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We sort things out

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Mikey sat in his car, banging his head against the steering wheel. Drove halfway across LA to his home only to find out he has to go back to get his pick. Just a regular black pick, but it was his favorite and he never went anywhere without it.
"Gah, this sucks," he picked up his phone and unlocked it, a red and black plaid wallpaper surprising him.
He brushed this off, "LynZ musta changed it," and looked through his contacts, trying to find his brother, Gerard. It wasn't there, no 'G' contacts at all.
No LynZ either, or Ray, or Christa. Jamia was there and Mikey sighed with relief as he dialed her number.
"Hey, hey, hey Alicia! Whatcha need?"
"Um, Jamia, it's Mikey."
Surprise filled her voice, "Mikey? What the hell are you doing with Alicia's phone? Do you even know her?"
I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing it back, but having it all fall back onto my fave, "I met her on the elevator at Gerard's, and now I guess her's, apartment block this morning. I had both our phones in my hands and she had to run and took my phone I guess because I have hers."
"Well, call yours, I guess, and ask her if you can get it back."
I looked around my car, searching for an excuse, "But I don't wanna."
Jamia exhaled loudly at him, "Why not Mikey?"
"Because I just met her and I'm afraid she's gonna think I'm weird if I say 'Hey, I know we just met but can I meet up with you and get my phone back?'"
"She's not gonna think you're weird. You're both equally weird, trust me. Alicia won't say anything about your awkwardness if you won't say anything about her 'out there'ness."
"Ugh, fine then. Thank you Jamia, for clearing up this mess of a problem into a somewhat smaller mess of a problem."
"You are welcome, now call her. Goodbye, Mikey."
Mikey hung up and looked at the phone, hesitating before dialing his own number. Her voice answered on his phone, "Hello?"
His voice was shaky as he tried replying, "Um, hi. I ,uh, you've got, um. Yeah....."
She giggled a bit, "Mikey? Yeah, I know. You've got my phone, I've got yours. It's a whole big problem I'm sure we can sort out. Can I meet ya at like...... noon today?"
Mikey sat up a bit straighter, "Yeah, I can go to your apartment cause I havta go back to my brother's anyways."
"Sure, we'll trade phones and we can continuing talking about..... whatever we were talking about in the elevator," she laughed slightly, "So Mikey, bye and stuff."
They hung up at the same time and Mikey looked up from the phone and smiled. Turning the key in the ignition, he pulled out of his driveway and down the streets of LA to Alicia's block. He was hoping to get his phone back, but maybe, get a new friend in addition?
Okay, someone tell me if this sucks or not. Because I don't think it sucks, but that's my opinion and I never think my stories suck *and the only reason I don't is because if I do, I
ll stop writing them. And I like writing them, so, I don't think they suck*
Amber (the author)
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