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Chapter 35- Dancing in the Rain

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Think, think, think, I said silently to myself. I had to think fast, otherwise Lux and I would be in a shit load of trouble. I looked around quickly as the door creaked open ever so slightly and the voices got louder. I grabbed Lux and put my hand over his mouth and headed for the bed. I rushed us underneath and felt a wave of relief. Luckily, the sheets of the bed hung over the sides, so we were covered from outside view. The sheets also created a soft, crimson light underneath, so I relaxed a little.
“Your father being worried about this rebellion is completely asinine,” I heard Leon’s voice say. “He’s been watching that princess and that boy ever since he took them.”
“He’s just worried that someone will release them,” Shannon said. She seemed a bit annoyed.
“Who is going to save them? That stupid girl?”
“I wouldn’t underestimate that ‘stupid girl,’” Shannon snapped at him. “You’ve seen how far she and the boy have gotten. They both know what they’re doing, even if you don’t want to admit it.”
“If I really wanted to, I could kill that bitch in a heartbeat,” Leon snapped back. “If your father would have taken care of both of them seven years ago, none of this would have happened.”
There was a pause. Leon was right, though. Why didn’t Ganondorf kill us when he had the chance? I waited for an answer, which came to me from Shannon.
“You know that if my father killed those two, he would never get those Triforce pieces,” Shannon said. “If you kill someone who holds them, they will either be passed down to one of their kin, or will be passed down to a random individual who the goddesses see fit.”
“Whatever,” Leon said and he sat down on the bed. I felt the mattress move above us and my heart jumped. I looked at Lux and he put his face in-between his paws. “I just wish that your father would let us get involved. All of those feeble idiots in the lobby could be killed in minutes just by the two of us. But, your father feels the need to keep us upstairs; awaiting some sort of demise.”
“I’m sure that my father has his reasons,” Shannon said. “I don’t quite understand them myself, but he knows what he is doing.”
“He better,” Leon said. “I would have liked to have even the fraction of the power he took from Soul Edge just to take over this pathetic kingdom.”
Soul Edge? That was the sword that Edge Master had told me about; the sword he never told me to never go after. That was how Leon met Ganondorf and Shannon. He was after that sword just like they were and got caught up in this whole mess. But, did Ganondorf have the sword?
“I know you would, Leon,” Shannon said, “but my father has dealt with evil magic his whole life. I would be worried if you would get ahold of Soul Edge. I don’t know what it would do to you…”
“If my dumbass brother can handle it, so can I,” Leon said.
“But your brother can’t handle it!” Shannon shouted. “You know how sick he is.”
“Regardless, he has what I want,” Leon said back gently, “and I won’t stand for it. Once this is all said and done, I’m going back to my dimension and taking that sword.” He got up and I heard his footsteps on the floor. He walked over to the front of the room where that his family shield was. “Wait a second,” he shouted suddenly. “Where did one of the Flamberts go and what the hell is this?”
I heard Leon pull the Gerudo style rapier out from behind the shield, the same rapier that I replaced with the fancy red one. He threw it on the ground and it almost hit me in the face. I tense up and held on to the carpet. I was so nervous. My cover was about to be blown.
“Where is the Flambert?” he snapped. I then heard him overturn the desk. This ass had some anger problems.
“Calm down, Leon!” Shannon yelled. “We’ll find it.”
“Someone has been in this room,” Leon said quietly, but with some severity. “That damn girl is in this room.”
“I doubt that,” Shannon said. “She’s probably down in the lobby with the others right now.”
“She’s in here!” he shouted. There was a pause and he said calmly, “But where?”
I heard his feet creep around as he looked for me. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating. I put my hand on the rapier hilt as Lux huddled against me in fear. He was shaking violently.
Of course, in a few minutes, I found myself face to face with Leon. “There you are,” he said and he grabbed my hair and tried to pull me out from underneath. I took out the rapier and slashed his hand and he withdrew quickly.
“So we’re going to do that then?” he snapped. I got out from under the bed quickly and saw Leon take the other sword from the family shield. Shannon, fortunately, decided to sit back and watch. “It’s time to end you once and for all,” Leon said. “I don’t care if that Triforce piece will disappear, you’re dead.”
Rather than play petty name-calling games, I made the first strike. He saw it coming and deflected it with his blade.
And thus, the swashbuckling fight pursued. I will admit Leon was an amazing swordsman. He would jump on furniture and work his way around it so gracefully that I felt like giving up, but I wouldn’t. Not to an asshole like him.
I didn’t have fancy jumping abilities, but I had fast moving eyes and feet, which gave me a slight advantage against him. I was even able to give him a couple wounds, but only slight scratches. All of my thrusts were missing him, so I wasn’t able to give him any deep wounds that would stop him.
With quick swings to the right and left, he deflected every single one and became confident. He thrust forward and I dodged by moving my body sideways. He was quick and stabbed me right in my arm, just below my right shoulder. He pulled out his blade and I felt the burn. I grasped my arm with my left hand as blood gushed out and ran over my glove. I kept fighting with my left arm to the best of my ability, but I was getting tired and so was my leg. If I wasn’t careful, it would have collapsed and I would be defenseless.
I moved back away from Leon and he realized that I had been wounded and would be on the brink of losing at any moment. What I didn’t notice was that the balcony’s sliding glass door was open. As I backed away as quickly as I could, Leon came at me. Before I knew it, I was pinned to the low balcony wall and accidently let go of my sword. I had no idea where it went and, for all I knew, it fell in the lava pit below. I tried to go for my Master Sword, but Leon grabbed my right hand and held me up against the balcony with his rapier’s blade to my throat.
“You have nowhere to go,” Leon said. “What will you do now, little hero?”
Rather than slit my throat, Leon took his blade off me and kicked me right off the balcony. I flew down but stuck my hand out the entire time to try and grab on to something. I was able to grab a gargoyle kind of thing with my left hand and just hung there. I barely noticed on the balcony, but it had begun to rain in a downpour.
The rain hit my face as I tried to pull myself up. My right arm was in so much pain but I was having trouble lifting it. I was able to get it on the bottom jaw of the gargoyle statue, but I was unable to find any footing to assist me in pulling myself up. The wet rain and the lack of hold made my feet slide as I desperately tried to hold on.
I tried to look down, but I kept catching sight of the lava pit and felt sick to my stomach. I quickly looked up only see the boots of Leon. I looked up further to see his face. He had on a hideous smirk and his blonde hair was dripping wet and in front of his eyes, but I could still see the evil look in them.
“It’s such a shame that you lasted this long and it all comes to this,” Leon said and he touched the thin blade of his rapier. He got on one knee and put his face close to mine. “Too bad, right?”
I didn’t know what to say or do, so I spit directly in his face. He wiped it off with his glove and sneered. “Game over,” he said angrily. He then took his rapier and held it up. I thought he was going to stab it through my head, but instead he stabbed right through my left hand. I yelled in pain as he removed the blade. I couldn’t hold on any longer, so I let go. The pain was just too much.
My body hit a hard, stone slope. I laid there for a couple of seconds and felt the rain water wash down the slope. I looked over at my left hand to see it dripping blood, which washed away with the water. I carefully got up but had so much trouble breathing. I must have had fractured a rib or something.
Even though I tried to be careful, I started to slide down the slope. There was a gutter of sorts that I used to keep me from falling off the slope and, right in the gutter, I found the rapier that I had dropped. I picked it up and waited for Leon; holding my side in pain. It was hard to see where he was in the rain, but before I knew it, I was kicked square in the face and fell down the slope.
I landed in a huge bush and sunk through to the ground. Mud covered my body, but I had to get up. I tried and tried to stand straight on my feet, but I kept falling. I must have looked absolutely pathetic. But, I had to stop Leon and get back to the army. I pushed forward, despite the fact that I kept falling, and got to decent ground with no mud below my feet.
As the rain poured down on our heads, Leon and I were caught in a stare. He was standing up straight with a smirk on his face and I was leaning over in pain. He was practically clean while I had mud and blood all over my body.
“Why don’t you give up already?” he said with a serious expression.
“Until you cut off my hand, I’ll still be able to hold my sword, won’t I?” I said. “I won't let a couple of cuts and bruises stop me.”
“Cuts and bruises?” Leon said and he chuckled. “I think you have a lot more there than some cuts and bruises. But, no matter. If you still want to fight rather than surrender, then be my guest. Just try not to get any blood on my rapier there, will you? It was quite expensive to make.”
I thrust forward quickly and he dodged it. “Too slow!” he shouted and did a small slash towards me, but I did a parry and a quick counter attack. The problem was we had a lot of back and forth fighting, but no real results besides just scratching each other. I knew that Leon was holding back, however, seeing as I was weak and tired. He and I both knew that I would have to give up eventually.
I felt that time creep nearer and nearer as the fight waged on and the rain poured even harder. My leg began to give out from the pain of walking on it and my right arm was getting incredibly sore. I started to slip around in the mud and would lose balance, which I needed dearly for fencing.
He tried to do a quick thrust, but I dodged it and got his side. He came back, this time knocking me in the head with the hilt of his sword. It broke the skin and I felt the rain hit the new wound and saw blood rush in front of my eyes. I couldn’t freak out or anything, despite the raging headache I now had, so I did several quick thrusts and actually poked him a couple of time around the stomach and chest area. He jumped back to get away and held his stomach. I had gotten him pretty bad in the side as well.
With a mix of blood, mud, rain, and emotion, I went forward, but slid on my stomach. I was right below Leon, who prepped his rapier’s blade to go through my head, but I grabbed his ankle and pulled him into the mud with me. This gave me time to get up, so I did just that, but he too had already recovered and we stood as two wounded warriors. Again we started hacking away at each other with slices to the left and right and thrusts here and there. We met in a heated moment with our blades and eyes locked.
“Now, I’m irritated,” Leon said and he kicked me back. I landed right in the mud on my back and felt a huge pain in my ankle. I tried to shake it off and stood up, but the pain was too much. I could only manage to limp, but I tried to keep going. I stayed light on my toes to the best of my ability, but couldn’t move as quickly as Leon.
Leon used my ankle and other wounds to his advantage. I was kicked down on the ground several times and every time he tried to stab me, but I dodged with a roll and just kicked him, or at least I tried to.
I must have been lasting longer than he expected, for he began to lose his temper. He kicked me on the ground again, but dropped his rapier. He grabbed the collar of my muddy tunic and slammed me against the castle walls. My back began to ache and my ribs were in so much pain. He held me up with one arm and punched me over and over again with the next. With my body lifeless, he threw me back into the mud.
I laid there for a second or two, but I used my arms to try and push myself up. Leon was extremely pissed at that and came and kicked me in the side several times. I just laid there and took it. I didn’t know what else to do. I also didn’t notice that Link the Goron came to the rescue.
I heard a lot of yelling, but I was so in and out of consciousness that I didn’t know what to do. I decided that the best thing to do was take a nap.

I woke up on some cloth with pain all over my body. I could barely open my eyes from being punched so much, but I could see that I was in a rather dark place.
“It’ll all be okay, Ashley,” I heard someone say. They sounded like a girl. “I just have to give you some medicine. It won’t taste well, but try to keep it down.”
I then felt a thick, disgusting liquid go down my throat. I tried to keep it down, but spit some of it back up. I just felt a calm hand on my face as I was fed more of the same liquid. The person that was tending to me began to say things and some foreign language. I didn’t know what the hell she was saying, but my eyes began to feel better and the swelling began to go down. I also felt someone wrapping my left hand and my ankle.
When I tried to open my eyes, I could only see a hand over them. “Shh, just wait a moment,” the woman’s voice said softly.
I waited patiently and felt a hand on my forehead. It was a bigger hand than the woman’s, like that of a man. Even though my eyes were closed tight, a bright flash of light hit my vision and I felt refreshed.
“You can open your eyes now,” I heard a man say. “Just get up slowly, however.”
I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a castle. The walls were stained and dark, so I knew it had to be Ganondorf’s. I propped my body up by my elbows and saw who was mending my wounds. Standing there in a line was Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru. I looked over and saw the little rebellion waiting for me to wake. Then, I saw Lux coming through the crowd holding my green, floppy hat. I looked down at my clothes and saw that I had been redressed into the green clothes that Link and I first wore when we suddenly became adults. Around Lux’s head was Max.
“Ashley, we have been freed from Ganondorf’s clutches,” Rauru said to me. “Now that we are free, we can lend you our power once more. In his organ room, Ganondorf is waiting with three Triforce recipients. Expect, he’s missing you. He’s awaiting your arrival so that then all of the pieces of the Triforce will be in one room. You must rescue Link to help you; otherwise your one Master Sword alone will be utterly useless.”
“But, he’s in some sort of crystal,” I said.
“I am aware of that,” Rauru said. “The only way to open this crystal is to use Ganondorf’s power to do so. When he tries to hit you with his magic, deflect it with you Master Sword and try to use it to save Link. You will have to stop him together. Do you understand?”
I stood up and nodded. From the rebellion army came Link the Goron who held my shield and Master Sword out to me. I took the sword and buckled it around my torso and mounted the shield on my back. To my surprise, Link the Goron bowed to me, so I did the same. I got down to Lux’s level and took my hat from him. I scratched him behind the ears and stood up.
“Through that door there, you will be lead to some corridors, which will lead you right to Ganondorf’s organ room,” Rauru said. “Once you are in that room, remember to save Link as quickly as you can.”
“Understood,” I said and face the six sages. Lux was on my right and Max was floating around my head. I gave them a strong nod and started to walk towards the door.
“Oh, and Ash,” I heard Rauru say. I turned to him. “We’re all counting on you. “Good luck, our Hero of Time.”
I smiled a little and opened the door.

My heart pounded as I realized the moment of truth was getting nearer.
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