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Chapter 37- Lord Ganon

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I don’t know how long I laid there with Link’s corpse. The crying, anxiety, and the cold from the rain made me shake violently. I gripped the front of his shirt tighter and tight. I never wanted to let go. I wouldn’t let go.
Memories that I had of him rushed to my mind. I remembered the first time I met him and how I was terrified of climbing up a dumb ladder. I remembered when Link and I pretended to be a couple to get the Zora’s Sapphire. I remembered being breathless when I first saw him older. I remembered the pain of him leaving me several times. I remembered that kiss and the night we spent together. It’s all I could think about.
The memories made me cry more violently.
“What am I going to do?” I said and curled up even more.
A couple minutes passed; minutes that felt like hours. I decided it was best to get up and try to find Zelda. She was in the crystal, but disappeared during the battle. I wiped my eyes and tried to look away from Link’s body, but I couldn’t. I looked back at his face and couldn’t help but touch it. I took my right hand and laid it on his cheek. I touched his hair again and then laid my hand on his forehead.
Suddenly, my hand began to glow. I tilted my head in confusion, but my eyeballs were suddenly stabbed with a huge, bright light. I shielded my eyes quickly by looking backwards. There was a high pitch noise for a couple of seconds but it died down, so I opened my eyes to see everything just like it was.
I looked at my hand, which wasn’t glowing as brightly and then looked down at Link. I heard some grunting and saw his eyebrows move.
“Link!?!” I shouted. “Link, you’re alive.”
He leaned up against his elbows and scratched his head. “Where’s my hat?” he asked.
I would have answered him, but I couldn’t. I grabbed him and hugged him so tight. “You’re alive,” I cried. “I can’t believe that you’re alive…”
Link hugged me just as hard and pulled me away gently. “Of course I’m alive,” he said with a smile. His eyes had returned to the bright blue color that I remembered and his lips turned back to a rosy pink color. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“I-I don’t know,” I said with tears in my eyes.
Link then looked a bit concerned and touched my cheek. “What happened to you?” he asked and felt around. I was in pretty bad shape, from what I could feel anyway. My nose was running and still bleeding, I had some cuts here and there, my leg was still really sore, and my eyes must have been so red.
“I, uh, sort of battled Ganondorf,” I said. “He tried to take your Triforce piece, which killed you and I guess I revived you or something. Anyway, we had a long battle thing, and he’s right over there.”
I pointed to Ganondorf’s wet, motionless body and Link looked back. He immediately stood up and rushed over to his body. I got up slowly to avoid stirring my sore nerves and who was still looking at Ganondorf’s corpse.
Link had already taken his sword’s sheath off of Ganondorf. He noticed that I was holding his sword and walked over to me. I handed it to him and he buckled the sheath around his torso. Seconds later, we made eye contact.
“I can’t believe it’s over,” he said quietly with a smile. He grabbed my hands and looked right at me. For a couple precious seconds, we kissed. However, we heard a noise come from above.
I turned around to see a huge, pink crystal floating down to the ground. I could see Princess Zelda in the crystal with a smile on her face. Link immediately let me go and went over to where the crystal was landing. Zelda looked so excited and so beautiful. Once the crystal disappeared, she held out her arms and Link rushed to her with his arms extended for an embrace.
…except she didn’t hug Link, but rather she rushed and hugged me.
“Ashley!” she shouted in my ear. “I saw the whole thing! You kicked his ass.”
“Uh, thanks,” I said and patted her back. She let me go and looked at Link.
“Not only did you defeat Lord Ganon, but you also revived Link,” she said. “You will have to personally thank Rauru for letting you borrow his power.”
“What power?” I asked.
“Each Sage receives a certain power when awakened,” Zelda told me. “Rauru is the Light Sage, who holds the power of restoring the light that every individual soul holds. Of course, if Link had died before, his soul would be unable to restore light again. Also, if Link was dead for a longer period, he wouldn’t be able to be revived. It’s rather too complicated to explain right now. We should go tell the rebellion the great news.”
“What’s the rebellion?” Link asked.
“Oh, Ash here lead a rebellion to take over this castle,” Zelda said.
“But, how did you know that?” I pitched in.
“Sometimes I just know stuff,” the Princess said with a smile. “Now, we should have a party and all kinds of stuff before-“
And then something happened. The entire building began to shake underneath us. I looked at Link who just stared at the ground with a surprised expression on his face. “What’s going on?” I said to them both.
“Ganondorf must not be completely dead yet,” Princess Zelda said. “With his dying breath, he is trying to kill us by having this castle collapse on top of us.”
“Well, then what should we do?” Link shouted.
“We have to escape through the castle,” Zelda said.
“But, it’ll be way too dangerous,” Link said. “We can’t risk it.”
He was right. I had to get Zelda off the castle as soon as possible. I unlatched one of the Pokeballs on my belt and threw it. “Go, Pasta!” I shouted and, from the red laser, Pasta appeared. “Alright,” I said, “Link and Zelda, you need to ride Pasta and leave.”
“But what about you?” Zelda asked.
“I’ll be fine,” I reassured her. “My Raichu and my fairy are inside the castle as we speak. I need to save them. Anyway, we can’t all fit on Pasta.”
“Please-“ Zelda began.
“No, go with Link.” I put on a stern expression and she nodded. “Pasta,” I said to him, “take Link and Zelda to a safer area.” Pasta replied defiantly and leaned down for his passengers. In the chaos, Link stopped to look at me.
“Ashley, why don’t you take Zelda,” he said. “I’ll get Lux and Max.”
“No Link,” I said. “I need to get them.”
“But you’re hurt.”
“Please, just do as I ask,” I said calmly. “I promise I’ll make it down to you two.”
Link looked confused, but nodded after a pause. “I don’t really understand, but okay. Be careful.”
“I will,” I said and waited to start descending the castle. I wanted to make sure that Link and Zelda left alright before leaving the area. Once they took off, I went for the door that I had entered through, which was still intact. I touched the door and it opened instantly. Outside, I could see Lux, Max, and even Navi in the corner shaking.
“C’mon guys,” I said, which caused them to jolt up. “We have to get out of here as quickly as possible.”
“Rai,” Lux said with enthusiasm and he came towards me and hugged my leg. I looked down at him and made eye contact, but I shook my head.
“We really have to hurry,” I said to him. Lux put on a determined face and started to move.
We ran down the long, curved staircase. I didn’t have the guts to look back as I heard the walls crumbling behind us. The whole scene probably looked like a fast-paced action movie, like the ones they had back at home. I never imagined that I would be living one.
When we got to the bottom of the staircase, I wasted no time and touched the huge, grey door. It immediately went up for us and we were in one of the circular rooms. The candles that had lit the room before had been knocked to the ground, so we were greeted to a large, scorching flame that seemed to cover the whole room. The door was, unfortunately, on the other side.
The fairies flew over and I could see their glowing bodies waiting for Lux and I through the thick flame. I looked from side to side to try and see if there was an opening for Lux and I to escape, but there wasn’t. I looked around quickly, trying to find something that we could use, but my heart jumped to the sounds of a pillar falling behind us.
I had no choice. I grabbed Lux’s body and made sure he was secure. I closed my eyes and took off for the wall of flame. I jumped through it and felt the inferno wrap around my body, but only for a split second. Without landing on my feet, I felt my body hit the hard, stone ground. I rolled around towards the exit just to make sure that none of the flames stuck to me.
I got up quickly and put Lux on the ground. We headed right for exit into another circular room. Thankfully, it wasn’t in bad shape, so we went to the next room with no problems.
We came to the lobby which was on fire. We had to rush over rubble from several balconies that were inside the lobby. The stairs were battered and chipped, which caused me to fall several times. I just shook my head and tried to ignore the pain. I just needed to get out of the castle and everything would be finished. The castle toppling on us all was Ganondorf’s final hope.
I got to the top of the stairs and followed Max, Navi, and Lux out to the exit. We walked up the final set of stairs, dodging vases that were rolling off pillars fiery debris. I saw the light of the exit and ran right through like I was in some sort of race.
The atmosphere outside was much cooler and a feeling of relief took over my body. I ran over to Zelda and Link, who was standing by Pasta. I smiled at Zelda who seemed concerned and almost fell over on top of her. She and Link held me up as I caught my breath. They were talking to me, but I could barely hear their words as the beat of my heart and the noise of the castle crumbling drowned them out.
“Look!” I heard Max shout, so I stood up and turned around to see the top of the tower, where the Evil King was, detach itself from the rest of the building. It slammed into the side of the courtyard walls and from there the entire castle began to turn into rubble. Huge clouds of smoke hit us as the castle broke itself down. It only took about three minutes for the noise to cease and for silence to fill the air.
I unshielded my eyes to see complete nothingness. There was still dust and junk in the air, but it was very clear that Ganon’s Castle was no more.
“It’s over,” I heard Zelda say and I looked back. She was in a tight embrace with Link who just shut his eyes tight when we made eye contact. I put on a smug face as Zelda started to blab some sort of romantic shit to Link. I decided to just walk away and pretend to be intrigued with the pile of castle.
Even though I was in a bit of a bad mood, I still couldn’t help being relieved. I took down Ganondorf and saved the day, though I would share the whole ‘hero’ thing with Link. After all, without him, I would have never been able to save Hyrule. He just had to sit out for the finale.
Seeing as I had nothing left in Hyrule, I planned on putting that stupid Master Sword back, returning to my actual time, ad high-tailing it out of there. No need to say goodbye to Link, seeing as he totally forgot I existed anyway.
I kicked some rocks to release my anger as I still heard Zelda babble on about stuff. Does this bitch ever shut up? I thought to myself as I kicked a little pebble as hard as possible. I watched it go airborne for a few seconds and saw it land right on the top of the castle’s rubble.
In a split second, I saw pebble begin to shake and then I felt the ground below me begin to shake. “What the hell!” I shouted. I then heard Zelda gasp as a wall of fire surrounded me and the rubble. The wall completely separated me from Link, Zelda, the fairies, and Lux.
My attention was quickly turned back to the pile of rubble as something burst from beneath it all. It was a bit hard to see in the dark, but I recognized the form after squinting my eyes.
“What the hell?” I said aloud and looked up at Ganondorf’s body. I could hear him breathing as he struggled to stay in the air. His eyes were lit up and a small smile crept on his face. He held up his right hand and showed me the Triforce of Power. Then he curled up and released a bright light which was so strong that I turned away to shield my eyes.
I heard a huge object hit the ground and turned back to see this monstrous, pig nosed thing standing before me. It hand huge, buff arms and was equipped with two swords, one for each hand. This monster had long flowing red hair, huge ass horns and hooves the size of two Mini-Coopers. It was big, hairy, and smelled like shit.
“You have got to be kidding me,” I shouted as the pig monster looked at me with its glowing eyes. It responded to my statement by roaring in my face. Saliva flew from its mouth as the odor of its breath seeped into my nostrils. Though I was covered in spit, I unsheathed my Master Sword and jumped backwards to give him a little room.
“Alright asshole,” I said, “if you keep coming for more, I’ll give you more.”
And, in a total dick move, this thing swung on of its sword in my direction and unarmed me. I watched as my Master Sword flung through the air, the light of the fire reflecting off its blade, and saw it land right in front of Zelda and Link.
I turned to face this thing, the thing that Ganondorf had become. My palms were sweating as I nervously pulled on my skirt. My lip quivered as Ganondorf pulled his hand back in preparation to kill me with one swipe. He must have decided to play around with me a bit however, because he basically punched me just so I could fly right into a small wall from the castle that still stood.
I felt a surge of pain go through my body as I fell to the ground. I had to keep going, so I jumped right up and faced the beast. He moved slowly so he wasn’t even close to me when I jumped back into the battle. I scanned the monster’s body to see if I could find some sort of weakness, but I couldn’t. I looked over to see Link with both Master Swords in hand, waiting for his moment to jump in.
“Ashley,” I heard Zelda shout over the crackling of the flames. “Use the light arrows to stun him!”
“Then what?” I shouted back.
There was a pause until she said, “I don’t know! Think of something.”
I took out my bow and pulled a light arrow out of my quiver. The arrow was covered in gold and the arrow head was glowing brightly. I took a shot in the dark, literally, and aimed for Ganon’s huge nose. Even in his beast form, he still had that honker, which provided me with an easy target.
I hit him square in the nose and he fell to the ground. I heard him drop one of his swords as he rubbed his face. I knew that was my chance to do something, but what? I looked at his body again to see a big, hairy tail waving violently in the air.
“Bingo,” I said aloud to myself and rushed over to Ganondorf’s pig body. He was hunched over, so I jumped on his head and then ran across his back to get to his tail. I grabbed ahold of it and held on for dear life as I was flung around in the air. The only thing I could think of doing was biting his tail, so I opened wide and bit right into the hairy sucker. I sent some electric charge through it as well, just for a nice added effect.
Before I knew it, Ganondorf grabbed my puny body with his huge hand and held me right in front of his face. I dangled and kicked, trying to get him to let go. He just laughed and roared in my face again, which caused me to be bathed in his wet, hot saliva once more. He then tried to head butt me, but I grabbed one of his horns and held on.
Ganondorf had let go of me and started to shake his head around. I held on to the curved horn and tried to look for another opening of attack, but it was difficult, seeing as I was flying through the air and couldn’t focus on something for one second. I let go on a whim and ended up grabbed onto a piece of cloth…his loincloth.
I had no idea what was under there, but Ganon already had an unfair advantage, so why the hell not. I used his loincloth to propel my feet right into his groin. He roared in pain as I evacuated the area to try and keep myself was being stepped on.
I looked back at Link and Zelda to see Zelda holding her hands together. Her Triforce of Wisdom was glowing as she put on a concentrated expression. Suddenly, the wall of fire disappeared.
“Hurry Link,” she said, “I can’t hold his power back much longer.”
Link nodded and ran to my side, throwing my sword at me. I grabbed it in the air and faced Lord Ganon, who was now recovering from his ‘injury.’ I looked over at Link and smiled a bit and he gave me a forced smile. I hated how awkward we were, but we had to put emotions aside and get to business.
“You jump off of my body and get him right in the head,” Link said quickly.
“Uh,” I said as a rush of adrenaline bolted through my body and millions of thoughts surged through my mind. Link just nodded at me and ran. I shook my head quickly and tried to focus on the situation.
I chased after him and, when he was three feet away from Ganon, he knelt down and I jumped on his shoulders. I kicked up and met in a daring gaze with Lord Ganon as time seemed to freeze. His eyes were glowing with fury, but I saw fear beneath them. Ganondorf, whether he was an Evil King, or an ugly pig, knew that this was over. With my Master Sword above my head, I plunged the blade right in the middle of his forehead.
He began to swing his arms furiously and ended up knocking me backwards. My body hit the rubble and slid as Lord Ganon let out a huge roar. Blood started to spurt from his mouth as he fell to the ground. After all of that however, he was still breathing.
I held my head as I saw an arm reach out to help me up. I saw Link’s dirty, scratched up face, but his beautiful, blue eyes were still glowing. I grabbed his hand and let him pull me up. We rushed over to Ganon’s body and pulled my sword out of his head. Right after I did that, a beam of light came from behind us and covered Ganon’s body.
“Hurry you two,” I heard Zelda say as she stretched out her arms to keep him down. “I can’t hold him down much longer. Use the power of both Master Swords to end this now!”
Link was on my right side as out blades touched. I smiled again and pulled my sword back. He did the exact same thing. With our blades close together and the back of our hands touching, we thrust our swords into Ganondorf’s skull at the same time.
When I withdrew my blade, blood was dripping off of it. Ganon had gone into a huge fit and began flailing his arms around as he roared to the sky. Link and I walked back as Zelda stood in front of him.
“Your reign of terror has ended,” she shouted and held up her hands. A ball of light blue light filled the area and all I remembered was hearing Ganondorf let out a final scream right before I lost my senses.
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