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chapter twenty four

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I think you all know what to expect by now.

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Note. Hi. SO Ive got the 1st chapter of the I don`t Love you like I did yesterday up, a new mini frerard one shot if any one reads those called "My chemical Tag" You know similar ot the others. Erm, I have four chapters of "Heaven help us" up and might update that later, just in case you feel like reading more of my stories, (If you do, may I ask if you feel alright?) Anyway,I hope you all like this, let me know if ya do,
Screaming Revolver’s pov.
I stare at Poison, mouth agape, in disbelief. How were we supposed to dispose of the body of a huge drac? People would see it. It was official, he had gone crazy.
“Get rid of it, how?”
He just shrugs, clearly unconcerned about how and motions for me to go and stand next to him. Sighing, I do, hoping I could talk some sense into him before we were caught.
“Grab hold of the feet and help me move it.” He orders, grabbing hold of the Drac`s arms that were lying limp by its side. I hesitate, something about dragging a dead body away to be buried or whatever freaked me out a little. I think any sane person would have a similar reaction.
Party Poison clearly didn’t though, so I glared at him and hesitantly, grabbed hold of the feet, shaking slightly but trying not to let it show.
“Lift.” We both lift up our end of the Drac, and start walking, me going backwards, away from the safety of the cover of the shadows surrounding the building.
“What are we going to do with it?” there were no trees or bushes to hide the body under, we had no shovels to dig a hole and we didn’t have the time and I didn’t have the strength to dig a hole deep enough, and Poison couldn’t do it alone.
After about five minutes of walking in silence, he stops and tells me to drop the body. I`m only too happy to do as I was told.
“Well?” I ask, more than a little annoyed with him, arms crossed and one eyebrow raised.
“We burn it.” He takes out his lighter that we had used earlier and holds it up proudly. In the dark I can see it shining in the moonlight, and a chill goes down my spine, realising what we were about to do. Sure, I`d killed before, but never had I had to dispose of a body.
“Do we have to? Can`t we just leave it here?” I plead with my eyes, hoping he would realise my reluctance wasn`t out of fear, but disgust. I didn’t know what burning flesh smelt like, and I had no burning desire to find out anytime soon.
“But-" seeing the look on my face he stops. “Okay, I don`t think they `ll find it out here.” Poison put the lighter away.
“Better head back.” We start walking in silence again, but it was a more comfortable one now, seeing we weren’t lugging a dead body between us.
“Erm, Jinx?”
I roll my eyes; pointless seeing it was too dark to see.
“I`m sorry, ya know, if I frightened you by wanting to burn it. I just wanted to make sure it was dead and couldn’t harm anyone.” I nod.
“I wasn`t scared, I just don’t really want to smell burning flesh, I’ve heard it isn’t very pleasant.” Poison wrinkles up his nose and I have to bite back a laugh.
“It isn`t.”
Toxic Rose`s pov.
“Keep running!” Dark Fire screams at us, narrowly missing a shot aimed t his head. How could we? How could we leave the killjoys who without even knowing us had broken us out of the cell, saving us?
“Just fucking run!”A shot just misses us and that’s when I know we had no choice. We had no weapons, we were weak and I had to make sure my little brother was safe. We had no choice but to run. We didn’t want to; it killed me to leave them here, trying to fight the dracs, trying to hold them back so we could escape. I can’t look back as I run; I feared what I might see.
“Rose, we have to run! Faster!” Toxic who is carrying Skyes in his arms tells me, urging me to run faster. I can see his thin, bony arms wrapped around him tightly, knowing this has to be hurting him.
“I can take skyes.” I tell him, after all he was my little brother and Toxic was weak as it is.
“No, just run.” He looks me straight in the eye, and I won`t lie what I saw in them scared me.
We near the end of the corridor where the exit is panting and gasping for breath.
“Take Skyes.” Toxic puts him down, and he runs straight into my arms crying silently.
“I`m going back to help.”
“No, you’re not.”
“I`d do as she says.” We both jump, only to find more killjoys- three girls and a guy.
“Exits that way.” Says a girl with black spiky hair.
“You`ll find a killjoy, maybe two if Poison is there. They’ll lead to a safe place, got it?” a very thin girl whose clothes had been covered in silver drawings told us without looking at us. She was staring straight ahead, where we had just come from.
“If you’ll excuse us.” Began the third girl. “But we have a fight to win.”
Back at the base. Grace`s pov.
“Raven?” I was sitting curled up on an old, raggedy looking chair, blanket draped over my little shoulders. It was cold, late at night and I couldn’t sleep. I was way too worried about my friends for that. What if they had been hurt, or…killed. Just thinking about it made me want to puke.
“It’ll be all alright in the morning, Gracie. Everyone will be back and you`ll see how it was pointless to worry.” Raven tell me in her most soothing voice, gently playing with my hair. Normally I hated anyone touching my hair, but I was too wrapped up in worry that I just simply didn’t care.
“How do you know?”
“She just does.” Willow smiles, fiddling with the bandage on her leg that had now healed almost completely. We knew it still hurt her, but the actual wound was almost healed, not that she ever complained about it. I really liked Willow; despite the fact I knew she wasn’t very comfortable around lots of people. I think it was `cause she had been away from her group for so long.
“Yeah, Willows right, my big sister knows everything. Now can we get some sleep?” Raven narrows her eyes at her younger brother, but says nothing.
As I close my eyes and finally drift off into a dreamless sleep, her words keep repeating in my mind.
It’ll be all alright in the morning, Gracie. Everyone will be back.
I could only hope Raven was right.
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