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Chapter 7

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Gerard tells Mikey his plans for Autumn.

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"Why did you ask her out on a date?" I screamed at Gerard the moment he got home from school. I'd ran home to avoid seeing Gerard with Autumn. And I wanted to be here when Gerard got home so that it'd look cooler.
"What are you on about?" He asked me, raising an eye-brow.
"You've got a girlfriend!" I snapped "So why'd you ask out Autumn?"
Gerard thought about it for a moment before laughing "It's none of your business Mikey."
"I really like her! I yelled at him "What is with you?"
"Alright..." Gerard sat down opposite me on the bed "I've been dating Aubree for a long time, right? And it's going nowhere?"
"What do you mean going nowhere?"
"I mean that we both still have our virginity."
I gaped at him "A-And you think that Autumn is going to have sex with you?"
"Come on, Autumn isn't the kind of girl to argue."
I shook my head in disgust "Gerard, you can't do this. You don't even like her. You thought it was soooo funny when she asked you out."
"I don't care, I want s-"
"Yeah, yeah. But wouldn't it be better to have it with Aubree?"
"Yes it would! Then your first time would actually matter!"
Gerard laughed "Mikey, no one's first time actually matters unless you're like sixty and you're going to stay with them for the rest of your life. The chances of me staying with the first girl I have sex with, whether it's Aubree or Autumn, won't be high. Nobody's first time actually 'matters'"
I took a deep breath "Okay but don't pull Autumn into this. She deserves a lot better than you."
Gerard snorted "Like you? You're not better than me Mikey."
I glared at him before chucking a pillow at his head "If you take her on a date tonight then I'll tell Mom all sorts of things that I promised to keep a secret."
I hate turning into the telltale of a little brother but I really care about Autumn. I don't want her regretting her time with Gerard. Fuck it, I don't even want Autumn going out with Gerard at all.
Gerard glared at me "Fine. I'll break it to Autumn that I can't date her because my dork of a little brother won't let me."
"I'll tell her about you wanting sex."
"Which one of us do you really think she'll believe?"
"I'm more trustworthy than you."
"Does Autumn know that?"
"I'll get Erin to back me up."
"What makes you think Erin will believe you?"
"We're best friends." I glared at him "Just tell Autumn it's cancelled. Otherwise Mom will know all sorts of things that she wasn't supposed to. Got it?"
I ran upstairs, completely pissed off. How could he use her like that? Did Aubree know that he was using another girl for sex? And if she did, did she care?
"Mikey?" Hayley came walking into my room without knocking. As usual "Do you wanna play Spyro?"
"I thought that was a one player game."
"Fine. Do you wanna watch me play Spyro?"
I sighed "Fine, I've got nothing better to do."
For an hour I sat in my living room watching Hayley play Spyro. Suddenly, Autumn came storming into the living room "Mikey, why did you tell Gerard not to go on the date with me tonight?"
I stared at her for a second before replying "I didn't. I told Gerard not to force you into having sex. Then he decided there was no point having the date."
Autumn's eyes filled with tears and she ran off crying. Hayley turned round to look at me "Dude, that was not the right thing to say."
I got up and ran outside to follow Autumn. She was standing by a car, holding a piece of paper. She turned to look at me "Mikey... This is on every car on the street."
I walked over and took the piece of paper from her. Of course it was another one of my emotional pieces of paper. And it said...
Aubree is a total slut. I know for a fact she cheated on Gerard but I obviously can't tell him that. Not because I care about Gerard but because I want to see the look on his face when he knows that his girlfriend has been cheating on him for ages.
Down the road, I saw Gerard taking the piece of paper from a random car. I ran inside, totally ashamed. Gerard was going to kill me later.
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