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Chapter 5

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"So what did you do about this weirdo trying to blackmail you?" Erin asked the next day at school. By the looks of it, Erin reckons they're just going to give up straight away.
"I emailed them," I told her "But they haven't replied yet."
"What exactly did you say?"
"I asked them what they wanted me to do to be quiet."
Erin smirked "What if it's something totally embarrasing?"
"I sure hope it won't be."
Erin was about to reply when suddenly she stopped and grinned at me instead. I looked around to see why she was grinning so widely and realised why. Autumn was coming over to us right now. I blushed bright red as she sat down next to me.
"Hey Mikey," She smiled "Did you get my note?" Autumn was as red as I was which comforted me a little.
I nodded "Thanks. It was really sweet."
Autumn nodded, getting even redder "Oh. Okay. I'll leave you alone now."
Erin nudged me in the ribs so I said quickly "I really like you too."
Autumn blushed again, smiled at me and then ran off.
As soon as she was out of hearing distance Erin turned to me and said "She fancies you!"
"No she doesn't," I told her but inside I was thinking 'Oh my god Autumn fancies me!'
"She does." Erin was silent for a while before asking "Hey, if Autumn left you a note in your bedroom... Then is she the one 'scaring' you?"
"No way," I said firmly "Not Autumn. She wouldn't do something like that."
"How do you know?"
"Ask anyone," I laughed "Autumn's too innocent for anything like that."
"Exactly. Which makes her the perfect criminal that no one would suspect!"
"You watch too much CSI." I laughed. But inside I was thinking 'Wow, she's kind of right... What if Autumn did do this?'

"Hey losers," Aubree greeted us. Gerard had invited her over but then decided he wanted some beer. So he left her here with me and Hayley while he went to get some "What are you doing?"
"We're playing Sonic," Hayley told her "Duh!"
"Why did Gerard leave me here with you two?"
"I don't know," I shrugged "Because he's going to meet up with his secret girlfriend?"
I said it as a joke but Aubree suddenly got really upset "Are you... Are you serious?"
"No, of course not you silly."
"Promise me?"
"He bloody promises!" Hayley snapped "Now shut up Aubree, I wanna kick Mikey's ass..."
"We're on the same team you straightbo!"
"What's a straighbo?" Aubree asked.
"Instead of a gaybo," Hayley explained "We say straightbo."
"That's stupid." Aubree commented, sitting back and pulling her mobile phone "I hate babysitting."
"You're not babysitting." I told her angrily "We're old enough to look after ourselves."
"Why don't you go sit in Gerard's room Aubree?"
"Yeah, that sounds fun!" Aubree said sarcastically "I don't understand this game. Who's the little blue guy?"
Hayley paused the game and turned round to face Aubree. She looked furious. Hayley that is, not Aubree. Aubree looked kind of scared "Who's the little blue guy?" Hayley repeated "WHO'S THE LITTLE BLUE GUY?"
"Calm down kiddiewink." Aubree laughed but she sounded kind of worried.
"That, is Sonic the hedgehog!" Hayley yelled at her "How do you not know who Sonic the hedgehog is?"
"Because I'm not a total geek like you," She hissed "Get back to your game losers."
Hayley turned back to the TV, totally fuming angry. She glared at me "I blame you for this."
"For what?"
"For Aubree not knowing who Sonic is."
"I see how that makes sense."
"Good, we're on the same page then."
"Mikey..." I turned to look at Aubree. She seemed fairly amused "Um, do you have a Blackberry?"
"No." I told her "Why?"
"Well, look at this." Aubree handed her Blackberry over. I looked at the screen and turned white.
Someone had broadcasted over BBM a picture of me, when I was three, learning to use the potty. And the caption underneath read - Mikey Way learning to use the potty. Just in case no one knew who it was.
"W-Who sent you this?"
"Dunno," Aubree said, taking her phone back "I've added a bunch of random strangers on BBM. I don't really talk to this person much."
Hayley had seen the picture too "Wow. Someone's a bit of a pedo."
"Are you calling me a pedo?" I asked her "For using the potty?"
"No, the person that stole the picture and broadcasted it is a pedo." Hayley told me, like it was obvious. Which I guess it was.

"But I thought you said that everything else was still in your box?" Erin asked, looking confused.
"It was!" I told her "This means that someone has been back and taken something."
"Reckon it could be Aubree?" Erin shrugged "I mean she was here today and at the party."
"Well yeah," I shrugged "And she does hate me. But would she have been as obvious as to show me?"
"I don't know, Aubree is pretty dumb."
"It's too obvious!" I told her "It's going to be the last person we suspect, I reckon."
"Actually, it's usually the most obvious person." Aubree said "Like when you're little you try to find the harder places to hide in hide and seek because the person seeking looked in all the obvious places first? Well when you grew up a little, you started hiding in the obvious places because you knew that the person seeking wouldn't bother to look there."
"You have a point," I said "But no one ever played hide and seek with me. Gerard thought it was lame and when Hayley was old enough to play, I didn't want to anymore."
"You had a depressing childhood Mikey. Sorry to say."
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