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Don't give up...yet

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AAHHH! So after this chapter there will be another three and then i will be beginning a new Frerard that has a more pleasant outcome! I'm sorry to do this to you all and i hope nobody feels sad after reading the final chapter! Oh! And in the next Frerard i'm thinking of bringing Eliza in for the beginning but if y'all don't like Eliza she can easily be taken away! Thankyou for all the support! :) x

Gerards POV
Three days with no Frankie. Lots of schoolwork and job hunting but no Frank. No texts, no calls, no e-mails and no hugs. That was the saddest part for me. But today Mom was heading over to see Bett and little Grace and Mikey was spending today with Alicia, so i was heading over there to see Frank. I know he'll understand. We weren't together when Eliza got pregnant and he is caring. He will listen to me, he's one of the few people that always have. When the baby comes, i'm going to ask Frank to be the godfather. Eliza has no say, i think she owes me the right to my child and owes me the chance to build life around my son or daughter. Thats another thing i'm planning on doing today. Going over to Eliza's house and talking about arrangements for our baby. Our baby. I wish i could say that with Frank. The thought of Eliza being the mother to my child repulses me. What if she abuses our child? What if she neglects him or her? What if she resents the one thing that needs her most? I refuse to allow that for the baby. I will fight for full custody. It's time to speak out. Tell my secret. Get this done and dusted. Get that bitch out of my life, once and for all.

Donnas POV
"Gerard honey?" I knock on his door shaking.
I explained everything to Don about what he had to go through and he was absolutely livid. It took all of his willpower to stop him from going round there and smashing that dreadful girls face in. I knew she was trouble from the start, but she was making Gerard happy or so i thought and so i pushed all my doubts aside and grew to liking the girl a little bit. A little bit being an understatement in honesty. She wasn't good enough for him, she was just not generous enough. She didn't match his compassion and didn't share his interests or things he loved. She always seemed to want want and want. Yet she never gave anything. Unless it was agony, torment or some vile disease. My thoughts were interrupted by my first born and beautiful baby Gee.
" Yes Mom." He said peering from behind his door.
" Your father is at work and Mikeys left already. Can i come in for just a second? We're going to the Toro's soon?" I say trying to maintain my composure.
He lets go of the door and i walk in and sit on his bed, patting the space next to me as he joins me.
" Listen Son, i wasn't sure you wanted to do this. But i had to do it. Please understand that. I've gone to the police about Eliza and today they're going to arrest her and that friend of hers. They need to carry out an examination on you later today and they need you to make a statement." I say putting a hand on top of his.
" What?! Mom i was going to do that when i was ready! In my own time!" He started to cry. I hated seeing him like that. His gorgeous eyes filled with tears and his face distorted in both of our torments. This wasn't like when he was little. I couldn't simply give him a cuddle and put a plaster on him to make it all better anymore. He wasn't a child anymore, but he was still my little soldier. And little soldiers need to be healed. I cannot explain how it feels when your own needs you, yet you are powerless. And so in my failure and in his despair, we sat and cried together. I couldn't pretend i was bulletproof anymore.

Aww poor Momma Way! Thankyou for reading lovelies! :)
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