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chapter twenty one

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Break in. (still)

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NOTE. So not much to say. Thanks for reading, hope you like the chapter. Oh! I was wondering earlier if anyone would be interested in a short sequal to this? I know it isn`t quite done yet, but when it is. You know, to tie up any loose ends that kinda thing? Tell me now if you want, or wait till you actually see the ending. I really love writng this and am sorry to see it end, so thats why. If not just say say, though. Anyway, enjoy.
Screaming Revolver’s pov (Jinx)
Where was everyone? It was cold, freezing cold. The big white walls of the prison like building did nothing to shield my slight body from the icy wind. Where were they? I didn’t know the time, but I was sure I had been waiting here, outside the hole that me and bee had made in the wall for long over an hour. I was really starting to worry, not about my own safety, but the safety of my friends. What if they had been captured just like this Bob guy we were rescuing or what if they had been shot? My mind was coming up with worse and worse scenarios as time slowly crept by.
And then there was Poison, Jet, Kobra and Ghoul, they were the distraction. They were the ones who were, in the beginning of the break in at least, in the most danger of being shot. The temperature has now dropped considerably since when the sun set, it had to be at least freezing. That was one of the things I hated most about the world we lived in, it was always boiling during the day, but freezing at night. Oh, where is everyone? Surely Poison should be here by now? He had said that he would come and help me keep watch so that I wasn’t on my own.
I don’t know how long I wait here, praying for everyone to return, but I know it is a long time. I am so worried about them that I only notice just in time as a large shadow moves around the corner towards me. A drac. It, not a he or a she, an it (it was easier to just think of them as its or things, made shooting `em easier) would see me in a minute. I fumble for my ray gun, and aim for its head, ready to shot it before it got me. There was a quick flash of light and then an eerie silence as the drac fell to the ground and land in a tangled heap of limbs.
It has been a long while since I have killed, and I am still only young, despite how I act. As a killjoy with everyone out to get you, you had to be braze and act like an adult, otherwise you were dead. Seeing the…thing crumpled on the ground, I feel a small wave of guilt for a split second, I hated killing. But I knew that it was necessary, it would have killed me if given the chance.
Knowing how close I had been to death, I survey my dark surroundings cautiously, making a mental note to not let my guard down again. I would worry about my friends later; right now I had to keep watch. In the distance I can see another shadow moving towards me. I lean back against the wall, poised to jump out and catch whoever, or whatever it was off guard.
I leap out suddenly, holding my gun to the head of the person, ready to shoot.
“Ow, Jinx!” ooops.
“Um, sorry, I thought you-“
“Were a drac.” Poison nudges the lifeless body with his right foot and I stand there, flushing slightly in embarrassment.
“Well, yeah, but I also thought you…” I trail off, unable to carry on. I stare down at the concrete floor, unable to meet his eyes which you could just see from under his mask.
“What?” He asks kindly, placing his hand under my chin and lifting my head up, removing my own mask.
“I…erm, thought you…weren’t coming back.” I mumble under my breath.
He just laughs, and removes his own mask, and runs a hand through his hair, pushing out of his eyes. It is only know that I notice the rather deep cuts on his head and the dry blood that was partly dried into his red hair.
“Poison, your hurt.” I start dabbing at the cuts with the sleeve of my jacket, but he pushes me away.
“I`m fine. We all are. We were all worried about you.”
“Are you-“
“Sure? Yes.”
“So, erm, do you know how it’s going?” I ask him in calm a voice I can manage. My insides felt as though snakes were slithering through them, not very pleasant.
“Well, like I said, we`re alright, but I dunno `bout anyone else.”
“Well I ain`t seen anyone since they went in, I ain`t heard nothin` either.”
He bites his lip and plays with his mask looking very similar to a lost little child.
“That can`t be good, can it?”
Bob`s pov.
Bullet, static and the other girl had been gone ages, where were they? I hoped that they hadn’t been shot trying to get an identification card to get me out of here; if they had I would feel so guiltily. Hell, if they got so much as a stubbed toe I’d feel guilty, knowing that it was my fault that they were even here in the first place. Sure, I had told `em not to come to rescue me, but they were killjoys, they had a mind of their own.
I swear I can hear voices from outside, but I can’t tell whose.
“Guys?” I call out; holding my breath, praying it wasn’t a drac or Korse.
“I`M A FUCKING GIRL, YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT!” I hear static pleasantly yell back her response. That kid had a real way with words.
Deciding to tease her a little, I do something I knew I would regret at a later point. If we got out of here alive that is. “Really?” I ask in a very shocked tone. “Ya could`ve fooled me, static. Imagine that Bullet, Static`s a girl!” I can almost see Bullet rolling her eyes.
“Ya know, we don`t have to save you…”
“Yes we do.” Bullet punches her friend lightly on the shoulder, casing Static to flip her off.
“Err, girls.” I put emphasis on the word.
“He gets it! It finally sinks in!”
“Static, he`s gonna kill you when he gets out.” Says the girl I didn’t know.
“Did you get an Id card?”
“No, we came back empty handed.” Bullet tells me sarcastically and holds up the card.
A few seconds later the cell door was open and I was pulled into a huge hug by Bullet and Static. The girl I hadn’t met before just stands there waiting for us to let go of each other. Though she doesn’t seem out of place or awkward.
“HI.” She smiles at me and hold out her hand in very no nonsense almost business like way. “I`m Twisted Poison.” I shake her outstretched hand and pull her in for a hug, ignoring her protests that we had no time.
“I`m Bob.”
She looks at me, one eyebrow raised. “I haven’t got a killjoy name. Whenever I thought of one, it would remind me of something or someone from my past. Plus, I was, erm, kinda hoping that someone might find me and recognise me.” I sigh, thinking of my old friends who were most likely dead and wipe a tear away, hopefully before ether of the three girls saw.
“We need to get out of here.” Bullet says, pushing her hair back and grabbing her ray gun.
“What about the others?” Twisted Poison asks her.
Oh shit. There were others? I was pretty sure Dark Fire would be one of them, but I didn’t know anyone else.
“Yeah, we erm, kinda were joined by a couple of other people.” Static tells me as we all begin walking towards an exit.
“You’ll soon find out.”
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