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chapter twenty five

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NOTE. Hi, it`s been a while since I`ve updated this, sorry. I hope no-one misses me too much. (heavy sarchsm) I hope you like this story, I`ve pretty much got the endinng planned out, not sure how many more chapters there will be, probaly two or three. I hope you like this chapter,
Party Poison`s pov.
We were nearly back at Bl/ind, we could have been there by now if we weren’t being so cautious, but I wasn’t taking any chances. We walked in silence for the most part, but it was a comfortable silence, so it didn’t bother me, despite my hatred of the quiet. In my experience, when it was quiet it often meant something was going to happen, something bad. Either that or someone was thinking hard about something, quite possible something that they didn’t want you to know, something you would soon regret finding out about.
“Erm, Poison?” Jinx looked up at me from under her hair. I found it hard to think of her as Screaming Revolver, as she was still young and I wished that she didn’t have to be a part of this.
“Mmm?” we were whispering the closer we got the prison we didn’t want to be caught.
“Do you think they`ll have found him-this Bob person?” I don’t answer; I haven’t a clue what to say. Bob. I kept telling myself that it couldn’t possibly be the Bob that we had known all those years ago, we all thought he was dead, maybe even before all of this had began. I was one of those people that rarely regretted anything; I was always too busy living in the moment, but one of my only regrets was not ever finding out what happened to him, what had caused Bob to leave us.
“Poison?” Jinx is staring at me worriedly, hands held outwards as if she thought I was going to fall or needed support.
“I`m fine, it just…” I trail off, not sure what to tell her.
“You can tell me, I won’t judge, I`m your friend.” She smiles at me.
“I, we,” I corrected myself, of course talking about my brother, Ghoul and Jet. “Used to know someone called Bob.” I pause, thinking I could hear footsteps. We were now right outside the building, where we had split from the others earlier. When I realised it was nothing, me and Jinx carried on walking, trying to keep in the shadows of the building, being as quiet as possible.
“Go on.” She says as soon as we reach the hole that they had made to get inside earlier.
“We were best friends with him, and one day he…left us.” It hurt to say the words, to think about that day, even now.
Jinx gives me a brief hug and whispers in my ear, "I`m so sorry, that must have been-“
“Fucking awful, yeah.”
Silence falls around us again, broken occasionally by screaming coming from inside the building and the firing of ray guns. As each shot rings out we both wince, but stay outside as we had all decided. I could only hope that everyone was still alright, still alive. The firing becomes much more frequent and the screams even louder and more blood curdling. I look over at Jinx; she was sitting on the floor by my feet, fiddling with her gun.
“I want to go fight, Poison.” She goes to stand, but I place my hands on her shoulders and push her back down. We had ll agreed that no matter what, those on watch would not leave their posts unless they were in direct danger.
“Well, you can`t. we all agreed, you too.” It was killing me staying here, clueless as to what was happening to my brother and my friends, but we had to stay and keep watch.
“An hour has passed.” She says in a cold, dead sounding voice. I remember telling her, it seemed years ago, that I thought that if the others were not out within an hour…I mentally wince, unable to think about what I had said, praying I was wrong.
The screaming grows even louder, the sound of guns firing as well. I guess that the fighting had gotten nearer to where we were, perhaps more had joined the fight.
Suddenly Jinx gets to her feet in one swift movement, gun raised in front of her, eyes locked on the hole in the wall.
Casting her a confused, yet at the same time worried look, I too get to my feet and stand beside her.
“People coming.” I listen and this time hear the footsteps as well.
From out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of bright colour and the muttered whispers of two killjoys. I lower my gun and tell Jinx to do the same.
She gives me her famous “are you fucking crazy” look, a look it often seemed was reserved for me.
Normal pov.
After the other killjoys had run off in the opposite direction, Toxic, Rose and Skylar (who was being dragged by Rise) ran towards the exit, like they had been told to do.
“What`s that?” Rose whispered, glancing g at her best friend worriedly, thinking that the two shapes on the other side of the exit were dracs. Toxic gave her brief simile and went to investigate, despite her hushed protests.
“Rose, it`s fine. Come out.” Hesitantly she followed her friend, not sure whether to trust him or not.
She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw two other brightly dressed killjoys leaning against the wall. Party Poison and Jinx too breathed a sigh of relief, although disappointed it wasn’t one of their friends. None the less, they were glad that two killjoys had escaped, and were ready to help them in any way they could.
“I`m Party Poison. That is Screaming Revolver.” He pointed to jinx who was glaring at him slightly, though pleased he hadn’t said her real name.
“I`m Toxic Faith.” The two of them noticed that the black and blue haired boy was alarmingly thin.
“I`m Toxic Rose, this idiots best friend and Skylars.” She put her brother on the ground, arm muscles screaming in relief for a break. “Older sister.”
Normal pov still.
Back with the fabulous killjoys
Where are they going?
Kobra asked himself, concentrating on not getting shot at the same time as trying to see where some of the dracs were retreating to.
He shot a drac near Jet, giving him a questioning look then nodding over to the leaving dracs. Jet shrugged before narrowly missing a shot to the leg.

Main fight.
“Bullet, watch out!” Crimson yelled at her friend, warning her just in time. It was chaos wherever they all looked, dracs firing at them from every angle, some dead on the floor, more coming to join the fight. None of the killjoys had ever seen so many of the evil things in their lives. So far no one had been badly hurt, aside from a few minor leg or arm wounds they were all fine, but they didn’t know how long they could hold them off for before someone got badly hurt, or worse…
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