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FWB: Mikey and Alicia

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Mikey and Alicia met in an elevator. And that leads to many problems. Sit back and listen to this story, dear readers. Think of any friends with benefits, with a bit of a twist.

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No famousness here. Everyone's a regular person, normal whatever that means!
2011, Los Angeles, California
Alicia was running late, again. To her credit, it wasn't her fault. It was her roommate, Erica's fault. But her boss wouldn't take another 'My roommate wouldn't get out of the shower, so I forced to resort to doing my bathroom business ten minutes later than planned, then I had to make her coffee exactly how she likes it, or I'd have to make it again, so now I'm here five minutes late, terribly sorry' excuse.
She bid Erica farewell and kick the door shut, bag and phone in hand. She ran to the elevator and slapped the 'Down' button. The doors opened and a man with blond, longish bangs and awkward knees stepped aside for her. She smiled and walked in, the lobby button already lit up. Slowly, one ding was heard and they arrived at the fifth floor.
Ugh, this elevator is so slow. C'mon, she thought, How long does it take to get to the lobby from the sixth floor?
The guy turned to her, "It looks like we're gonna be here for awhile. Hey, I'm Mikey. Mikey Way."
"I'm Alicia Simmon. You live in this block?"
"Oh, no," he replied, shaking his head, "My brother and his wife live on the eighth floor. I'm just visiting."
Mikey's eyes wandered to the phone clutched in Alicia's left hand, "Nice phone. Droid? Same one I got," he held out his left hand, "May I?"
She placed the phone in his extended hand and he pulled out his own, "They're.... pretty much the same."
They both laughed and the elevator dinged for the final time, signaling the reaching of the lobby. "Oh, I'm gonna be late again. Nice talking to ya Mikey," Alicia grabbed the phone out of his right hand, "I'll see you around!"
She dashed out the open doors and out the main exit, onto the busy Los Angeles sidewalk and down the street towards Parking & Co., her own personal hell.
So here it is. Nothing special, just the meeting. Tell me what ya think! I can take whatever you got for me!
Amber (the author)
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