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A Unexpected Switch

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It didn't take long getting to work. Alicia slid out of the building's elevator on the second floor, where all two of the Parking & CO.'s secretaries worked. The company was a small firm, based mainly on the production of advertisements and such. It wasn't the best job, but hey, it couldn't get any worse then it already was. And it payed her bills, so she was okay with it.
The office was empty to her large sigh of relief except for Alicia's best friend, Alaska. They met two years earlier, when Alicia first began her job.
The unlikely place of meet was a fax machine. On her first day, well, let's just say Alicia wasn't having the time of her life, "How the hell do you work this damn thing?!?!?!"
Twenty minutes into her day, ten spent hitting the machine, and you'd be cranky too. She layed her head on the machine, giving up on trying to make it work when another lady walked into the empty hall. Her stick straight, corn silk blonde swung as she walked over to Alicia. Her stormy grey eyes flicked between the machine and Alicia, "Um, you need help?"
"Yes, thank God! Finally, someone helps me. It's m first day and I don't know what the hell I'm doing."
They both laughed and the blond slipped the pages into the top of the machine, pressing a few buttons as it hummed on. They slid into the bottom stack of papers and she handed them back to Alicia, "Here ya go. I'm Alaska Young, the one secretary this company has. I heard we were getting another one, which I'm guessing is you."
Alicia gave a small laugh, "Yep, that's me, Alicia Simmon, secretary."
"Well Miss Secretary Lady, we might as well get to work," she extended her arm to Alicia, "Shall we?"
She smiled and hooked her arm with it, "We shall," and they skipped into a strange friendship.
Alaska smiled when Alicia walked in, "Hey Sunshine. Late again, I see. You should be glad Mr. A-hole isn't here t put you in the ground for it."
Alicia dropped her stuff into her desk across from Alaska and walked over to her, "Guess what happened in my building's elevator this morning?"
"Um... you found a reason for our nonexistent lives to start existing?"
"Hmm... I guess. I finally met a hot guy. Now you're not the only one who does!"
Alaska's eyes widened with surprise and excitement, "REALLY! Was he hot? What's his name? Did you get his number? Do you like him? What'd he do?"
"Yes, Mikey, no, maybe, he asked about my phone and we talked for a minute."
"Mikey? That's sch a little kid name, it's almost adorable," She slapped Alicia's arm, "And why didn't you get his number?"
She rubbed the red mark, "OW! Because I didn't have time to. I ran off the elevator before I got the chance. Hold on, getting a text. Probably from Erica, trying to get me to buy her some coffee."
Alicia unlocked her phone and held it up, reading the message aloud, "Mikey, you left your belvoed pick at my apartment, you need to... What?"
Alaska leaned over to read the text, "Um, Sunshine, that's not your phone.
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