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1.Tell me all your secrets.

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Dean has a huge secret.Well two little ones and a big one.

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I heard Dean's phone go off when I was researching for the latest case.
It was just after one am now and we were both still awake...barely.
Dean cautiously looked at me before picking up his cellphone and answering it.
"Hey.You're calling late," he said to the person on the other end.
He smiled,despite the tired look on his face.
"That's great," he said,laughing slightly.
"We'll be in town in a couple of days...I'll see you then," he said.
I swear he whispered 'I miss you too,' to the person on the other end before hanging up.
He looked like a kid on Christmas...and a proud dad all in the same expression.
I knocked on the door,waiting for an answer.
I smiled,nervous when the door opened.
She pulled me into a tight hug.
Nikita Nikita.
"You're back."
We both knew it was always only temporary.
"I missed you,Nikki," I told her.
I heard footsteps and then a little girl peered out from behind Nikita's legs,in her pjama's.
She looked up at me with her bright blue much like her mother.
"Hey,Maggie," I said.
"Daddy!" she exclaimed.
I picked her up when she stepped towards me.
"Hey,baby girl," I said.
She was only two and already so mature.
"You wanna come in now? I'm sure you'll wanna see Matty too," Nikki said.
I smiled,"Of course.Has he been behaving?"
"He always crying,daddy," Meghan told me matter-of-factly.
"Is that right,Maggie Q?" I asked her,smiling cheekily.
Maggie nodded.
Nikki led the way into the lounge.
I settled down on the couch and Maggie climbed off my lap and sat beside me.
Nikki came in with our little boy in her arms.
Maggie moved over so Nikki could sit between us with Matty.
Nikki carefully put Matty in my arms.
Our baby boy looked up at me with wonder in his green eyes.
He settled against my chest.
He was barely four months and still so observant.
I smiled and felt a head on my chest.
I smiled when I saw it was Nikki and that Maggie was on her lap,snuggling against her momma.
It was pretty late...since I'd had to sneak out of the motel when Sammy was asleep.
Maggie rubbed at her eyes tired.
"You ready for bed,Maggie Q?" I asked.
She nodded,tired.
I saw little Matty's eyes were closed.
"Better get you two to bed then," I said quietly.
Nikki picked up Maggie and stood.
I followed her to Matty's nursery.
I carefully put Matty in his crib,pulling the blanket up to keep him warm.
"Night Matty," Nikki whispered.
Maggie blew him a kiss.
I pulled the string on the music box and a quiet,calm tune played out.
I followed Nikki into Maggie's room and she put our little girl into her bed.
"Sleep tight,baby girl," Nikki whispered and kissed Maggie's forehead.
"Night momma.Night daddy," Maggie said quietly.
"Night, my sweet girl," Nikki whispered.
Dean's phone rang when he was in the shower.
The name Nikki was on the caller i.d.
I answered in,thinking it could just be another hunter.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Daddy?" It was a little girl's voice on the other end.
"Who is this?" I asked.
"Meghan Quinn Winchester," the little girl replied,"Where's my daddy?"
"What's your daddy's name?" I asked,curious.
"Dean Winchester," she replied.
I was shocked.
I heard a door open behind me.
"You answered my phone?" It was Dean.
I turned to him,phone away from my ear.
"Who's Meghan?" I asked,"She says she's your daughter."
He took the phone from me.
"Maggie? That you?" he asked,"What's wrong?"
He face lit up with relief. "Yeah...I'm coming over tonight."
A pause.
"That was my brother...your uncle Sammy," he told her.
A pause.
"I suppose I could bring him." "I don't know when either of your grand-papas' are going to visit."
"Love you too,Maggie Q," he said,"See you tonight."
He ended the call and turned to me.
"Do you want to meet them?"
"Maggie,Matty and Nikki," he replied.
"You have more than one kid?"
"Yeah.Maggie and Matty. Nikki is their mother...Bobby's daughter," he replied.
I was shocked."Why didn't you tell me?"
"I guess I didn't know how to."
Notes: Maggie's full name is Meghan Quinn Winchester and Matty's is Matthew Alexander Winchester. And yes, I did get Maggie Q and Nikita from the CW's Nikita.
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