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2.Meeting the family.

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Dean's face lit up when he opened the door and this beautiful,dark haired,blue eyed woman was revealed when the door opened.
Her eyes flickered to me.
"It's Sam,right?" she questioned.
I smiled slightly,"Yeah."
"I'm Nikita." Her latina accent was faint but easy to pick up on.
I smiled smally,"nice to meet you."
She looked at Dean.
"Come on in...I don't bite,"she said.
Dean laughed lightly,"Sure you don't."
She led us into the lounge.
"You boys want a beer?" she asked.
I nodded.
"Sure," Dean said.
She went into the kitchen.
I sat on the armchair and Dean sat on the couch.
A little girl ran in,with light brown hair and bright blue eyes.
"Hey,Maggie Q," Dean smiled when she clambered up onto the couch beside him.
"Hi Daddy," she said.
Her gaze fell on me.
"Are you my uncle Sammy?" she asked,voice full of wonder.
"Yes," I replied,smiling smally.
Nikki came back in and gave me and Dean a beer each.
The cold glass surface sent a cold shiver through me.
"Thanks," I mumbled.
She gave me a smally smile.
"Momma...Matty is awake," Maggie piped up.
"Dean...can you get him? I have to check on dinner," Nikki questioned.
"Yeah...sure," he replied.
He set his beer on the coffee table and stood,walking out.
Maggie kept looking at me with curiosity once Nikki walked back into the kitchen.
Dean soon came back in,a smally bundle in his arms.
"You wanna hold him,Sammy?" Dean asked me.
Dean carefully put him in my arms.
The baby boy looked up at me with bright green eyes.
"How old is he?" I asked.
"Four months."
"And Maggie?"
"Two years old."
Matty reached a hand up towards my face.
"Hey,Matty," I said quietly.
He smiled,squealed.
"I think he likes his Uncle Sammy," Dean said,smiling.
I chuckled quietly.
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