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Let's be real for just one second

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This is the new chapter! I have a slight plan for how this one will end before i start on another and im really sorry if this story is sucking majorly! Thankyou so much for all of your wonderful support and reading! It really means so much! :) x

Gerards POV
" Gerard, what?"
I had just blurted out something i was going to regret.
" It's okay Mom. It's nothing." I try to struggle but she grabs hold of my forearm with both of her hands. She sees the tears and her face turns ghostly.
" He...raped you?" She whispered in disbelief.
I could not answer, i fell to the floor as she cried too. Stroking my hair and repeating over and over again " My poor baby, why didn't you tell me before?"
She had just returned from the Toro's, another fight had erupted over me becoming a father and i just happened to blurt out the most shameful thing that has ever happened to me in my life. And now? My mother's heart is broken. I've ruined yet another life.

Elizas POV
"Isaac, i don't want to. He got what he deserved." I protest. Isaac has some plot to get revenge on the Way family although in honesty, the parents and Mikey are okay. It's just Gerard i can't stand. I liked him before, but i worked out he was using me to get to Frankie. It became really obvious as time passed. Nobody messes with me and gets away with it. I was brought up to be strong, unlike my mother. She was beaten daily by my stepfather, i was scared to help her, too little to protect her. I'm definitely having this baby though, the one thing i need above all strengths and satisfaction is love. Real Love, the sort you find in books. I didn't have that in my childhood, I didn't find it in Gerard and Isaac just wants easy sex whenever he likes. I never protest because he'll hurt me, won't he? I'm going to give my baby all the love it deserves, and then i'll know exactly what love is and what it feels like. The baby isn't going to be a Way. The Baby's father is Isaac. We may be in a sort of relationship now, but when this baby was concieved i was simply his slave. I thought it was real, but clearly it wasn't. I want Gerard to raise my child though. He's the next nearest date and so it works out. Nobody would suspect any paternity issues. And he'd have a more stable life. He could have the baby every weekend and he'd be kind to the baby too. We could pass him or her through our parents. He never wants to see me again and in honesty, i never want to see him again either. Because i'm reminded of who i really am and exactly what i lost all because of one flaw. My Envy.

Ooh! Last few chapters to go before the explosive ending! It's not a happy one! But my next story is well underway and i'm rooting for some happiness in that one! As long as a better plot hopefully! Thankyou for reading! :) x
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