiplash, but it's fun when you break out of your shell.” Marilyn laughed.
“Well, we all can't be as sassy as you, Moxie.” Rosie laughed.
They both looked at me. I smiled, but I had no idea what to say to either of them. “So who are you?” Moxie asked.
“I'm Fatal, Fatal Fashionista.” I said, smiling a little.
“Welcome in, Fatal. We got your back.”
“Thanks.” I smiled. “So who are you, I mean, your real names.”
They both laughed. “I'm Riot Redemption, but you can call me Riot, and this is Moxie Missile, but just call her Moxie. She deserves it!” Riot laughed.
“Nice to meet you two, so how did you get out?” I asked, knowing it wasn't that hard, but wanting to hear their story.
“Well, we both were best friends, and that was mostly because when Riot's mother died, Korse got abusive. She would come over and hide at my house all the time. It wasn't pretty. I finally gave up on my dad when he just stopped coming home, working in his office all the time, and mom did too. There was no reason to stay, we left, and almost died in the effort. When we got out, we met a few other Killjoys. They gave a place to stay, and when we got to know them better, we joined them. It was awesome fun, dangerous, but amazing.” Moxie was smiling.
“Yeah, and we got use lots of fire.” Riot grinned.
Moxie rolled her eyes. “Oh you and fire!” She exclaimed. They both bent over laughing.
“ what about you?” Riot panted as she got her breath back.
“Oh I was fed up with it all, escaped, almost got blasted. Was picked up by some killjoys, joined them, got the most amazing car ever. My ex-boyfriend came after me and became my boyfriend again. It was all good times.” I laughed. “Nothing really as interesting as yours.”
“Well, when we get out of this, maybe we can band together.” Suggested Riot.
“Ugh, and watch a smoochfest? Really, Riot?” Moxie rolled her eyes.
“Moxie's had some bad luck with love in the past, don't worry about her.” Riot answered. “So what do you say?”
“I would love to, but do you think that we'll actually get out?” I asked, confused.
“Psh, yeah.” Moxie shrugged. “The whole us not fighting thing was just an act. We could have gotten out now, if we wanted, bu the thing is, we can get out easier tomorrow morining.”
“Oh, okay.” I smiled. We kept talking, and finally Moxie said she needed time to think of a plan, and Riot and I went into a dark corner to chat, we sat there for no more then five minutes when the door opened. There was A.J. Kobra.
“A.J.!!” I exclaimed and jumped up and kissed him. Riot was grinning and Moxie cleared her throat.
“Whoops, sorry Moxie.” I laughed. “Where are my manners? A.J., this is Moxie Missile and this is Riot Redemption.” He smiled and nodded at both.
“I'm sorry, but could we please get out of here?” Moxie said, looking anxious, “The dracs could come any time.” A.J. And I nodded and we all walked out. Kobra behind, suddenly, both Moxie and Riot gasped.
“Kobra Kid?” They both exclaimed.
“Yes.” Kobra smiled at them.
“You're one of the four Fabulous Killjoys!” Moxie exclaimed. She looked at me. “You never told us you Zone Ran with them!”
I shrugged, “It never came up.” I grinned at A.J. We ran upstairs, and we ran across the surprisingly empty office, where Ghoul, Poison, Karma, and Jet were waiting. We all started running out.
“Not so fast, traitor.” I turned around and so did Kobra and A.J.
“Brandon.” A.J. growled. Brandon had twenty or so dracs behind him. “Fatal, you and Kobra go. I'm sure you can take care of each other.” A.J. Said to us.
“What? No! I'm fighting with you.” I looked at him, defiant. He kissed me on the forehead.
Kobra was shaking his head. “Not like this, Leather, not like this.”
“There's no other way.” A.J. snapped at him. “You both go save yourself. I'll hold them back.”
Brandon laughed. “You? You don't stand a chance.”
Kobra and I walked out of the door, but we stayed to the side, so we could still see what was happening, without them seeing us. A.J. started shooting at the dracs, and shot fifteen down before Brandon came up. A.J. shot him in the stomach. Brandon looked down, his grin falling.
“You got me, cousin, but before I go, I want to tell you, you almost had the secret to immortality on your hands, and now, you'll never get it.”
“I never wanted it.” A.J. shot him in the heart, but as Brandon fell, a beam exploded from his gun. It hit A.J, right between the eyes. Kobra and I screamed, ran in and shot down all the rest of the dracs. I ran up to A.J. And held him in my arm.
“No, please, no! A.J. Stay with me! A.J.!!!” I cried, tears rolling down my face. But it was too late, A.J. Didn't breathe, he didn't move. He was gone. I watched as my tears splashed onto his face, but it was no use, he wasn't coming back. Kobra came and helped me pick of A.J.'s body as we ran out. Everyone was in the Trans-Am, and when they saw us, they all gasped. Kobra and I jumped in and and Kobra yelled,
“Go!” Poison sped off. After everything, I felt like I was going to faint, but we got to the burial site, and we buried A.J., or Leather Danger the honored killjoy way. With his mask and gun, he looked like he finally was at peace with his real self. On the way home, I fell asleep in Kobra's arms. I had no idea what the two were talking about when A.J. Was ordering us out, but I intended to find out.

When I woke up, I was in my bed again. Riot and Moxie were fast asleep. It looked like it was early in the morning. I remembered the whole night and I started to cry. That woke Moxie up, she rolled over to look at me, and instead of rolling her eyes, she got out of bed, and sat next to me. She rubbed my back while I was crying. When I finally ran out of tears, she looked at me with an understanding expression.
“Let's go have some coffee.” She whispered. We both walked out of the room and into the main area. Moxie started the coffee maker and sat down next to me. I had to wrap my arms around my stomach to help the pain from my heart not spread. I felt like a thousand daggers had stabbed me at once. I wanted to cry, but I had no tears left.
“Let me tell you what happened to me and my lover. We were together throughout the war, when we survived, my father wanted him to help build the city, but apparently my father didn't like what my boyfriend wanted, so when the time was right, he exterminated him. That cruel fate happened, and I thought I couldn't love again. Your lover was noble. He stayed and killed my father. I'm sorry I didn't appreciate him when I could. My father was an evil man, even before the war, and I wanted to thank you and A.J. When I saw what happened. So, thank you.” She gave me a small smile. I tried to smile back, but my stomach was filled with acid. I couldn't stand being around here anymore. I got up and started out the door.
“I'm leaving here.” I said, and jumped on a bike, getting ready for driving over to my car.
“Please don't go.” I looked back, shocked. It wasn't Moxie's voice. It was Kobra's.
“Why shouldn't I? I lost the love of my life. What do I have left for me here?”
“You know, I was where you were, years ago, and I learned something.” Kobra said, sitting down and patting the space on the bench next to him. I sighed and went up to sit next to him. After I was seated, he went on. “If you haven't heard about me and my wife, well, I can tell you, but something tells me you already know.” I blushed and nodded. “I thought as much. After that, I was always in a broody mood. Then I realized I had something more important to worry about, rather then be in a bad mood.”
I looked up at him, “And what would that be?”
“Oh,” He smiled and looked out into the desert. “People I love. My brother, and Jet Star, who is practically a brother, and of course Fun Ghoul.” I laughed.
“So, now do you see why you should stay?” He gave me a sad smile. “Please, don't take the people who care for you for granted. It's a sad, lonely life, brooding.”
I looked at him, seeing him anew. I knew what he had been through. He didn't seem so broody anymore. He looked at me, with what looked like longing. Well, if the one person who really understands wants me to stay, then I would stay.
“I'll stay.” I said, smiling. He leaned in and gave me a hug. My tears started coming again, but this time, I wasn't sure whether they were tears of happiness or sadness. I pulled away, hiding my face from Kobra, and got up. Coffee sure sounded good right now. I walked in and there was Jet Star, fixing himself a cup of coffee. He turned and saw me, and smiled. He offered his cup and I accepted, knowing I needed coffee right then. If there is one thing I know, things are always much better when you have coffee with you.
“Morning, Jet.” I said, after getting a few sips of coffee. He grinned at me.
“Morning, Fatal. When did you get up?”
“You think I have any idea?” I asked, laughing. Then Moxie walked back into the room.
“You guys don't even have one clock, do you?” She said disapprovingly.
“Nope.” Jet Star leaned back and put his feet on the table. Moxie walked up and shoved them off. He almost fell out of his chair. I started laughing. Jet looked at her with a shocked silence. She didn't see. She was making coffee. I was still laughing when Ghoul woke up mumbling,
“Offeeecaaacooooffffeeeeeefffeeeefffoooocoooofffeee.” That was what he usually said in the mornings, anyway. He didn't notice Jet yet, but got himself a cup, looked at Jet, sputtered a little bit, then laughed out loud. He came over to the table and sat himself down, looking at Jet as he stared at Moxie with awe and horror. I was still laughing.
“What has gotten into you two?” Asked Party Poison as he came out and looked at us, Moxie had left the room to wake up Riot. Ghoul shrugged, and put his feet up on the table. I couldn't stop laughing, or I would have told him, Poison sat down, and followed Ghoul's example. Then Moxie came in.
I heard Jet, who now was drinking his coffee, mutter, “Uh oh.” I tried to hold my laughter in, but Moxie saw us, shook her head and started walking over. Poison smiled at her, and waved.
“Good morning, Moxie, how did you sleep?” She didn't answer. She cam over and shoved both Poison's and Ghoul's feet off the table so quickly they fell out of their chairs and almost spilled coffee all over. I gave a small scream, and Ghoul looked at her with a shocked and raged expression, and got up, Moxie was already walking away, but he ran after her yelling.
“No. You can come into the house, you can take up room, you can drink our coffee, but you CANNOT take our feet-on-table rights!” He ran outside, following Moxie. Poison and Jet both laughed with me. We were all still laughing when Kobra finally came in, got a cup of coffee, and sat down.
“What's up with you guys?” He asked as he was about to put his feet up on the table. Then we all heard Moxie's voice.
“Kobra! Don't you even think about it!” We all started laughing as Kobra meekly put his feet back on the floor. We all started laughing. Then Riot came into the room.
“What's all the fuss about?” she asked, as she got a cup of coffee and sat down next to me. She looked at the boys, all looking at her with a worried expression, like she was going to tell them to clean up, or comb their hair, or something. She laughed.
“So, you know now one of Moxie's pet peeves.” She laughed. The all nodded slowly.
“Yeah,” She sighed. “I never got it. I used to out my feet up on the table all the time, until Moxie started shoving them off. I almost got brain damage from hitting the floor so many times.”
“We can't allow this, Poison, can we?” Kobra asked his brother imploringly.
“Well, you know what happens when the girls wrestle with the boys...” Poison answered.
Jet Star and Kobra Kid both grinned and nodded. Riot and I both looked at them, confused.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
Poison smiled, “You'll see.” He said, and they all put their feet back on the table. Moxie walked in, gave an exasperated sigh, and walked up.
“I thought I made it very clear, no feet on the table.” She started to say, but as she tried to shove Poison's feet, he jumped up, put his coffee down, and grabbed one of her legs. Jet did the same, and they both lifted Moxie up so she was hanging upside-down. Kobra, grinning, got on his knees and looked at Moxie.
“Now, you see our way is different then your way, and as long as you are staying with us, our way over-rules. Savvy?”
Moxie just glared. “Oh we've got a stubborn one, here, bro.” Kobra told Poison. Poison and Jet grinned and they lifted Moxie up, so she was in a sitting position in mid-air, only a couple feet off the ground, then with one big heave, they all threw her up in the air. She screamed, and as she was falling, the boys all backed off. I thought she was gonna hit the floor, when Ghoul jumped up and caught her. Riot and Moxie were now the ones staring in shocked horror, and Karma, who had walked in and had seen everything, the boys and I all were laughing. After everyone stopped laughing, Ghoul said to Moxie, putting her down. “I told you so.” Moxie looked at him, sniffed, and ran out of the station. Riot got up and ran after her, glaring at all of us. I looked at her, in shock. Then I turned to everyone else.
“I think you really upset her guys!” I started going after her. The guys, not laughing anymore, ran out with me. Moxie was on the bench, crying, with Riot rubbing her shoulder.
“What do you guys want now?” Riot snapped at us.
“I...we...” Fun Ghoul just stared at them. “We....we were just kidding around. We didn't want to make you cry.” He looked over, concerned, at Poison. Poison nodded. “Hey, I know somethin that will make you feel better.” Ghoul smiled and walked up to Moxie taking her hand. At first she pulled away, but when he tried again, he didn't refuse. They both walked behind the station together. Riot looked at us, looking like she was deciding whether to be very mad, or to start laughing. I smiled and sat next to her.
“Don't worry. The boys can be real jerks in the morning, but they didn't mean any harm.” The rest of them nodded, and Riot smiled.

The rest of the day was just in and out getting house work done. We made lunch and washed the car as best we could. The whole time we were washing the car I wanted to go and finally show off my car, but I had to wait. I also kept noticing Kobra. The way his blond hair whipped in the wind. The chicken pox scar he had below his chin. The way he always wore a half-smile. The way his eyebrow cocked whenever Poison was talking. Why was I noticing these things? I never did before. I guess it was just because I was noticing his opening up to me. I guess he was really right when he told me he stopped taking things for granted. When night finally came, we all were seated, eating dinner. I finished quickly, and told everyone to wait here. They all looked suspicious, but they agreed. I ran out, and drove the bike to the garage, there I jumped into the car, and started speeding it over to the station. When I got there, I heard clapping and cheering. I stopped, and got out, grinning. I finally got my dream car out into the open. I could tell it was just as glad as I was, because it ran better then it ever had.
Everyone crowded in for a better look.
“Nice gloss. I didn't know we had any at all.” Kobra said, stroking the hood.
“Wow, It's you all they way, Fatal.” Poison smiled, looking at the designs.
“It's amazing what you find in the desert!” Fun Ghoul laughed as he was looking at the interior.
“Wait, you mean you painted that?” Moxie asked incredulous.
“LUCKY!!!!” Riot was shouting.
Jet Star didn't say much, but he admired it. You could tell. We all finally came inside and had desert. It was like a celebration. I wondered if we had noting else to celebrate except for my new car. It wasn't that much, but I was glad. Finally, after whispered coaxing from Fun Ghoul, Moxie came up to Poison. He grinned at her.
“So, no hard feelings, then?” He said, in a hopeful way.
“No, no, of course not.” Moxie smiled sweetly and started to walk away, but quickly turned, shoved Poison onto the floor, kicked his legs up, so he flipped over and landed on his back. He had the breath knocked out of him for a while, but finally, he laughed.
“Fine, I get it. Feet off table. You got it. I can only promise me, though.”
Moxie turned to Jet. He nodded vigorously, and I knew there was no way he would ever say no. She turned to Ghoul and Kobra. They both shook their heads. She walked up to them, and they ran out of the station, laughing, and Moxie chasing after them. Karma and Poison sat together on the couch, laughing and cuddling together. Pixie went to bed, and Riot went out to look at the stars. I thought I would get some guitar back in again, so I went out. Luckily, there wasn't an audience that I could see, so I started playing and singing:
And now this could be the last of all the rides we take
So hold on tight and don't look back
We don't care about the message or the rules they make
We'll find you when the sun goes black

And you want to live forever in the lights you make
When we were young we used to say
That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break
Now we are the kids from yesterday

All the cameras watch the accidents and stars you hate
They only care if you can bleed
Does the television make you feel the pills you ate?
Or every person that you need to be

Cause you wanna live forever in the lights you make
When we were young we used to say
That you only hear the music when your heart begins to break
Now we are the kids from yesterday
Suddenly, Riot walked up on me, and smiled. I jumped, and placed my hand on my heart, out of breath.
“Riot,” I gasped. “You scared me.”
She giggled, and the sat next to me. “I really love that song.” She smiled. “I used to listen to it all the time before the war. You know, I just loved that band so much. I know that people used to call it an emo band, but me and my friends knew better. You know, the killjoys look a lot like the band members.”
I laughed, “Yeah, I guess they do.”
Suddenly, a black van drove up, and out jumped a large man, with long black hair, blue eyes, and a strong build, behind him followed Korse. My blood boiled at the sight of him. They both started walking toward us. Riot gave a small yelp.
“J...Jack?” She stammered.
The black haired man smiled. “Hey Rosie, I haven't seen you in forever.”
“But...but they killed you. I saw it. They shot you and you died.”
“I didn't die, look.” He was close enough so he could take her hand and place it on his chest, right where his heart was. He smiled at her. “I'm just alive as you are.”
Riot broke down crying, and Jack held her up, stroking her hair and rubbing her back until she stopped crying. I walked up to both of them.
“What are you doing here?” I demanded.
Riot nodded, “I was just about to ask that.”
“Well, you see, I was stranded, and these wonderful people saved me.” He waved his hands toward Korse and fifty other dracs who had gathered around us. I stiffened. Whatever they wanted us to do, we couldn't say no, or we would be killed. Riot stepped back from her brother.
“'re with them?” She said quietly.
“Yes.” He nodded and smiled reassuringly. “I promise you, it's better now. I've finally been able to find you, and to take you back home, where you belong.”
“I don't belong there.” She scoffed. “I belong here, with my friends.”
Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my neck, and before I could cry out, it went away. I looked at Korse, my Master. I wanted to serve him, and help get Rosie out of here.
“You don't belong here.” I scoffed at her. She looked up at me shocked.
“I...Fatal...what?” I glared at her, knowing what I had to tell her to get her back into the city.
“You think that anyone here is your friend? Ha, what a laugh. To think that you actually belonged here. Poison was just asking me how we could get rid of you this morning.”
“Fatal...That can't...” Tears started falling down from her sickening puppy-dog eyes.
“Shut up. Do you really think any of us want you here? You never helped at all. You don't mean a thing to us. Ha, even Moxie thinks you are annoying. She was complaining about you this morning.”
She staggered from the pain of my words. She really thought it was true. Poor, faithless girl.
“Get out of here, Riot, before you can cause any more trouble around here.”
“Fatal...please.” But I turned my back on her.
“Just go.” I looked back to see Riot crying in her brother's arms, getting in the car with Master following them. He turned to me, though, and smiled. I felt proud to had helped him. Then the pain came in my neck again as they went away. I fell on my knees in agony. What had I done? I didn't mean any of the things I said. I had just been controlled by Korse. That's what happened. I wasn't safe anymore. It must have happened when I was captured. I had to leave. To keep the rest of the guys safe. I had to leave them, to save them. I laughed at the irony. I walked up, and went into my room, I gathered all my things, and was just about to leave unnoticed when I heard a voice behind me.
“Where do you think you're going?” It was Poison. I tried to control the shock and fear in my face and voice as I turned to face him.
“I'm leaving.”
“Why would you do that.”
“I'm not safe anymore.” I said, trying not to cry, but trying to keep a cool head.
“What do you mean?” He asked, concerned. He didn't know he was making this all too hard.
“I...I just sent Riot off with Korse and...I didn't do it of my own free will. I can't risk hurting you, or anyone else. I have to go, before they try to control me again.” I felt tears coming again, but there was nothing I could do. I just stood there like an idiot and cried. He walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder.
“You don't have to go.” He said, trying to calm me. “You can stay here, and if you go crazy, then there are enough of us to restrain you.” I knew that he was trying to reassure me, but it was having the opposite effect. What if I hurt them? I knew I could be way more sneaky then they could imagine. I thought of the weapon closet and shuddered. I knew where I could get the weapons to kill everyone off. And I also knew I was the reason Riot was in trouble. I had to go save her, even if that meant my life was in mortal danger. I shook my head.
“You don't know what I am capable of, and I know too much. I could hurt you all, and I can't have that happen.” Tears sprung into my eyes again, but I held them back as best I could. Poison looked at me, and shook his head.
“We can keep an eye on you. We know what we're doing, you know.” I laughed a little shaky.
“You have seen this happen before?”
“No, but we can try our best. Killjoys don't leave other Killjoys behind.” He smiled. A little mockingly at the phrase.
“I...I can't. I want to. I want to stay, but you have no idea what happened. I just sent Riot off. I told her things to make her go. All lies, and it killed me inside, after I had said them. But there was no taking it back. I can't take back any of it. You know what I mean? I just can't take anything back. Now that BLInd can use me, I can't be here.” I was getting into the car as I said this, and Poison didn't stop me. He was looking at me, shocked. His usually bueish hazel eyes now looking brown in the light. He was shocked at me, and what did, and I used that moment to shut my car door, start the car, and drive off. I saw him staring at me as I left. I stared back at the desert road with tears in my eyes. I had to get lost. Literally. So I couldn't find the hideout again, and they would be safe, even if I was taken over away from the hideout, I couldn't drive over again and hurt them, because I wouldn't know how to get there. I kept driving, and it got light again. The sun shone on the desert. I want to look at it again, with the delight of it's beauty that I usually had when I was riding. It was all gone now, gone with the fear of getting away. After a few hours of riding, I finally got to a shelter, somewhere in Zone 2. I was close to the city. If I rested now, I could hopefully go into the city and save Riot and leave me behind to hopefully get rid of whatever was in me and controlling my actions and thoughts. I fell asleep, tired and worn out from all that had happened that day.
I woke up with someone shaking me.
“Fatal, Fatal. Where are we? What are we doing here?” It was Ghoul. I woke to see him looking into my eyes with concern and a little anger.
“Uh...Ghoul? What are you doing here?” I asked, getting up and dusting myself off.
Ghoul looked at the floor a little shameful, “I..uh..fell asleep in your car.”
“What?” I yelled, confused.
“Well, it's kind of a tradition, and the guys could tell you about it, if they were here. I usually fall asleep somehow in each of our cars, whether it's cold or hot outside. I don't know, I just hope in to see if it's comfortable, and I fall asleep.”
“Any other quirks you would like to confess?” I said, astonished.
“Uh...” He deliberated. “None that I need to tell right now, no.” He grinned. “Now, where are we?”
“Somewhere in Zone 2.” I answered.
“Okay, and why are we here?” He asked again.
“Well, I'm here because It's not safe for me to be around any of the Killjoys anymore, and you're here because you sneaked into my car.” I said, knowing the acid was seeping into my words more and more.
“Whoa, wait. Why are you not safe?” He looked at me, shocked.
I sighed and told him what happened, with every detail, and quoted every word, so he could understand the urgency that he shouldn't be here. I could snap any minute. After I was done he whistled.
“Whoa. Well you are in quite a situation. What are you planning on doing about it?”
“Well, I don't know if I should say....” I said, hesitant to tell him, since he might want to come along, being the most reckless of the Fabulous Killjoys.
“Why not?” He gave me puppy-dog eyes.
“Because, Ghoul, It's YOU.”
He nodded, “Fair enough.” He looked down and pulled a transmitter out of his pocket. “I'll just call Poison and all the other Killjoys and we'll have to take you back as a hostage till you tell us everything, and you'll have to face everyone with what you did.” He looked at me with evil eyes.
“You wouldn't.” I said, backing up.
“Wanna bet?” He grinned and started to twist the transmitter dial.
“Fine, I'll tell you!” I yelled, and he stopped abruptly. “I'm going to go into the city, get Riot out of there, send her home in my car, and see what BLInd wants with me. Okay?”
He tisked. “No, you can't do that all alone, and besides, what would stop them from killing you?”
“Nothing.” I glared at him. He smiled.
“Sounds like a plan I can get into.”
“No, Ghoul.” I shook my head, “You can't come.”
“Then I'll call the others.” He said, holding up the transmitter. I thought about it. He could be of help, and then he could watch over Riot as she got out, and she could leave with someone she could trust.
“Fine, you can come, on one condition.” I said, warning him with my eyes.
“What's that?” He smiled.
“You leave with Riot.” He frowned.
“We're not leaving without you.”
I laughed bitterly. “Don't speak too soon. I'm sure Riot will want to abandon me as soon as she can.”
“You can't be sure of that.” Ghoul shook his head. I knew what he was thinking, but part of me wanted to be left behind, so I could face what I had done alone.
“Promise me, Ghoul.” I glared at him.
“Can't, and won't.” He looked up at me with a grin. I groaned.
“Fine, but if Riot want's to leave, you're leaving with her.” I said.
“You don't know that.”
“I know how I can make it happen.”
Ghoul raised his eyebrows in disbelief.
“Let's go.” I said, and got into the car. Ghoul followed, and we set off for the city, once again.
It was about an hour's drive to get to the city. Half of the time, Ghoul was giddy with excitement. The other half of the time he looked out of the window, caught up on some kind of concentration. When we got there, we both got out of the car. I got out, strapped on my mask, got out my gun and looked at Ghoul. He looked at me the exact same time.
“Alright. I know where Korse lives. There we should be able to find Riot. Korse shouldn't be there, so you and Riot will escape easily.” He shook his head.
“Not leaving without you.” I rolled my eyes.
“No time to argue about this again. If you want to get out alive, you have to leave right away.”
“Fine, I'll follow you.” And we headed out into the city. It was almost mid-day, but there were not many guards, and we got past them without being noticed. We walked in, around shaded corners and behind dark shadows until we reached the house. I saw the main window, and there was Riot sitting in it. He face was streaked with tears, and she was in the drab, dull BLInd clothes. Something I thought I would never see her in. She saw us walking up, and at first she glared at me, but then she saw Ghoul, and she felt better. She came down and opened her door.
“What do you want.”
“To bring you back home.” Ghoul answered. She smiled at him, but glared back at me.
“What's she doing here?”
“I came to apologize and say it wasn't my fault. I didn't say it of my own will. I was controlled, by Korse.”
“How am I supposed to believe you?” She asked.
I felt the tears coming but tried to hold them back. “I don't believe I usually refer to Korse as 'Master' in my head.”
“Really?” She looked at me dubiously.
“Yes, and Moxie loves you, and everyone likes you. I was lying, but I couldn't think for myself, and if you still hate me, then please, just go and stay safe with Ghoul. I won't be leaving with you anyway.”
She looked at me with tears in her eyes. “You're not...”
“I'm going to figure out how to make it not happen again.” I said, determinedly.
“Not without killing yourself!”She cried.
“Shhh, no, no, I mean, I'm going to figure what they want with me, how they did it, undo it, and hopefully come out alive. You two, without hesitation will leave me here to do my job.”
“No!” They both said.
I groaned. “No. No. No! You two will leave now.” I yelled at them, and then I heard a voice from behind me.
“Yes, I have what I really want now, and you two can go. Or on second thought, stay, and watch her suffer.” I turned to see Korse, but just in time to see him trust a needle full of green liquid into my neck. “Original” I thought sarcastically as I was knocked out, again.
I woke up, not back at the cell, but in another room. There was a small light, hanging right over me, but the room was mostly dark. I was tied to a chair, and gagged. Suddenly, Korse came in with a drac who was rolling in a covered tray, and two other dracs shoving Fun Ghoul and Riot into the room. Thy both looked at me and they tried to shout my name, but had the wind knocked out of them when they were thrown to the floor. I looked at them, then at Korse, in horror.
“What?” I tried to say, but the gag just made is muffled. Korse smiled, and yanked the gag out of my mouth.
“Welcome back, Trinity.”
“Not my name.” I growled.
“It is, and forever will be, Fatal Fashionista is just a silly little nickname.”
“Earned it enough.” I glared at him.
“Ah, yes, your little over-reaction over the camera is something you would have had to pay for, if Mr. Brandon was still alive. But today, today you pay all your debts to the city.”
“What do you...” But I stopped and stared in horror as I saw what was on the covered tray. Torture utensils, from needles to large knives. Korse pulled out the largest knife.
“You left the city without permission.” He took the knife and slashed across my face. A deep cut was in my face, and the pain seared. I screamed in agony. I heard Riot and Ghoul yell, but the pain just hurt too much. “You insulted a Better Life Manager” And with that he slashed my arm. I screamed again. Korse grinned at my pain, and I saw Riot crying. “You influenced an employee to escape the city.” He took the knife and slashed my other arm. Another scream. Then he set the bloody knife down and pulled out a long needle. “You held an employee hostage.” He jabbed my forehead I felt it go in deep. I screamed yet again. “You're scream is remarkable cute, you know that?” Korse grinned. “And you had a second chance to redeem yourself, buy becoming one of the dracs in disguise, and you blew it, so..” He took a smaller knife and cut deep into the back of my neck. I screamed until I lost my voice, and Korse pulled something out of my neck. He smiled and showed me a bloody flat chip. It looked bigger then the ones used for the criminals, and I assumed that's what was installed into the Dracs. I looked at it shocked.
“How did you...” I gasped.
“My dear, you were almost useful, always so trusted by everyone, you could have been of use, if the chip had worked as planned, but it can't now, so I have to relieve you of it.” He grinned. I felt the tears coming, but I tried to hold them back, not wanting him to have the pleasure of me crying. I looked at him defiantly.
“You are a heartless monster.”
“Please. Don't go out of your way to flatter me, Trinity. It won't save your and your friend's lives.” He looked at the Dracs. “These three will be exterminated in the morning.” They all left the room, but as they were leaving I heard Korse tell a Drac, “Wash this filth off of the utensils, will you? I want them nice and clean for when the treatment is worth it.” And then the door closed.
As soon as it did, Ghoul jumped up and untied me. He had tears in his eyes, and he could barely speak. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Just peachy.” I gasped, the pain hurt so much, and I fell off the chair onto my knees.
“Fatal!” Riot yelled and ran to my side. “I'm so sorry, Fatal. This is all my fault. I should have known, I shouldn't have gone, I should have called for help. I should have...”
I shushed her. “Sush, no, no, no, It's my...” I gulped. “My fault. I paid for it. Let's just start on a clean slate, shall we?” I smiled weakly at her.
She laughed a little, but it was shaky. “Oh Fatal.”
Ghoul, finally speaking again, helped us up. “We should get out of here.”
“Yes.” I agreed. And I tried to walk on my own, only to fall on my knees. They both caught me and helped me up. We got to the door, which was, of course, locked, but Ghoul knew how to get out. We got out into the hallway, where the guard was standing. Ghoul shot him as we tried to run out. I felt like the deadweight as we were trying to get out. The dracs kept coming, but somehow, we managed to shoot them all to get out. It felt horrible, the bloody business of killing them, but what else were we supposed to do to save our lives? We finally got outside. There was a van sitting outside, and we all hopped in. Ghoul hot-wired it and we sped off, I fell asleep in Riot's arms, so exhausted after what I had been through.
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