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chapter twenty two

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Break in, slight sarchasm, bad writng, ya know-the usual.

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NOTE. So, hope you like this, I really do as I`m not sure how many more chapters there will be. I mean, there is still a bit to do-bust out the last killjoys, get out alive, meet up. Ya know, the whole "happily ever after" thing most of us like to see. I`ve got the last chapter or so planned of "I don`t love you like I did Yesterday" and that might be up tommorow if you read that just keep a look out. Oh, and if anyone even gives a damn, I have a few ideas for my new stories which I`ll work on when I`ve finished "I don`t love you" So, hope the chapter doesn`t suck too hard, let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.
Toxic Faith`s pov.
“We…we`ve come to rescue you.” A guy with brown hair and knee high boots with metal plates on told me. Then noticing that I wasn’t alone in the cell he added, “And your friends.”
I didn’t know what to say, we needed even know this guy and he wanted to help us? I just stand there in silence for a moment, looking at the stranger sceptically, waiting for him to laugh and tell me that he was joking.
“erm, say something?” a girl with spiky black hair and green eyes smiled at me shyly, probably slightly worried that I hadn’t said anything yet and hoping to get some kind of response from me.
A girl with two piercings in each ear and blonde hair who had been standing slightly behind the others moved to the front of them so that she was standing right in front of the cell bars.
“We WILL get you out of here.” She spoke sensing my hesitation and lack of trust, but hey, you couldn’t really blame me. But these were other Killjoys, more of us, if we couldn’t trust them, who could we trust.
“Erm, thanks.” I run a hand through me hair, still unsure how they were actually going to bust us out of here and I was shocked and desperate to know how the three of them had actually gotten this far without being caught.
I turn to the back of the cell to face Rose and Skyler who had just woken up by the confused and slightly irritated look on his young face.
“These guys are gonna help us get out of here.” Rose beams at me and I can`t help but feel slightly guilty. I was the oldest; I was supposed to be the responsible, clever one. I was supposed to be the one who had figured a way out of here, instead it was my fault we were here, it was my fault they had taken Skyes, my fault that we got captured trying to save him. Hell, it was my fault we were even out in the open. If I hadn’t of been such a fucking waste of space, if I was normal, maybe my family would have accepted me and I wouldn’t have had to run away. And even I had, I should never have let Rose come with me.
“Err, Toxic.” She looks worried. About me. I felt even worse. I didn’t deserve a friend like her, I honest to God didn’t.
“So, we are going to, erm…” says one of the girls, the blonde one, looking at the metal bars of the cell, biting her lip.
“Need an ID card.” I tell `em, knowing that was the only way to open the cells without setting of more alarms and alerting all the BL/ind bastards what was happening.
“Okay, so we need to nick one.” Says the guy with a very determined look on his face.
“Right, so we have to get one off a drac?” The black haired girl looks uncertain but I can tell from personal experience she is trying her damndest not to let her uncertainty show.
I think back to when we were first captured, we had been stripped of any personal belongs apart from the clothes on our backs. We had actually been forced to strip as well so that anything we could be hiding under our clothes could be found and taken. I remember being absolutely livid as a couple of brainless, zombified dracs had grabbed Rose, who had refused pushed her forcedly to the tiled floor and done the job themselves. I remember her desperate screaming and pleading for them to stop as a couple of less zombified workers (like my parents were) …touched her. That had to be the worst thing I have ever, and probably will ever have happen to me in my life. The feeling of absolute helplessness, watching as they…I shudder now, just thinking about it. I had never been so glad to see Korse arrive, I was certain if he hadn’t they actually would have...Gulp, raped her.
“Are you alight?” The boy asks, bringing me back to reality, and I am thankful that I don`t have to relive the god awful memories any longer. I nod, letting him know I was fine, seeing his worried face. I couldn’t say anything to them, even if they were going to help us.
“There`s spare Id cards in the storage room across the hall.” I know this because before we had ran away and I still lived with dear old mum and dad, they had told me about the building, hoping that I would change my mind and join them after all. Needless to say I dint, and that’s when everything got worse.
The three killjoys on the other side of the bars nod, and the blonde girl runs over and breaks the door down, triggering the alarms.
“Hurry!” We all scream, knowing it was only a matter of time before someone showed up.
Normal pov.
“Jet, watch ya back!” Kobra and Ghoul scream at their friend, ducking shots themselves. Jet Star dodges the hit with ease, even taking the time to laugh once at the drac who had fired it, before shooting him with his ray gun. His victory celebration was short lived however, as a tall Draculoid grabs him and shoves him against the wall, gun aimed at his head.
“Jet!” Kobra shots the dracs arm, causing him to drop his gun and grab hold of his injured arm. His gun lay on the floor forgotten as he cradles his arm for a second before Ghoul shoots him, putting him out of his misery.
“Thanks.” Jet tells his two friends, gunning down another drac.
“No Problem.” Kobra and Ghoul reply, taking two of their own.
The three best friends carried on fighting in silence for what seemed like forever. Most of their concentration was on the fight, but a very small part of each their minds was focused other friends and in Kobra`s case, older (and very annoying at times) brother. Poison had slipped away minutes before to go and help their old friend Screaming Revolver and they were all hoping that he had reached the other side of the prison in one piece.

Bob`s pov.
“Where are you going?” I stare at Bullet, Static and Poison as though they had just grown a second head each.
“What?” Bullet asks me, one eyebrow raised as they lead me down a hallway, past the exit I had assumed we would be, well, ya know, exciting through. That is what you used exits for, wasn’t it?
“We have to find the others.” It is only know that I remember about Toxic, Skyes and Rose, God, how could I forget, I felt so guilty.
“There are more killjoys in one of the cells.” I tell them in one breath.
“I bet you that`s where Bee will have led them.” Twisted Poison tells us and without any warning starts running down the hallway, towards the cells where me, and they had been kept before.
I only hoped that they were still there, that we could get them out, before we were caught.
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