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chapter twenty seven

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I think you all know what to expect by now...

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NOTE. I am writing this through tears, knowing that my beloved story is almost finished. Anyway, I hope you like this, there will probably be about maybe two, possibly three chapters left, depending on how much I write in them. I hope you like this chapter, please let us know if you do.
Toxic Faith`s pov.
I don`t know what it was about this girl-Screaming Revolver, but I already liked her. It was strange as I normally didn’t trust people straight away, but I could tell that she genuinely cared, and Rose and Skyes seemed to like her as well.
“So, erm, we`ll be there in about twenty minutes if all goes well.” She tells us without looking at us, gun held out in front of her, nervously biting her lip. I felt sorry for her; she was young still, younger than me. Of course she was older than Skyler, but she was still in my eyes a kid. Then again, most of us still were, but we had been forced to grow up and fight, there was no longer any time for childhood, not that I had had much of one anyway. We had all been forced to accept this strange, horrid reality, one that before all this shit had happened was the kind of stuff you would read or see in films. The while evil corporation taking over everything, the rebels-us, fighting back and winning. Only, this wasn’t fiction, this was real, and we weren’t even sure we would win.
“Rosie, I`m sleepy.” Skylar yawns, tightening his already tight grip on Rose`s hand. Sighing she reaches down and tries to pick him up. Screaming Revolver turns to look at us from over her shoulder, and I catch her smiling slightly at us.
“Cute kid.” She mutters under her breath, so quiet I think I`m the only one who heard it. It was true-Skylar was adorable. He had black and blonde hair, cut into lots of different layers, that fell to just above his small shoulders. His eyes and facial structure was very similar to Rose`s and he had the biggest smile imaginable, despite growing up in this god awful world. I don`t think that he even remembered what life was like before though, and I had to admit I really envied him of that. It may sound twisted, as he still was in this shithole of a world, but at least he had nothing to compare it to. He didn’t remember how life had been before for most kids, not me though; my parents had never liked me. But most kids had a great childhood, they grew with loving families, a nice house to go home to, they were so carefree. Then it all changed into what you see today, courtesy of Bl/ind fucking ruining everything. They say everything is perfect, they wouldn’t know perfect if it turned up and bit `em on the ass.
“Will it be much further, Screaming Revolver?” I hear Rose ask, breaking the silence. I hadn’t really noticed it though, I had been so consumed with my thoughts, most of which, if not all of them unwanted.
“I don’t mean to be rude or to seem ungrateful, it’s just my brother is all but falling asleep.” I look over at Skylar, eyes just barely open as his sister half carried him.
“I’ll take him.” I offer, holding out my arms, shocked myself at how bony they were.
“No, I`m fine, you need to keep hold of the knife Screaming gave you.” I knew the reason she refused, the real one, I`m sure Screaming did too, Rose thought I was too weak. I would never admit it to anyone or say it out loud, but I probably was.
“No we won’t have to walk much further.” Screaming looks up at sky, a worried look on her face. I copy her and see the thing we had been dreading most. The sky was a pinkish colour-the sun was in the process of rising.
“Actually, I think that`s the place over-guns out.”
“What?” She shushes us, gun held out in front of her, ready to fire. Moving to stand in front of Rose and Skyler, I look to where Screaming was pointing. There was a figure standing there, gun pointed at us, ready to shoot.
Grace`s pov.
Static Willow leads me outside, not actually holding my hand like Raven probably would have done, or like I know Jet or the other would have done, but she stays close to me. We don’t walk far, in fact we probably only walk a few metres away from the hideout.
“Grace, the sun will be up in a few minutes, look.” She points up at the pinkish sky, and I gasp in awe. The sky was just so pretty. I had seen a sunrise once before with the fabulous killjoys, it was actually the first time I had ever met them. We had been running away from some masked things I later learned were called draculoids or dracs, and the sun was just beginning to rise. I was only very little then, but I remember it clearly. I watched in awe as the sky had changed colours, eyes wide as the orange, yellow sun came into view.
“Wow.” Willow agrees with me.
“It`s so amazing, eh Grace?” I nod. “That even with all this shit going on.” It feels weird to have someone swear and to not hear Jet tell them off. He would always have a go at Poison for swearing in front of me, saying I was too young to hear it. It drove Poison mental, not that he wasn’t mental already.
Even whilst all this bad is happening, it’s amazing to see something like this, something so pure and, well, beautiful.” Willow gazes up at the sky in awe, and I smile. I had never seen this side of her before, she rarely spoke and I knew she wasn’t much of a people person. It was nice to see it, for her to let her guard down for once.
“Will they be here soon?” she had said that if we waited outside for them we would see them coming, but we hadn’t so far.
Willow smiles sadly, about to say something when she pushes me to the floor, then urges me to get behind her, to stay low.
“I see people.” Was her sharp answer, her guard was back up again, she was no focus solely on finding out if the people were friends or not, and destroying them if they were not.
“Willow” I tug on her arm, “It`s Jinx.”
Kobra`s pov.
Poison had been gone ages; I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little worried. He was probably still with Ji-Screaming, but still. I guess part of what was worrying me was where all of the dracs were retreating to. Sure, there were still plenty here for us to deal with, but where were the others going.
Ghoul and Jet look over to me, having just worked to kill of a bunch of dracs together. I know that if the situation was not so serious they would have stopped for a moment to high five, but they ran over to help me, kicking the bodies of some of the fallen dracs on their way.
One by one, the last of them fall to the floor, which now resembled a burial ground or a pit used to dispose of dead bodies.
“We. Killed. `Em. All.” Ghoul says in between pants while Jet looks around cautiously, never dropping his gun.
“Quick, this way.” I tell t hem, pointing to the direction where the dracs had been heading. It was also where the screams of what I presumed was the other Killjoys was loudest. I prayed that they were all still alive.
We run down the corridor, shooting a few waste of space dracs on the way that tried to stop us. I would feel something that slightly resembled guilt later, but would tell myself that it was necessary, which it was. But still, all this killing did take its toll, even if it was evil, brainwashed things you were killing.
What we saw when we reached the main fight was…words can`t describe it…
“LET ME GO!” Bee screams, struggling against the evil, soulless, bald waste of space that was Korse. He had an extremely tight grip on her, and was holding a plain white ray gun to her temple. Despite all her struggles she couldn’t get free. All the other killjoys are either unable to reach them, due to the fact that there had to be at least twenty dracs surrounding him or they were a little busy fighting for their lives.
I barely knew Blondie Valentine, or Bee as we all called her, but I couldn’t let him kill her, just like I couldn’t let anyone else die. Jet and Ghoul both felt the same; we had to do something, even if it meant we would die in the process.
“LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!” Ghoul screams recklessly. Me and Jet give him a look, a “What the fuck did ya do that for look” as the fighting suddenly stops as everyone, all the killjoys and the dracs, even Korse, turn to look (or glare) at us. And here I was hoping we wouldn’t be noticed until we had gotten close enough to shoot. Shit…
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