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Episode 6: The horror at Zerenski's mansion. Part2

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Part two of Rayne Vs. her brother. Does Rayne have a chance?

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(As the vampire raises the sword, Severin comes into the ball room.)
Severin: let her go now.
(The vampires are distracted by Severin's entrance, Rayne then breaks free from their grasps and jumps over the crowd and lands next to Severin.)
Rayne: what took you?
Severin: I had to make sure you really needed help.
Rayne: come to think of it, I really didn't need your help. I was just playing around.
Severin: yeah right.
Rayne: Severin don't start. Lets finish off these bastards.
Severin: you always know what to do.
(They charge at the vampires. Severin takes out his hand gun and shoots the vampires in their chest killing them instantly. Rayne on the other hand uses her new Dhampir guns. The gun shots have powerful bullets, destroying the vampires easily. Screaming and moaning is al you hear in the ballroom.)
Rayne: (Smiling.) I love these guns.
(Severin and Rayne clear the ball room out. They painted the room red.)
Severin: that was good exercise.
(Then more vampires come into the room. Like about 200 more come in.)
Rayne: how many of these fuckers are there?
(Rayne gets ready to fight, but Severin holds her back.)
Rayne: let me go.
Severin: your forgetting the main person here. I'll fight them and you fight Zerenski.
Rayne: you sure you can handle them, you may not survive.
Severin: don't worry about me and just go.
Rayne: who said I was worried, I need you alive so you can take me to my father's location.
Severin: you are correct, now go.
(Rayne charges through the army by slicing her way through. She follows Zerenski's path. Severin stays behind to fight the vampires.)

(Rayne explores the house. The house is very large and Rayne can't find the courtyard. She goes upstairs and ends up in the hallway of bedrooms.)
Rayne: Zerenski, where the fuck are you!?
(She opens one of the rooms and walks in.)
Rayne: not in here.
(A vampire though is on the ceiling. The vampire jumps down to attack Rayne, but Rayne puts her blade up in the right moment and the vampire lands on the blade.)
Rayne: you stupid idiot, I can sense you.
(She leaves the room and walks down the hallway and this time before entering a room she uses her special power of Aura vision, which allows her to see body heat moving even through walls or locked doors. She looks at a door and sees two vampires waiting for her. Rayne busts in and slices their body in half. Blood covers the room. She goes to the next room and ten vampires grab her and she breaks free and uses her Dhampir guns to shoot them down. The vampires had no chance at all. She continues her search.) Rayne: this is boring me. This guy is scared. As soon as I find him I'll rip every limb off his body.
(Then Rayne notices a fancy handkerchief on the floor. It was cover with blood. She smells it.)
Rayne: (She tastes the blood.) This blood is pure and strong. It's Zerenski. He's been through here.
(Finally Rayne sees a balcony to the outside and she goes out to the balcony and spots Zerenski. Across the courtyard in the other balcony.)
Rayne: there you are.
Zerenski: you found me. (He smiles,) but I'll let you know you were best off on fighting my guests.
Rayne: yeah, about your guest. Where did you find so many vampires to work for your rich ass?
Zerenski: (He laughs and begins talking.) I didn't have to look far. I send invitations to the people of this town. I told them it was free. Then at the party I bit them all turning them into vampires. (He laughs again.)
Rayne: you monster! They had nothing to do with this. You changed them into monsters.
Zerenski: no! I made them into what you are, your a traitor!
Rayne: I rather be a traitor then a monster like you.
Zerenski: you just don't get it. You're a monster as well. You're no different. You're just like me and Kagan. A vampire.
Rayne: I wouldn't be a vampire if Kagan wouldn't have raped my mother.
(Zerenski is shocked on what he has just heard.)
Zerenski: impossible, but wait father did tell us one time he raped a women with red hair. The way he described her, she looks just like you. Then father killed her a years later, but I guess he never knew that the woman had a daughter.
Rayne: that's why I want to kill him and any followers he has, even if they are family. He will pay for what he did to my mother. (She jumps from the balcony to the courtyard floor.)
Zerenski: sister dear. Why fight? Join with father and you can have anything you want. Fighting him will only result in your death.
Rayne: I'll take my chances fighting him, thanks for the offer though.
Zerenski: you think you can defeat me, please you're a waste of time. I don't want to get my suit dirty. I'll sick my pets on you.
Rayne: what pets?
(Zerenski whistles and a large noise of screeching is heard coming behind him. It gets louder and louder until about 400 bats surround Zerenski.)
Zerenski: these bats are very vicious and obedient. They won't stop until they eat your flesh.
Rayne: I'm not scared of little creatures. You have to do better than that.
Zerenski: still you don't get is sister. I guess my pets have to teach you a lesson then. (He pauses.) Attack!
(Rayne defends and the bats come flying towards her cutting her dress and skin.)
Rayne: their little wings are sharp, better watch it.
(The bats keep coming in and Rayne slices at them, but the bats dodge the swipes. They are also smart. Rayne jumps out of the way every time they come swooping down.)
Zerenski: what's the matter sister? I thought you said my pets couldn't beat you. (He laughs.)
Rayne: wait and see. These rats with wings won't defeat me. (She says to herself.)
(Rayne brings out her Dhampir guns and fires away. One buy one she kills them, but still the bats crowd around her. The bats cling on to Rayne biting her all over. She screams in pain.)
Rayne: get off me you little fuckers.
(She shakes them off and her brother stands there enjoying it.)
Zerenski: your done sister, give up and I promise I'll spare you. Then you can be my slave by shining my shoes.
Rayne: (Laughing.) You fool, that will never happen. You actually think these bats can beat me.
Zerenski: it looks to me you are having trouble. Prove me wrong.
Rayne: just watch me.
(Rayne powers up and uses her blood rage again. She quickly kills ten bats in ten seconds. The bats screech.)
Zerenski: what the fuck is this?
Rayne: (In deep/vicious voice.) This is my blood rage. You don't have a chance.
Zerenski: this is what you used to beat my three warriors. Bitch! You don't know who you are messing with. Even if you do kill my pets I'm not easy to beat. I'm not dumb like my warriors were.
Rayne: we'll see about that.
(The bats keep attacking, but Rayne dodges them and slices or shoots them down. The bats are destroyed quickly.)
Zerenski: my pets. (Angry.) You Dhampir! I'll make you suffer!
Rayne: (She puts her hand out.) Just bring it Brother, if you dare.
(Zerenski jumps and lands in front of Rayne and takes out his steel cane.)
Zerenski: lets begin then sister.
(Rayne and her brother engage in a type of sword fighting. Zerenski handles his cane like if it was a sword. Rayne slices away at her brother trying to break his stance, but Zerenski is very skilled. He defends well. Then in a cheap move Zerenski trips Rayne with his cane. Then his cane sprouts out a knife on top of it and he holds it to Rayne's neck.)
Zerenski: this is it sister. Your quest ends here.
Rayne: your wrong!
(She grabs the cane from Zerenski and gets up.)
Zerenski: give that back if you know what's good for you.
(Rayne breaks it in two and throws it to him.)
Rayne: you can have it now.
Zerenski: you think your so strong and funny. Your all talk sister. That blood rage is useless if you can't find me.
Rayne: what do you mean?
Zerenski: you'll see.
(Smoke appears and then it clears. He vanishes.)
Rayne: you can't win this battle by using cheap parlor tricks.
(smoke appears behind her and he appears behind her.)
Zerenski: I assure you, it's no trick.
(He punches her and she falls to the ground. He disappears again.)
Rayne: are you afraid of me? Face me and stop running!
(Smoke appears and he is on top of the balcony.)
Zerenski: I'm having too much fun and besides you can't touch me.
Rayne: (She raises her guns and aims.) Have fun with this.
(Nothing happens.)
Zerenski: what's the matter, gun jam.
(Rayne looks at the guns and sees the blood level is low.)
Rayne: damn it! I'm low. On top of that I'm losing energy. I still haven't master blood rage yet. I better power down to conserve energy.
(She powers down.)
Zerenski: what happen sister? Losing power. (Rayne breathes hard.) Your finished sister. I'll bring your head to lord Kagan.
Rayne: he may be right. I'm tired. I use blood rage to soon. Now I need to feed or I'm done for.
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