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Chapter 36- Moment of Truth

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When I entered the next room, I faintly heard the demonic sounds of an organ. The room itself was small and in a circle shape. A dim, golden light bathed the area and I looked around. On the ground were the remains of two Stalfos, which were huge, armored skeletons. From what I gathered, Link the Goron and maybe some others had already been through here to clear the way for me.
As I walked through the next two rooms, I realized that that was exactly what happened. I eventually came to a corridor of sorts where I realized that the leitmotif that Ganondorf had been playing started to get louder.
“We’re almost there,” Max said with a tinge of fear in his speech.
I just nodded my head and went up a spiral staircase, dodging various bats. That’s when I got to a huge staircase. My feet made a soft sound on the long, blood red rug that went all the way up the stairs. I swore that, with every step I took, the organ music got louder and louder.
I was afraid that the staircase was never ending; an evil trick that someone like Ganondorf would play on me. It almost drove me insane walking up those stairs and passing the same stained glass windows that were on each side of the wall. And that music…
But, before I knew it, I reach an ending point. To my left side was a huge door. I stopped there before touching it. I looked at Lux, who was shaking with fear and then Max. I bent down to Lux’s height to comfort him.
“This is some pretty big stuff,” I told him and looked up at Max. “I know you may disagree, but I want you both to stay right outside this door. Do you understand?”
“I don’t think I should let you go alone,” Max said. “What happens if-“
“Whatever happens, well it happens,” I said to him. “I can’t have you two go. It will be too dangerous.”
“Rai,” Lux said calmly and I noticed he had tears in his eyes. I didn’t know what else to do, so I grabbed him and hugged him tight.
“Don’t worry buddy,” I whispered to him, “I’ll make it out alive.” I gave him one last squeeze before I let him go. “Just wait for Link and I,” I repeated to them both. “We’ll make it out, I promise.”
I looked away from them both and then walked up to the huge door I had to open. There was no handle or even hinges on the door, so I was a bit puzzled. I touched it on a whim and it opened. A blast of music hit my ears and immense fear hit my heart. With a sigh I walked forward into the music room, only to be scared by the huge door slamming behind me. The noise from the door was so loud that I knew Ganondorf must have heard it. However, he just continued playing.
With complicated harmonies and an unforgettable melody, Ganondorf’s tune sunk into my skull at an instant. The running lines made me shiver and gave me goose bumps. I was scared beyond belief.
Above this huge organ was one pink crystal, which contained Princess Zelda. She had a terrified expression on her face as she hung there with nothing to do. I looked up at her, trying to put on a brave face, but I couldn’t. This was all too much.
But, where’s Link? That question was floating around in my mind. Where the hell was he? I had to know, so I balled up my fists and shouted, “Hey, asshole!”
Suddenly, the music stopped. I saw Ganondorf put his head down and heard him say, “Have you ever been taught proper manners? One should always been quiet when another is performing a musical piece. Have you no shame?”
“Have I no shame?” I repeated. “And what is this whole deal with proper manners? From what I was told, being polite was not taking over a kingdom by force, trying to stop the good guys, and enclosing innocent, nice people in pink, crystal things. Before you speak to me on proper etiquette, you should look into it yourself.”
I heard a couple deep chuckles and heard him crack his knuckles. He stood up straight and kicked the organ chair out of the way. Grabbing his huge cape, the King of Evil swung around. Ganondorf help his head high and a smirk formed on his face. His beady red eyes looked down upon me and all of the courage I had seemed to slowly seep out of my little, puny body. He seemed taller and much broader than he was seven years ago.
“You look scared, my dear,” Ganondorf said gently. “I’ll give you a chance to leave that sword with me and get out of Hyrule. That way, we both win. I get to keep this kingdom and my power so thus, you get to keep your life.”
“Why would I do something stupid like that?” I snapped at him. “I could never leave this kingdom to suffer under your unfair rules. I’ve met a lot of people that you have hurt, Ganondorf, and I won’t stand for it any longer. It’s time for you to perish!”
I could say to you, my reader, that I had never felt so heated in my life. Hot tears ran down my face as my hands shook violently. I couldn’t believe that I was crying in front of this guy.
Ganondorf’s smirk faded and he crossed his arms. “You’re a pathetic fool, you know that?” he shouted. “You will lose to me and you will die by me. You deserve nothing more than an early grave because of how pathetic you are. I should have taken care of you seven years ago!”
I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked straight at him. “You can’t kill me,” I said.
His expression became angrier. “And why not?”
“Because, I have something that you want,” I said and I took off my right hand glove. The middle piece of the Triforce was glowing brightly on the back of my hand. It was so surreal to me. I showed it to him and he just laughed.
“You think that Triforce piece will make me scared?” Ganondorf said harshly. “Out of all four, yours is absolutely the most insignificant and the weakest. I could take that from you with no problem.”
“But you won’t,” I said sternly, “because I will not let you.”
He laughed again and a big smile remained on his face. “You won’t let me? How stupid are you? I’ve almost gotten one of the pieces away from that little runt boyfriend of yours.”
“Link?” Thoughts began to rush and my emotions did as well. “Where is he? I want to know where he is.”
“Oh, I don’t think you do,” Ganondorf said. “However, I will do as you wish. Shannon, Leon, bring us Link!” And then he clapped his hands, which echoed strongly throughout the music room. I kept staring at Ganondorf, trying to fool him into thinking that I wasn’t scared or frightened. He just smiled back and looked to the side. I heard a door open on the right side and saw Shannon and Leon, who was gravely wounded, lug in a lifeless body.
“Where would you like us to sit him, my lord?” Leon asked.
“I don’t care,” Ganondorf said. “Just put him somewhere and leave.”
I watched as Leon stared at me. He smiled and had Shannon let go of Link. Holding both of Link’s arms back, kicked him forward. He made a noise when he hit the ground, so I knew that he was at least alive. From what I could see, his tunic was covered in blood, gashes, and his hair was messed up and wet. His equipment and his hat were missing.
I felt my lip quiver, but I said: “What did you do to him?”
“Well, I had to figure out some way to get that pesky Triforce piece of his away from him,” Ganondorf said and he looked at his nails like the jackass he was. “Seeing as how the goddesses bestow this power to the ‘chosen ones,’ I needed to figure out how to get this from him and without killing him. I just did some experiments and the like. He’s pretty much almost dead but, if I need to put him out of his misery, I will. After all, his Triforce piece will leave his body if he dies and go to someone new. I can wait to figure out who else has it in the coming years. Meanwhile, you and Zelda will be my guinea pigs.”
I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to run over to him, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t show any sign of weakness in front of this man. I kept looking back at him and Link. I had no idea what to do.
“Go see him, if you want,” Ganondorf said and he smiled. “I don’t mind.”
I hesitated for a bit, but I ran straight over to him. I held up his head, seeing how he couldn’t seem to move it, and watched as he slowly opened his eyes. The bright blue that I was used to seeing had escaped and left his eyes a sickly, grey color. I stroked the side of his face as tears swelled in my eyes. His lips were dry and blood ran down the side of his mouth.
“It will all be okay, Link,” I said to him and he just looked straight at me. He said nothing back to me. I grabbed his left hand, which was missing the gauntlet he usually wore. Unlike the Triforce on my right hand, which glowed yellow, his was now grey and barely glowing at all.
I looked up at Ganondorf, who was still looking at his nails. Looking back down at Link, I felt a rush of depression and anger. I held his left hand tight as I laid his head down on the floor softly. I kissed his cheek quickly, just in case Ganondorf began to pay attention. With my hand on his face, I got up and prepared to face Ganondorf.
“Why did you do this to him? I want to know why,” I pleaded to him.
“Well, that boy has something that I need,” Ganondorf said, now looking at me. “My job as king is to continue to gain power so that I can expand my kingdom and take over the world. Duh. It would really help if I had every Triforce piece on hand. But, this whole Triforce extracting thing is just in its Beta stages, so you and Zelda may end up not suffering as bad as Link here.” I thought he was finished, but he smiled and said, “Or, you could suffer more…” He must have thought that that statement was funny, because he chuckled.
At that moment, it hit me. Where did Link’s Master Sword go? I walked back over to face Ganondorf and said, “Where are Link’s things?”
He must have known exactly what I was talking about, because he created a huge smile on his face. “You mean the Master Sword?” he asked. Before I could say anything, he grabbed the hilt of a sword by his side and unsheathed it. He had Link’s Master Sword.
I stood there speechless as he looked at the blade like he had never seen it before. “It’s quite the weapon, I’ll give it that,” Ganondorf said. “But, without its other half, it’s pretty much useless. Well, against me, anyway.”
“Give-give it here,” I said. My voice was beginning to sound really pathetic.
“Why, so you can strike me down and I’ll be killed? No way; I’m much smarter than that.” He walked a little closer to me, but stopped, looking at the blade. “Really, it’s a shame that the goddesses picked you two as their ‘heroes.’ This sword really could have gone to someone else. Maybe then Hyrule would have been saved.”
I was angry. The way he was speaking, the way he didn’t care. How could he hurt someone the way he did and not feel sorry? How could he make a whole kingdom of people suffer and not feel upset? I had to do something, so I unsheathed my sword quickly and rushed after him. I lifted myself off the ground to try and hit him overhead, but I suddenly stopped midair. I freaked out and tried to move, but I couldn’t.
“Are you that stupid?” I heard Ganondorf say. “You must be stupid.” He then flicked his wrist and flung me to the left. I slammed into a wall and hit the ground. Despite this, I held on to my sword tightly. I couldn’t let him have it.
I slowly got up and saw him walking towards me with Link’s sword in hand. I readied myself. He stopped walking then and just smiled. “So you’re going to fight me, huh?” he said.
“Yes,” I said defiantly, “yes I am.”
“If you insist,” he said.
There was a short pause of no movement whatsoever. He broke that by coming at me with the Master Sword. I deflected his slash and tried to counter by getting him on his right side. Since I was right handed, I left myself open when I tried to counter, so he got me in my right side. I felt the burn of the blade making a gash in my side and quickly jumped back to try and avoid another wound. Simple mistakes like that would cost me my life, so I had to be extremely careful.
We stepped around each other for a little while. I tried to predict his next move and I honestly wouldn’t doubt that he was doing the same thing. Unlike me, he grew impatient and came at me. He tried an overhead vertical slash, so I held my blade horizontally and above my head. When his blade collided with mine, it felt like I was hit by a truck. We were face to face with the blades separating us. Since Ganondorf was a bit beefier than I was, my blade was being pushed closer and closer towards me. I bailed out however, and snuck around Ganondorf.
I quickly took my sword and stabbed it straight into his back. Ganondorf shouted in pain and landed on the ground. He dropped the Master Sword, so I took my chance and swiped it up.
While Ganondorf was down, I rushed over to Link and tried to put the Master Sword in his left hand. I kneeled down by his left arm and cupped his hand around the hilt. He looked at it for a second, but closed his eyes.
“C’mon Link,” I said and I started to shake his body. “Wake up, please wake up.” I looked over at his hand and the Triforce was almost completely faded. I kept shaking him, but realized that he quit breathing.
“No way,” I whispered. “No fucking way!” He was dead. Link was actually dead! I watched as his fingers curled up and my heart dropped. I put my hands on my head and then buried my face in them. What was I going to do?
“Oh, boo hoo,” I heard Ganondorf say. “He was a useless piece of crap. I have no sympathy at all.”
I started to bawl. I didn’t know what to do or what was next. I couldn’t save Hyrule without Link. What was I supposed to do now? The only thing that I could do at that moment was cry. I kept crying and had trouble breathing, but I stopped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The hand was broad and I realized who it was as soon as they spoke.
“It will all be okay, my dear,” Ganondorf said. “Or rather it will be, if you surrender to me now.”
I stood up and walked a little forward; keeping my back towards him. I had to do something. I was told it would be impossible to kill Ganondorf without Link. But, I was also told that it was impossible for me to somehow be deeply involved in this whole ‘Hero of Time’ stuff and now I had a piece of the Triforce. This was not the end…at least not for me.
I balled my hands into a fist and held on to the hilt of my Master Sword tightly.
“So, what will it be, my dear?” Ganondorf asked. “Bow down to me as your king, or suffer the same fate as this boy.”
I became heated and noticed that my Triforce piece began to glow brightly. “I know what I shall do,” I said quietly. Then, in one quick turn around, I shot a ball of my electric power at Ganondorf. He wasn’t prepared and slammed against the wall. I didn’t give him any time to get up, either. I went straight for the asshole.
I tried to get Ganondorf with my sword, but he quickly moved out of the way. I turned around to face him, only to see him hovering in the sky. Blood trickled down the side of his lips, which were curled in disgust.
“You want to play that way, huh?” Ganondorf said. “Fine, but you won’t make it out of this place alive.” He held up his hand and black, electric looking energy built up. He shot it right at me, so I rolled out of the way. I was able to dodge it, but barely.
He prepared another and a quick thought came to mind. In the beginning of my adulthood, Link and I had to fight Phantom Ganon. Whenever he threw his power at me, I deflected it, like a baseball, and hit him. I needed to do that with Ganondorf, so I prepped myself like a baseball player.
The power did exactly what I hoped it would. The power shot back and hit Ganondorf, who seemed to become paralyzed. He fell to the ground with his long cape covering his body. I didn’t think twice and rushed over to him. With hot tears in my eyes and a sunken feeling in my chest, I hacked away at him. He quickly recovered and dodged one of my unorganized hacks and punched me square in the face.
I fell backwards with a huge headache. The next thing I knew, Ganondorf was one top of me. He held back my wrists and looked right at me. I could barely move my torso, so I kicked him off me by getting him in the stomach. I lifted him up a little bit, but it must have been the pain that sent him back.
I quickly picked my sword off from the ground and charged after him again. He deflected most of my hits with various sets of armor he had on. He then grabbed the blade of my sword without showing a bit of pain. I tried to pull it from him, but it wouldn’t budge. I charged my electric power and released it, throwing Ganondorf back again. He let go of my sword when he went backwards, so that was a plus.
Ganondorf came back from his injury rather quickly. Jumping off the wall he slammed into, he came right at me and slammed my body against the opposite wall. I had trouble breathing, but came back and punched Ganondorf in the face with my left hand. With my right, I slashed him with my sword and got him across the face.
He must have gotten angry over that, because he yelled and a purple and white light started to form around him. It was sort of like he was sucking something in. Before I realized it, he released this power right on top of me and my body fell to the ground. He started to charge another one when I recovered, so I prepared to run.
It was no use, however. This power still found me and rained down upon me. I had to recover quicker, so I immediately got up and charged some of my own power. It didn’t work and I was hit again. Ganondorf did this cheap move again, so I charged after him with my sword. He had some sort of defense around him when he did this move, but my sword slashed right through it and I was able to get Ganondorf across the chest.
Ganondorf grabbed my neck shortly after and squeezed it. He then threw me head first into his huge organ. I hit the keys, making a god awful noise, and saw my blood cover the ivory keys. I turned around quickly to see Ganondorf charging at me, so I dodged quickly. He must have realized he missed me, for he started to hover above me again. This time, I charged my power and directed it straight at him. He couldn’t block it and was slammed into the huge pipes of the organ. Pieces began to fall off and landed on the keys.
A loud, hellish noise filled the room as I awaited Ganondorf’s next move. He was underneath the pipes and dug his way out as quickly as he could. He came at me as soon as he could and punched me over and over again. Despite the pain, I still held on to that sword and stabbed him in the right shoulder with it. I tried to get his heart, but I wasn’t sure if that worked.
He must have been in intense pain because he withdrew. He held onto his shoulder and began to cough up blood. My nose was bleeding like a fountain and my eyes were filled with tears.
Link is dead, I thought to myself. Finish this asshole, once and for all!
I dropped my sword and began charging my power. He did the same. In one moment, our two powers, light and shadow, met. I could barely see, but it seemed they intermingled with one another. Physically, my body was draining from using all the power I was and the several wounds I had weren’t helping either.
I don’t know what caused it, but there was a sudden explosion of our powers. We both flew backwards; me slamming against a wall and Ganondorf slamming against the organ. I could barely see as dust was everywhere.
Coming from this dust was the body of Ganondorf, who grabbed my neck and slammed me against the wall, choking me a little.
“You little shit,” he said, his eyes blood shot and his face a mess. “You really thought you could defeat me? The King of Evil. You’re nothing but a worthless bitch.” Ganondorf then showed me the back of his hand, where his Triforce was, and then quickly balled it into a fist. He pulled it back with dark energy surrounding his hand.
I had to think quickly, so I used my electricity power to pull my sword over to me. As soon as he punched me, I stabbed my sword right into his chest.
I fell to the ground, barely conscious, but I saw Ganondorf stumbled backwards with my sword still stabbed deeply in his torso. Blood drained from the wound and his mouth as he fell to his knees. I walked over to him, holding my head.
Ganondorf’s eyes were huge as he was about to taste death. He must have been surprised or in shock. I was limping over to him and set my foot on his stomach. With my right hand, I withdrew my sword from his chest and kicked him backwards. He was still breathing and I heard faintly, “The Great Evil King defeated…by this…child…? Damn you…”
With one last attempt to kill me, Ganondorf released a huge power, but failed to take me down. Instead, he took down one of the walls and a good bit of the roof. Nothing more happened however, so I presumed him to be dead.
I looked out at the dark sky that still remained around the castle. It was still raining heavily and the rain poured down onto my bloodied face and washed the Evil King’s blood off of my Master Sword. Ganondorf’s lifeless body was soon engulfed by rain and I watched his mouth fill up with the water.
It’s all over, I said to myself. It’s done.
I dropped my sword and looked up at the rain. It cooled me down and washed away all of the pain or rather, most of it. I looked to my right to find Link still lying there. Luckily, the roof had not collapsed where he was, so the rain wasn’t pounding on his already cold body. I limped over to him and got on my hands and knees.
For some odd reason, I looked at his left hand, just to see what was there. The Triforce was still faded. I felt up his cold arm and then touched his face. He was pale, but his eyes were closed. He looked so peaceful.
I felt my eyes well up and I decided to kiss him one last time. Even though his lips were cold and blue, I still got an excited, warm feeling when kissing him. I stayed there with my eyes closed for a second or two until it hit me hard that Link was dead. I removed my lips from his and touched his once flowing, blonde hair.
I moved my hand down to his chest and felt absolutely no movement. I grabbed his right hand and just looked at him for a while, hoping that his eyes would open and I would see those sky blue eyes looking into mine and that warm, friendly smile he always had.
I would see that no longer.
I began to cry furiously. I had no idea what to do, so I laid my head on his chest. I just lay there, like I had when he invited me to bed that one night after he had been gravely wounded. Except this time, rather than a heartbeat, I felt nothing. I felt no hand stroking my hair, I heard no deep breathes, and I felt no warmth.
My tears began to rain down my face as I grabbed and held on to his shirt. I hugged him tightly, hoping he would be brought back to life, but I knew that would be a silly thought.
As the rain poured, I held onto Link’s lifeless body. I realized that I had saved Hyrule. I had freed a lot of people and brought prosperity back to the Golden Land. I killed the King of Evil with my own weapon.
But…even though I was still breathing…I knew that I was dead, just like Ganondorf…

And just like Link…
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