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Chapter 6

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Mikey tries to think who it might be - Short chapter, so sorry :'(

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I got an email back.
It was five days after I emailed them. I wasn't really expecting a reply by then but I was checking my email because I had entered a badass competition and I wanted to see if I had won. And then I realised that I'd recieved an email off Jack My Swag.
All it said was 'Revenge'.
What had I done to deserve this? Who would want to get revenge on me? I don't understand.
On a brighter note, the same day Autumn spoke to me. She was dead sweet "I like your tee-shirt today Mikey."
"Thank you."
Fool! Why didn't you ask her out on a date? She'd probably have said yes! You could be with her now instead of sitting in your bedroom trying to figure out who wants revenge on you. Then again I guess figuring out who's trying to ruin my life is a little more important than dating Autumn at the moment.
Maybe it was Aubree? I mean she hated me, she was at the party when my first piece of paper disappeared and she was at my house when my photo was passed around BBM. But she had shown me the picture. Well she knew I didn't have a Blackberry and obviously she'd want me to know that my photo was going round. But it just seems too obvious to be Aubree.
It's seeming less likely that it's Bert. It seemed like something he'd do but how would he get the photo the second time?
Unless Bert was paying someone to get the information from me. Aubree? No, she'd never be able to keep something like this to herself. Hayley? No, she's my little sister and she doesn't care about money. ... Gerard?
Gerard would like money. He likes being alcohol and drugs, he pays some nerds to do his homework and I know he'd do some crazy things for money. I was worried he'd start robbing people for their money... But would he really take such personal things from me? Of course not.
So who could it be...?
What bad things had I done over the past couple of weeks? I couldn't think of anything bad I'd done.

"Wanna come on a date with me Autumn?"
"Oh, okay!"
I sat back in disbelief... Did my own brother just ask out my crush?

[A/N] - Sorry to cut this chapter short but it's 12.44AM and I'm exhausted D':
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