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chapter twenty three

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Break in, remember?

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Note. Not much to say, hope you like it. It will be over soon Cries but the MAY be a sequel to ti up some loose ends ect. So, let me know what ya think
Screaming Revolver`s pov
“Poison, what are we going to do?”
“I don`t know.” He bites his lip, confusion and fear just noticeable on his face. If I hadn`t of known him so well I probably wouldn`t have noticed it. He was good at hiding things, putting on a solid mask of strength and certainty, but in reality he was just as frightened and unsure of what might or might not happen tomorrow as the rest of us.
“I was supposed to stand guard no matter what.” He nods, looking as unhappy about it as when we had all first decided it.
“Then we wait here for the others to come back out.” He speaks in a much calmer voice than I could have ever managed, almost in a detached way. I knew differently though. It wasn`t that he didn’t care, it was most definitely not that, in fact he cared too much, that was his problem.
I watch as he leans back casually against the wall, reaching into his pocket for something, and growing angry.
“What?!” I asked him rather alarmed.
“Ghoul took my cigarettes.” He frowns, and I have to laugh, he was making such a big deal out of it.
“What, Jinx?” I narrow my eyes, no one, not even the famous Party Poison could get away with calling me by my real name.
“Chill out Ji-Screaming.” I allow myself to smile briefly seeing his worried look, realising his mistake. “God, I need a cigarette.”
Fighting back the urge to roll my eyes I reach into my pocket and pull out a beat up looking packet of them.
“Here, merry Christmas and happy birthday.” I chuck them over to him, shaking my head slightly; Poison gave the word “Addiction” a whole new meaning. I honestly think that he couldn’t go more than a handful of hours without having one cigarette.
“So…” he breathes the smoke into my face, causing me to cough slightly, something he would most definitely pay for later.
“Do you want one?” He offers the packet back to me and I take one, not wanting him to nick them all of me without being able to have one.
“How was the fight going?” Poison shrugs.
“The guys were awesome, saved me when I nearly got killed by this drac.”
“Are you-“
“Jinx, I`m fine.” He laughs. “Ghoul got shot in the foot, kobra narrowly missed losing the loss of an arm and Jet was doing fine up until I left.”
I was glad to hear that so far they were okay. I remember when I had first met the fabulous killjoys, along with Blondie Valentine and Twisted Poison. We had been weak, sore and physically and mentally exhausted after a huge fight with a group of dracs. I was pretty sure of it wasn`t for them showing up, we`d be dead, or worse by now. Then they`d helped us break in to try and find Bee`s sister, and they barely even knew us.
“Do you think everyone else is okay?” Poison had been out in the zones much longer than I had, fought more dracs than most of us put together, was the leader of the most hunted group of killjoys, if he didn’t think that everyone was alright, chances are they wouldn’t be.
“Well, I …erm, I`m not God, Jinx.”
“Good, that fucker` gonna get an earful from me when I see him.” He smiles, but it doesn’t meet his eyes.
“it`s nothin`,” He shrugs it off when he sees my questioning glance.
“Poison, I need to know what you think, please.”
“alright.” He sighs, giving in. “I know that Bee and Poison have got in and out of this prison before, so that gives `em a good shot of doing it again.” Don`t think I didn’t notice that he didn’t fully answer my question.
“Poison.” I plead with him with my eyes; I’d always been good at the puppy dog face thing.
He sighs again. “Fine. I think that they`ll be okay, as long as they get out soon.”
Soon. I`d never liked that word. I mean, how long was soon?
“How much time do you think they`ve got then?”
He turns away from me to look at the lifeless drac on the floor.
“Who knows, Jinx? Who knows.” He was really starting to freak me out. “I’d say about another hour.” He answers, coming out of it.
I nod. An hour. Right.
“C`mon, let`s get rid of the drac, before someone sees it and comes to investigate.”
Normal pov.
“Hurry!” Everyone screams at Bee, who had gone to get the ID cards from the storage room, triggering the alarms.
“Here!” She chucks one at Dark Fire, who catches it and swipes the card, opening the cell door.
“GO!” Crimson rage yells, looking over her shoulder at the nearing dracs.
Toxic Faith grabs hold of Skyler and starts running next to Rose, not daring to look over his shoulder at the dracs that were gaining on them.
“Keep running!” Dark Fire orders the others, turning on his heels, along with Bee and Crimson and opens fire on them. Toxic and Rose wanted to stay and fight, but they had no weapons and would have been no help so they kept running towards an exit, just as they had been told.

Bullet Embrace`s pov.
We had him back! We had saved Bob from being executed here in this prison; we had helped him, just like he had helped all of us in the past.
“What are you doing?” He asks us, staring in shock as we run past an exit.
“We have to find the others.” A wave of guilt washes across his face.
“There are more killjoys in one of the cells.” I bet ya any money that Bee will have known about the cells and went to check to see. It seemed like Poison had the same thought.
“I bet you that`s where Bee will have led them.”
We must be getting close to the cells and to the others when we can hear yelling and the frequent firing of ray guns. A strong sense se of dread overwhelms me, had the others been hurt or captured or, I gulp-killed?
“Guns out.” Bob stands there awkwardly, shuffling his feet.
“Erm, they took mine.” he admits, staring at the floor.
“Here.” I throw his a spare that we had, a plain blue one and we all start running towards the fight.
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