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chapter twenty six

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Bad writing, fighting, cursing-the usual.

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NOTE, hey everyone, hope you still like this. It WILL Be doen soon, I`m going on holiday in three weeks and plan to have this finished by then. I¬m sad to see it go but then I`ll have more time for my other stories and to work on new ones. SO, let me know what ya think, hope you like this,
Normal pov
“hi, so...err…um…”Jinx rolled her eyes, Poison had such a command over the English language it was unreal.
“We`ll show you t o a place not too far way from here, you`ll all be safe there.” I smile reassuringly at the three killjoys, who still looked pretty shocked to see us here.
“Thanks, but someone we know is still in there, so are more killjoys.” The abnormally thin, blue and blacked haired guy who had been introduced as Toxic Faith told us, glancing back over his bony shoulder.
“That will be out friends and possibly the guy we came too rescue.” She tells him. The girl smiled at me gratefully, keeping a tight grip on her brother’s small hand.
“Alright, then, follow me, Poison, you stay here and keep watch for the others.” He stares at me, jaw threatening to drop. You would think he knew me well enough not to question me by now, but it turns out he didn’t.
“Screamin` you ain` t going out into the zones lone at night.”
“And where I am now is so much safer.” I reply sarcastically, gesturing with my arms to the prison/death camp we were standing outside of. Poison sighs, running a hand through his hair, I knew he wasn’t happy with me, but he knew that I was right.
“At least here you have me to help protect you, these two can`t they have no weapons.” Jinx smile slyly and reaches into her back pocket. everyone watched as she pulled out two bloodstained old knives, which gleamed silver in the pale moonlight.
“where did you-“
“A dying killjoy gave `em to me a few months ago, I tried to help but…”
“I know.” Poison places his hand on her shoulder for a moment, trying to comfort her. “Fine, you go show them the base, I`ll stay here and wait. But for fucks sake be careful.” If anything happened to Jinx, or the three other killjoys, he would never forgive himself.
“C`mon, this way. Stay in the shadow of the building, then they can`t see ya.”Screaming Revolver waved to her friend once, before leading Toxic Rose, Toxic Faith and Skylar back to the base where Grace, Willow, Sulphur and Raven were.
“Bye, Bye!” Skyler waved, happy to be getting out of that place.
“Be safe.” Poison whispered, but the others didn’t hear him, they were already o far away. he couldn’t get over the fact that Bl/ind had held captive a little kid. It was terrible enough to do that to someone older, but Rose`s little brother couldn’t be more than six or seven years old. If they had done that, what else had they done? Poison decided that it wasn`t worth thinking about.
Jinx`s pov.
“So, erm, we`re nearly there, right?” the girl with red and black hair-Toxic Rose asks, biting her lip, still gripping her brothers hand tightly. I couldn’t blame her for this; it was so easy to get lost out in the zones without a map, especially at night. Not to mention if there were any dracs out on patrol, or something even worse. There were animals too, very few and far between but a few had been spotted. Poison seems to think that before experimenting on humans, Bl/ind used animals, but somehow they had escaped. Now, normal animals that you found in deserts were bad enough, but mutant t ones…
“We`re nearly there.” I tell them, turning right at a large, just visible rock half buried in the sand, on the way to the hell that was BL/ind we had all stopped to rest there.
“will….will they, ya know, like us?” Toxic Faith asks, chewing on his lip, fiddling with the silver piercing on the left of it occasionally. It was beginning to get light, the sun would soon be up and I knew, as I`m sure they did, was if we were still out in the zones when this happened, we would be easy prey.
Grace`s pov.
I woke up with In a fright, I thought I had heard something, turns out it was just Willow getting up to get a drink.
“Want one kid?” I smile and thank her, taking a swig of the dirt tasting water, I was so thirsty and used to it by now that I barely noticed.
“They`ll be back soon, trust me.” I had only known Willow a few days, and I knew she wasn’t much of a talker, so why she was actually starting a conversation with me, in the middle of the night, was beyond me.
“Can`t sleep huh? Me neither.” She says, before taking a long drink of water. I shake my head, knowing that Willow wouldn’t tell me to go back to bed like Raven would.
“It`ll be light soon.” She mutters to none in particular, then her face lights up. “Grace, when was the last time you seen a sunrise?”
“I saw one ages ago with…with,” I wipe away a tear, they had only been gone a short while and it already hurt to talk about them, even though they would be home soon. They would be home soon, right?
“The fabulous Killjoys. “ Willow finishes for me, grabs her jacket and heads towards the door. “C`mon kiddo, we`ll wait for `em out here, they’ll be back soon and we`ll get to see the sunrise.”
Bob`s pov.
If was fuckin terrible. Blood splattered the previously spotless floor, the lifeless bodies of dracs lay crumpled everywhere, and the screaming was enough to make mine, and anyone with a heart, blood run cold. So far we were doing quite well, no dreadful, life destroying injuries; I think the worst injury any of us had sustained so far had happened to Bullet. But that was only because she stepped in front of Bee, who was about to be shot, and quite possibly saved her life. That was just like her though, not caring weather she lived or died, just so long as her friends did. Bullet was truly one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. In so many ways she actually reminded me of my old friends and band mates, she was kind, brave, was more than a little bit crazy, had suffered a lot, and yet was still so kind.
“GET THEM!” Korse, or baldy as I like to call him, yells, and more dracs descend on us, we were now complety surrounded. uh oh. This couldn’t be good. I hadn’t even seen Korse join the dracs in the fight, I hadn’t seen him since he ordered me t be killed. I had missed the bastard terribly, obviously.
“HELP!” I freeze, one of the killjoy whose name I didn`t know, screamed, just barely audible over the shouting and gun shots. That bastard Korse had grabbed hold of her, and was now aiming a gun to her head. she was desperately trying not to shake in fear, almost as much as she was struggling to get away. but it was useless.
“LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!” I knew that voice, or at least, I used to…
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