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chapter twenty

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Break in continued

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NOTE Okay, so I meant to get this up a LOT sooner, but I had a lot of other shit going on that I couldn`t ignore, so I`m sorry. I don`t love you like I did yesterday will probaby be up tomorrow, and this hopfully, if all goes well, the day after. I`m afriad I have some very awful news for you guys. This story will be over soon, you know when the break in and everyting else is sorted:( I know, I`m heartbroken too. But I WILL have some new stuff up so don`t worry, you ain`t getting rid of me that easily. So, hope you like this chapter, I don`t know how many more there will be, I`m kinda trying to make it as long as possibe, `cause I love writing this story so much. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads this and had left a review saying kind stuff. It really means a lot to me and I hope that when I get new stories up that you`ll check `em out. Anyway, thanks again and I hope you like the chapter,
Bob`s pov.

“Bob, you in there?” a girl`s voice I recognise well calls me from the other side of the solid, white door. Bullet`s Embrace. I groan and run my hands through my now very short hair. If she was here that meant Electric Static and Dark Fire were here as well, didn’t it? I knew that they wouldn’t let her come here on her own.
“Bob, you there?” A different voice this time, one I didn’t recognise. It too belonged to a girl.
“I`m here.” I croak out, shocked that they were really here.
“We`re gonna get you out, kay?” I had told them not to come after me, but now they were here I wasn’t going to complain.
“How are we gonna get the door open? Its gotta be at least a metre thick.” I hear Static ask the others. I didn’t know who else, if anyone was there apart from her, Bullet and a girl I didn’t know.
I hear banging again and cursing.
“That fuckin` hurt!” Static complains. I have to laugh, imagining the lock of annoyance on her face. I abruptly stop however; static in a bad mood was not something you wanted to be around.
“Course it hurt, idiot.” Bullet shakes her head at her friend and sighs.
“Erm, Bob. Do you know how to open the door?” The stranger asks me.
“No. If I did do ya think I’d be here?!” Silence on the other side. Then I remember something. “Err, guys?”
“I`m a girl!”
“Really, Static? Ya sure?!” She kicks the cell door and curses angrily. I can pick out my name more than once.
“Static, do you want them to find us?!” Bullet hisses at her.
“Bob?” Static calls sweetly and I gulp. Static was anything but sweet and innocent. “Of fucking course I’m a girl!”
I roll my eyes even though I knew it was pretty pointless seeing as there was a door between us so we couldn’t see each other. “Anyway, all the Bl.ind bastards have a thing round their neck, kinda like an identification card, right?”
Bullet answers me, sarcastically. “I guess so, I`ve never really focused on their necks when I`ve been fighting `em, call me crazy but I haven’t.”
“Well, they do. And when they open and close the doors round here they swipe the card and they open. I`m guessing that’s how they lock the cells too.”
“Great idea and all, but neither of us have an identification card.” Says the girl I don`t know.
“No, but they do. Go steal one of a drac or something.” I tell them, shocked they hadn’t figured it out already.
I hear sighing and groans form the other side of the door. I was going to have hell to pay when I got out of here, I knew it.
“Bob, we love ya and all and we miss you, but you so owe us.” Static hisses but I can tell she is trying hard not to laugh.
“We’ll be back soon, kay?” I hear their footsteps fade and am left all alone, again.

Toxic Rose`s pov.
The alarms had gone off a while ago, but t
Outside our cell everyone was still frantically rushing about desperately trying to find and kill whoever it was that had broken past their defences and gotten in to the prison like building. Skyes was curled up in his corner of the room, my jacket draped over his small body, asleep. I didn’t know what time it was, hell, I didn’t even know what day it was, but I too was very tired. We all either slept, thought of a way to escape or sometimes talked quietly to each other; there wasn’t much else to do. I was starving- I couldn’t remember the last time we had any food, even if it did taste like shit. Occasionally the Dracs would bring us all some food, we hated to eat it in case it was poisoned, but had no choice. I think I’d have eaten anything right about now.
It was almost pitch black inside our cell, so I figured it had to be late evening, maybe even nigh time. There were no windows in the cell, but we did get some light from outside of the cell, through the very thin almost nonexistent gaps between the bars. We were lucky, I suppose, when we were first captured we were in a cell with no bars it was a solid door. My stomach rumbles again and though I don’t glance up to double check, I am sure Toxic is looking at me. I remember a time when things were better than this, it all seemed pretty hellish at the time, but we did have a few good times as well. They were few and far between, but it gave us something to look back on and think about when we were trapped in this dismal cell. If it wasn’t for the few pleasant memoirs I was sure I would have gone mad weeks ago.
I was starting to worry about Skyes though, He was only young and I think that he blamed himself for us being captured. He had told me ages ago that we should never have tried to rescue him.
I worry too, about Toxic. He had been my best friend for my entire life, he was like an older brother to me, and acted like a worried, over protective parent most of the time. I can’t help but feel sorry for him sometimes, his parents hated him, they even hurt him physically and mentally, just because he didn’t want to join the BL/ind bastards and because he was bisexual. So fucking what?! I had always known that they Toxic and his family didn’t get on, but if I had known sooner about what they were doing to him I would have done something much sooner.
I glance up at him. I was right-he was staring at me, with an odd look on his pale, cheeky yet at the same time serious face.
“Rose.” He gives me a weak smile and averts his gaze. I can still see his ribs through his thin, worn and very dirty shirt. He wasn`t getting any better, and I worried if e didn’t get out soon, he would die.
I hear footsteps, but don’t look to see who it was. Chances are it`d be Korse coming to do something to us or maybe if we were lucky it would be a drac with semi edible food.

Normal Pov.
“There’s someone there!” Dark Fire tells the two girls, pointing to a cell at the end of the bright hallway.
“Really?” Crimson Rage asks him, coughing slightly from the over powering stench of chemicals that filled the hall.
“I heard a voice and I think I saw a shadowy shape moving from inside the cell.”
“Best check it out then.” Bee said walking in front of the other two, holding her ray gun out in front of her. The others copied her.
“Anyone there?” Crimson called out, looking in between the bars into the very dark cell.
“Yes, who are you?” A black and red haired teenage boy stood up very slowly and walked (it was more of a limp really and he was hunched over ever so slightly) over to the bars.
The three killjoys gasped when they saw him-he was so thin. Crimson Rage had thought one of her nest friends Bullet was thin, but this guy was worse, you could actually see his ribs through his shirt.
“We...we`ve come to rescue you.” Bee said, then noticed Toxic Rose and a third shadowy shape curled up in the far corner. “And your friends.”
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